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What’s A Girl Going To Do?

What is a girl going to do when she gets a lot of Pumpkin?

Well, I’ll share a couple of things I would do! 🙂 She is going to

Bake A Couple of Pizzerts!

This is the Almond Joy Pizzert Babies made this way. 🙂 I used pumpkin in place of the applesauce too. 🙂

After her Pizzerts she is going to–

Make a batch of Homemade Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars!

Once she devours all of her Granola Bars,

A batch of CRAZy SPuffins will call her name!

And after she gobbles up her last muffin,

She is going to make A Pumpkin Pie. 🙂

But even after she makes these lovelies and eats them all up, 

She will still have a TON of Pumpkin left.


What else is a girl going to do?

Any guesses?? 🙂

Thank you guys for all of your sweet comments on my CLEP Test! You guys are the greatest! I also loved talking with you guys about some of the goodies I received! 😀 No worries, I am definitely going to make some Nut Butters out of these. 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! 😀



54 thoughts on “What’s A Girl Going To Do?

  1. wow that pizzart looks fab!!
    a girl could…make pumpkin pancakes or waffles or oats or she could mix it with cottage cheese of yogurt or put it in so many things. or eat it straight up with cinnamon 🙂

  2. For some reason I have a serious craving for pumpkin right now. hmm why?
    Oh wait I know why! because kat just bombarded me with super delicious look pumpkin foods!! hah
    Excuse me, I’m off to go buy a can of pumpkin now. 😉

  3. This is so weird, I was just thinking about pumpkin when I opened this. I’m actually feeling a little burnt out on it! I go through love/hate phases with pumpkin, mostly because once I open a can I feel the need to use it up really quick. The hate phases are pretty short though 🙂

    1. Haha, I guess I am going through a Pumpkin stage. 😛 I went through a stage with green bell peppers. 🙂 I ate so many of those it’s not funny. 🙂 No worries though, I still like them. 🙂 Hate states are really short for me too. 😉

      When I open a can, I don’t worry about it. The rest will be in the fridge until I want it. 🙂 It’s delicious in oatmeal. 😉

  4. Hmmm…I’m feeling like it’s October, but thankfully it’s not. I love pumpkin chocolate chip bread and baked pumpkin oatmeal!

    Congrats on your CLEP test! It must be such a relief to be done and know you did well!!

  5. All of your Pizzeretz pretty much look amazing… and I need to try ASAP! Awesome post, I love leftover pumpkin. There is just so much you can use it for. I put my in yogurt, oats, use it to bake, shakes, make a pumpkin + PB wrap, a pumpkin sauce for pasta, ect.


  6. I sorta feel like the odd one out here, but, I really don’t like pumpkin! I’m really starting to thing I’m strange cause apparently EVERYONE and their best friend loves it! 🙂


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