Christmas Activities

Hey everyone! How have you been enjoying your Christmas time? What have you been up to? For me, I’ve served with the Food Bank (went to the warehouse and helped box meals for less fortunate families and donated cans, boxes, and bags of food, etc), volunteered with Meals on Wheels (volunteers deliver meals to families who cannot afford them themselves, or to home-restricted elderly couples/widows), and baked Christmas goodies — my favorite!! I have gone ecstatic this season with all of my baking — I’m afraid my mom is going to handcuff me to my bedroom door so I can’t get into the kitchen. lol

Anyways, here are some of the delectable goodies I have made…

Chocolate and Peanut butter — all in a bar.
Sugar-and-oil-free Banana Nut Bread

Celebrating Christmas, we made some gingerbread houses

I made this two-story cottage at a Christmas Party hosted by my friend, named Kelsey, who hosts the blog Clean Teen Kelsey. It was so much fun to make!
…and this one went from a pink cookie base…
…to this. I made this with my sister — “sisterly time” with her.

I’m planning on posting some recipes soon. They’ll be coming up!

Question: What different goodies have you been making?


7 thoughts on “Christmas Activities

  1. Your gingerbread house is ridiculously amazing! And my oh my, did you come up with that cinnamon roll recipe on your own or is it from a site? I was basically drooling. Have a great one 🙂


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