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The Exclusive Insider’s Look Into My Life! Part #1

Good Day My Darling Ladies (and Gentlemen?!) 🙂

Oh my gosh. You guys are the sweetest Readers EVER!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on A Balance Life Is! Kitties are one of my favorites, and that kitty showed what a balanced diet is perfectly! 😉

All right. I promised you in my last post the Exclusive Look Into My Life,




IS! 😀

note: This is an average WEEKday for me. My life varies a lot, so this is just an average overview.


Wake up 5:15am

Snack (Meal#1) :

Almonds (or some other kind of nut)

Early morning scripture study class

(where we study the scriptures and have some fun!)


45-60 minutes, give or take.

The hard part is picking which one to do! Go Run, Ride the Bike, or do an INTENSE workout video.

It’s hard to pick JUST ONE because I love them all so much! 😀 I always follow them with some stretching (don’t want sore muscles!).

Shower! Get ready for my day.

(Meal #2) Eat Breakfast at around 8:30am-9:30am (varies by the day):

Either Oatmeal, Pancakes, PIZZERTS, or Avocado on Toast! 🙂

An Almond Joy OIAJ is one example. 🙂

I had an apple with this. 🙂

I like to do the Sudoku, Word Jumble, Cryptogram, Crossword puzzle, and other word games — like Bananagrams —  that we get in our daily newspaper while I eat breakfast.

How about you?

After Breakfast, I check my emails and a little blogging.


12pm (Meal #3) Lunch:

Either a Salad, a Sandwich, a Wrap, some Soup, or a BIG plate of veggies with a protein (veggie burger, beans, or something) and a fruit (apple, banana, mango, kiwi, pear, or whatever).

My Daddy made some Split Pea/Lentil soup (well, it’s more like a stew)!

YUM! 🙂

He used Split Peas, Lentils, Carrots, and some other stuff. REALLY good! 🙂

I have a piece of fruit on the side with my lunch as Dessert Jr. 😉


Do you read the Newspaper everyday? Do you do the Puzzles in them? I don’t read the newspaper, but my mother does. My sister likes the comics, and I like the word puzzles. 🙂

What is your favorite way to eat beans? I like my Daddy’s Beans! 🙂

Coming Up:

A New Goodie! 🙂

Part #2; in this upcoming post, I’m going to not only finish up showing you my life, but also discuss how I incorporate Baked Goods into my diet. 🙂



49 thoughts on “The Exclusive Insider’s Look Into My Life! Part #1

  1. Dessert Jr! I love that!! ahaha.

    I love that you have a bible study every morning! You are such an inspriation to me and I’m so happy we can relate on a biblical level! I am SOO glad you are in MY life! 🙂

    5:15? you are a crazy woman…

    1. I really love going to my study class every morning. I have never felt so close to the scripture before. 🙂 I am so grateful for this class (even if it means I have to get up at crazy hours). 🙂

      1. 6:00. I’m a total morning person. I could wake up waaay earlier if I wanted to.
        I think i’m going to try to wake up at 5:15 tomorrow to run, lets see if I actually do it 😛

  2. I have fruit with every meal and snack too…..I think I’m an addict lol! I like this inside look into your life! So fun!

  3. I used to read the newspaper EVERYDAY, but we stopped our subscription….so I read it no more.


  4. Love your drive to wake up and get in the word!
    I love reading the newspaper with a big mug of coffee. It makes me feel so adult. 🙂

  5. i love that you have fruit with your meals!!i always have to have some type of fruit after EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL haha i’m an addict

  6. Look at all those great work out videos!!

    As with fruit- the body processes it quicker then most other food items so (in my case with my stomach) it’s not good for me to eat it with or after a meal.

    I usually have my fruit as a snack. But I’m with you– fruit is amazing and nature’s candy : )

    1. I’m sorry that you can’t have fruit with a meal! That would drive me crazy! 🙂

      Fruit is so much better for you than candy. 🙂 Nature knows what she is doing when she makes it! 🙂

  7. What a fantastic post idea! Love that you get up at 5.15am, I wish I was able to do that like when I was younger. Now I like my sleepins (til 6am hehe)

    1. Haha, 6am is a definite sleep-in for me! 🙂 It doesn’t help my body clock when I sleep in ’til like 8-9am on the weekends. I should really just wake up every day at the same time, and go to bed at the same time. I’ll work on it though. 🙂

  8. Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my Blueberry Lattice Pie. Your blog is looking good. Just a little comment on your photos. Try taking some shots at eye level with your subject for variety. I love your enthusiasm.


  9. Man I wish I could work out in the morning…it is just impossible! I do it right after work…I pack my bag in the morning and don’t go home until I get my workout in. 🙂

  10. I love this post (of course, that’s nothing new – I love ALL you posts! 😀 ) Your average week day looks fabulous!! Such yummy looking food (when am I invited over? 😉 ), and that’s wonderful that you get to work out in the mornings! 🙂
    I hardly ever read the newspaper, but I do the Sudoku puzzles when the have them!
    I’m glad to see that someone else gets up early too! 🙂 I get up at 4:40 on weekdays… ugh! But oh well! I have pets to feed, and meals to make (and it makes 6:00 am seem like sleeping in 😉 )
    And about my birthday, I’m thinking about having a few friends over and maybe going bowling! 🙂 (Even though I’m like the world’s worst bowler… someone’s gotta be right? 😉 )

  11. Hi, great post! And I thought I wake up really soon at 5:30… :)I love beans with cocoa, chilli and carrots – may sound strange, but tastes delicious:)I read newspaper, but only the culture section. I´d love to the crosswords and puzzles, but my mom always do them before I even see the newspaper.

  12. I never know which workout to do either! So much to choose from. I need a random number generator to pick my workout of the day sometimes. 😉

  13. My family doesn’t get the paper anymore (boo). I liked reading it, pretty much all of it and especially word puzzles.

    Playing word search on my ipad (or any type of word search) is like one of my hobbies! I’m constantly trying to beat my own record for seconds per word. 🙂


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