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Goals For 2011…



Yeah for 2011!


Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray for 2011!

Purple Fireworks

As I reminisce on 2010, I’m brought to tears–tears of gratitude. The Lord has blessed me so much! I don’t feel like I deserve a lot, but He has given me so much. He is always there for me, no matter what. He has lifted me up and reminded me that I’m His daughter.

Because I want to continually improve and grow, I’ve set some goals for 2011:

–to “try a little harder to be a little better”

— to serve others more

–to think of others before myself

–continue to become more in-tune with myself

–to start taking dual credit classes at a local community college

–to pass the CLEP for College Algebra and earn some college credit

— to get more sleep at night — aka go to bed earlier; on school days, I get up at 5am to attend an early morning scripture study class, and so if I don’t go to bed at a reasonable time, I get really drained throughout the week.

–to eat more of the rainbow (aka, greater variety of fruits and veggies); try more of the “rainbow”


One fruit/vegetable you have recently tried and fallen in love with? For me, I just tried prickly pear fruit (really good).

One food you want to try? I want to try a Chocolate Covered Pizzert! 😉

Your goals for this coming year?


29 thoughts on “Goals For 2011…

  1. to think of other before myself”- Totally agree.
    One of my goals is to grow with a better relationship with my mom. She is incredibly hard to deal with. She makes me so crabby. I am rude to her becasue of her personality is so annoying. she just tries too hard and stresses and I can’t stand it!
    Yikes, that sounded more like a goal for her! LOL

    Then, I would have to say stop cussing ( i dont all the time but sometimes. )
    Happy new year to you!

  2. i’ve recently re-fallen in love with avocados! before, i “couldn’t” eat them because of their high fat/calorie content… i was too scared. but now, i’ll eat a whole avocado and know that it’s good – the healthy fats, the amino acids, it’s fueling my body and making me so much stronger every day. i’ll toast two pieces of bread and mash a ripe avocado onto it, then sprinkle with a little bit of kosher salt. soooooooooo good!!

    1. I love avacados too!!! Especially on bread!! Delish!
      Just wondering, do you mash the avacado straight on your toast, or do you mash it in a separate bowl/plate and then spread it on your toast? I seem to always be lazy and mash it straight on my bread. 🙂

  3. Hi Kat! I just came across your blog 🙂 I totally hear ya on feeling really blessed by the Lord this year. Often I get so caught up in what’s going on in my life that I don’t really think about all of the blessings in it. As for foods I’d like to try in 2011, I’d definitely have to say roasted acorn & butternut squash (I’ve only had butternut squash soup!) and brussel sprouts. I’m Anna by the way!

  4. Great goals! I need to get more sleep too.

    Pizzert is also on my list of things to make. And recently I tried kabocha squash and looooooooved it.

  5. We have such a small membership here in Florida and we’re all so spread out that we have seminary at night now!! But last year I had to get up at 5am and it was such a burden!!

    Last semester I took 2 dual credit courses at my community college and it was a great experience. I would recommend taking an easy class, one you think you would be good at. I took English Comp and Student Success and both weren’t too difficult! Good luck!

    One food I want to try is coconut butter!

  6. Love the pictures of the fireworks. So beautiful!

    I just tried fresh green beans (roasted) and they are so good! I had never tried fresh green beans before. I had only tried canned and I hated them. So glad I tried fresh.


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