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Pizzerts + 7 Facts Blog Award + Jean Shopping

Hello my lovelies!

Guess what I want for dinner tonight!

Yep! 🙂  Pizzerts are that good! 🙂

I also want a Pizzert for breakfast tomorrow too. 🙂

Have you checked out my Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, and an Oat Bar all in one dessert? You can see it here. You don’t want to miss it!


The lovely Carrie from Move ‘N Munchies tagged me with this. Thanks girlie! 😀

Here are my 7 facts. 🙂

1. My three favorite scents from Bath and Body Works are Secret Wonderland, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Dark Kiss.

2. I have a Kitty-Cat!
His name is Chip and he’s turning seven years old this month!
I love this little guy so much!!! 🙂

3. I love to play the piano. 🙂

4. I have a new page! Go check it out! 😀

5. This is the License Plate I want to put on my Car (once I get one…..).


6. I love to draw. 🙂

The Jolly Ol’ King I saw in a book and free-handed him. 🙂 These are some Tulips that I free-handed too. 🙂

7. I LUV shopping for jeans. 🙂

But, it can be hard to find jeans sometimes. All of the different styles. All of the different sizes. All of the different washes, fabrics, and lengths. It’s crazy how many different kinds of jeans there are out there.

AND, since I am a petite, it makes the process of finding jeans all the more arduous. Many stores don’t carry petite/short sizes, and if they do, sometimes they are TOO short.

So therefore, I always keep my eyes open for jeans. 🙂


How do you feel about jean shopping? Do you have trouble finding jeans?

One thing I continually strive to do as I am trying on clothes is to not focus on the size. The number on the tag doesn’t really say anything. It’s more of a faint guideline. Every brand is distinct. Every pair of jeans is diverse in so many ways. Therefore, it is inevitable that I am going to be a different size in all of the different brands.


Does the size determine if you buy them or not? (like, if you are a larger size in a different brand, would you not buy them just because they were a larger size?)

I know that even though I am able to “squeeze” into a certain pair, doesn’t mean I look good in them. I buy the size that fits the best. I focus on the fit. If I don’t look good in a certain pair, then no matter what the number is on the tag, it doesn’t flatter me. Squeezing into a pair that gives me love handles that aren’t truly there is NOT a pair that fits.  

What do you think? Similar views? Similar Likes?



80 thoughts on “Pizzerts + 7 Facts Blog Award + Jean Shopping

  1. I LOVE bath and body works smells!! i wish they had one in the UK! GRRr
    new page! YAAY.. will go check that out 😀
    I def dont enjoy shopping for jeans only becuz i look terrible in jeans… but with the size thing, it doesnt bother me bcuz i do realize every brand is different and even if I am a size higher than I thought in a particular brand i just say to myself.. you are healthy, you are where you should be and that is that.. helps me!

  2. Great facts! =D
    I definitely have trouble finding a good pair of jeans….I’m short and small…..and a lot of stores don’t carry that…=P I don’t usually even look at the size, because every store sizes their clothes differently and I care more about how the jeans feel than what’s on the tag.

  3. Awwwe Chip is adorable!!
    I play the piano tooooo 😀
    I love shopping for jeans! I don’t care what size they are, just as long as they fit and look nice in the bum! I hate jeans that give you a saggy bum!

  4. the pizzerts look delish definitely need to make some soon, love bath and body works I usually wear twilight woods and dark kiss, and I love jeans but usually just buy express cause I know they will fit good!

  5. Jeans Jeans… hard to find a good pair. Even if you have the perfect body type (which is impossible) They are always so different and you never know what size to try!

  6. Some of my old coworkers own a designer jean shop. Lucky me I got to get a bunch of obscure brands I’ve never heard of before on the cheap!
    So basically I only go jean shopping when I’m back in Baltimore 😉

    1. Yah, I now focus on the item. Even if the pair of jeans is three dollars, if I never wear them, I would be just wasting my money if I bought them.

      When I find a pair of jeans I absolutely love, and I know when/where I will wear them (for instance, special events, all of the time, etc), then I will get them.

      Premium denim is nice! I can see how you like them! 🙂

  7. I like to get my jeans from a place like Plato’s Closet (used clothes, but good brands) because they’re broken in, they won’t shrink and they have TONS of different styles and brands, so I Can always find something to fit me! I’m kind of short too, and I’ve got a bit of a bootay on me 😉 hehe so it can be tricky to get a good fit!

  8. Love your kitty! So cute….I had to get rid of my cat because my dad is allergic:(

    I totally agree about jean shopping….the only thing I use sizes for is for a starting point on what to try on, but other than that, as long as they fit I buy em!

  9. I have massive problems buying jeans. Even when they fit in the shop I find more often than not they go baggy after a few washes.
    I put too much emphasis on size I think – going for fit is a much better idea and I’m trying to do that more.

  10. I used to hate the number on my jeans until I changed my mindset like yours… I’d rather have a pair of jeans that looks good on me and that I feel great in rather than stuffing it all in for the sake of being a smaller size. Who sees the the number on the jeans but you anyway?! 😉

  11. I love Japanese Cherry Blossom! It makes me feel elegant.

    I have a question! How tall are you? You said your petite, but I always imagined you being tall! I love to know a blogger’s height so I don’t go thinking they’re all tall when they’re actually short, and vice versa.

  12. Aww your beautiful cat looks just like one I used to own, I got a little teary when I saw the pic. I adore cats 😀

    Where I used to live in Sydney our whole street was lined with cherry blossom trees, I loved the week they all came into bloom and would pinch sprigs of flowers to put in my room. I haven’t been able to find any here in Melbourne (and I’ve never seen anything scented with it) but am looking for somewhere I could get root stock to grow my own tree.

    Jeans shopping is always interesting for me, I find they always gape at the waist and no amount of belting them in makes it sit flat *sigh*

  13. I love bath and body. esspecially since most of there stuff is not tested on animals. 🙂

    I don’t think most people enjoy jean shopping, it’s highly overwhelming. I personally hate it. ha. I’m superduper short so if they don’t have the short sizes I’m screwed or my pants will go past my feet. ha. But sometimes there are lucky moments when I find the perfect pair of jeans and it’s all worth it 😛

  14. I almost ALWAYS want breakfast for dinner! I agree that jean sizes don’t always fit all. I try not to buy them for the size, either. Honestly, if a pair of jeans is really flattering, I’ll still get them if they have a bigger size but I won’t like, I’m a little dissuaded!

  15. I have the same problem jean shopping, though I don’t think I’ve found a pair of jeans yet that was TOO short 😀

  16. Happy birthday to Chip for when his birthday rolls around, he is a QT-PIE. 😉
    Jeans shopping makes me frustrated. It is hard to find a great pair! My favourite pair has stretched out a bit too much now, and my other pair never stretched out enough around the waist band… that last pair was a total vanity buy though, because I liked the colour better than the pair that were a little bit comfier, so my fault! I have to go and buy some new jeans soon!
    I used to get upset by the size of the label if it wasn’t what I wanted, but now I am over it and life is a lot more comfortable. 😉 Though I still seem to always be between sizes when it comes to buying pants!

  17. Love the facts! And that you love jeans. I end up buying one too many pairs most times, I think 😛 Sometimes I get really annoyed when jean shopping just because I hate the whole hassel of trying things on, and how sizes are allllways different so sometimes I hardly even know where to start. But if that means I’m a larger size in X brand in smaller in Z brand, no big deal. I usually have a hard time finding ones in Long, though – so I feel your pain on needing petite 😉

  18. Oh I love bath and body works stuff! I worked there during college and loved it! Those pizzerts look quite addictive..I will have to give them a try! 🙂 Buying jeans is crazy…I am 5 foot 4 so I am not quite petite and a bit shorter than the regular length. The bottom of my jeans always get frayed no matter how hard I try! 🙂

  19. I love jeans, but shopping for them is just difficult! I love bootcut jeans and now that the skinny jeans craze has hit bookcuts are very rare. The size doesn’t really determine what jeans I buy – no one but me can see the size after all!
    Great post Kathleen! Have a wonderful Sunday! 😀

    1. I totally agree! I don’t care for skinny’s, but I love bootcut! It is really hard to find the bootcut now with the skinny jean craze right now. I wonder what the hext craze will be….. I hope it’s bootcuts! 😉

  20. omg i have THE hardest time shopping for jeans! I’m tall and skinny and virtually NO retailers (except Hollister!) make jeans that fit me…so I’ve got about 10 pairs of the same hollister jeans;)

  21. Aw I loved reading all these things about you! 🙂 I used to play piano, that’s so cool that you still do… And hat you’re good at drawing. I’m atrocious 😉

    i’m not the biggest fan of jean shopping because the lighting is always unflattering and all that jazz… plus I’m just so lazy about trying things on haha 🙂

    you are lovely



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