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Chocolate + Vanilla!

Hey My Beautifuls!

Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes! I actually haven’t had my birthday yet; my birthday is on Saturday, but I had to have my party a week before since I’m so busy this weekend. But thanks anyways! It really means a lot to me!

I also love how many of you love BOTH Chocolate and Vanilla! And I have to agree with you on that. Though, I personally think Chocolate Vanilla SWIRL is the best!



This past week with the Challenge, we focused on cutting out the sugar.

Since the time I cut out the processed sugar in my diet, I feel as though my taste buds have come ALIVE! Everything tastes better. I am fuller longer. The only kings of sweetener I use are fruit and stevia, so regular foods full of white sugar and such just don’t appeal to me anymore. I prefer FRUIT over any other kind of dessert!

I have also been drinking lemon water every morning since I’ve started the challenge, and I have already felt a difference! I must admit, I am more regular (sorry if that is TMI, but it’s the truth!). I hope to continue it through and after the challenge!

This coming week, I am going to focus on chewing my food properly. Sometimes with life, it can be easy to forget how essential chewing our food properly is to the digestion process. Since chewing is the first step of digestion, chewing my food properly is one of the first ways I can help. We are also going to cut out some of the gluten to see how we feel. This Challenge is all about finding that balance with yourself and your body. For some people, gluten bothers them and they don’t even know it. I’ll see how far I get with this one, since I love my Pizzerts so much! 🙂 At least Peanut Butter is Gluten Free! 🙂

I just received Unprocessed from my girl Wendy!!

And what luck! This WHOLE book is Gluten Free! 🙂 Just what I needed for this challenge!

Here’s the rest of the stuff Wendy sent me.

She is so generous! I received a notepad, a set of Dog cards, a set of Cooking cards, and a set of Owl cards! THANKS WENDY!! 🙂

Also, I’m joining up with Erin over at The Healthy Apron for MEAT-LESS MAY.

The concept is not to eat NO meat in May, it is just to eat LESS meat in May. We don’t necessarily have to eat meat at every meal for it to be a meal. There ARE amazing vegetarian/vegan meals that even the heaviest meat eaters would like!!! (check out some here, and here, and here)

Lookie who I found!!

cue: AWWWEEEE!!!

These morning dove babies are SO cute!!! 🙂 And they are right in our backyard! They were just sitting there — gosh they are so photogenic. 🙂

Have you ever curled you hair with your flat-iron? It’s really fun! But for me, it is really hard to curl the back of my head — I just can’t see it!!!

What are some of your favorite protein sources? Bring on the dry-roasted soynuts for me!

Which do you prefer? Chocolate + Vanilla; plain Vanilla; or plain Chocolate.



30 thoughts on “Chocolate + Vanilla!

  1. Hey girl, you look really lovely in the picture!:)I agree that chocolate PLUS vanilla is just better than only choco or only vanilla, but when I was younger I was a huge lover of vanilla ice-cream, always trying new brands in an attempt to find the best vanilla flavour:) well, these days are long gone:)
    I don´t use anything to curl my hair, because my hair is pretty (horribly) curly by itself…the “curly gen” runs in our family:)
    My fave protein sources are any kinds of legumes – chickpeas, lentils, beans..I love them all:)

  2. Chewing my food properly is a big deal for me. Iusually WOLF down my food.. and my meals and snacks are gone in like 30 seconds. I have been concentraing on chewing.. I read somewhere that your food is ready to be swallowed when you can no longer tell what it is with your tongue due to texture.

    It is actually quite challenging to do this.

  3. awww those birds are adorable!!!
    thats so interesting that lemon water does you have it hot or cold?
    I have tried to curl my hair with a flat iron but it turned out a hot mess….i stick with the old fashioned curlers or curling iron

  4. If I had to pick I woulod chOose plain vanilla! But I do love a good softserve twist in the summer! You hair looks so cute in that pic and that book looks so interesting! Some of my favorite protein sources are beans, legumes, seafood, and greek yogurt! Yum!

  5. Good luck with your challenges, I need to chew my food more too. I’ve always been a wolf it down it 20 seconds type of girl lol, i hate it. I want to savour my food more! I love curling my hair with my flat iron, i find it is easier (once you get the hang of it) than even using a curling iron!

  6. I like plain old vanilla with chocolate sprinkles…that combination never lets me down 🙂
    Plain old Greek Yogurt is a favorite of mine, I like adding sliced almonds for even more protein and crunch

  7. You look beautiful in that picture! My hair needs a straightening iron or else it pretty much sticks straight out. I do try to curl the ends under though.

    The cleansing challenge sounds like a great idea! I went sugar-free for a month and felt wonderful afterwards.

  8. I need to work on chewing my food properly, too. I used to eat my food so slowly but sped up when I was trying to gain weight..and now I haven’t been able to slow down again!

    As for the question about the hair, I’ve never curled my hair with a flat iron but I’ve straightened my hair with a curling iron before. 😛

  9. So weird thing, I don’t find that lemon water affects me at all. I still drink it sometimes because it’s super yummy though 🙂
    I’m trying to work on chewing too! I’m really good during the day but I think I forget a bit at breakfast, which is probably the worst time to be a bad chewer because your digestive system is still just waking up. I aim for 25-50 chews per mouthful and don’t swallow until it’s all liquidy. HAH that sounds so gross. Sorry if that’s TMI.
    Looove your hair, and those baby doves are TOO CUTE!
    I used to be a curling iron kind of girl but ever since I’ve learned how to curl my hair with a straightener I haven’t looked back 😉
    My fave protein sources are beans and lentils. I was going to say especially on toast, but I love them any and every way.

  10. I don’t even own a straighter/flat iron so I’ve never tried that. My hair doesn’t curl well so I rarely do that.
    You are doing so awesome on this challenge. Woot woot 🙂

  11. I’ve never curled my hair with a flat iron but my best friends do it all the time and I am way jealous! lol It comes out perfect. And I kinda prefer vanilla but with a chocolate topping 😀

  12. You look amazing, as always 🙂
    I actually do not like plain chocolate ice cream. Its too boring for me, however I do like vanilla plain. Haha Im so wierd. My hubby always gets chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, and it drives me crazy!! Im like your so boring! haha

  13. As I was chomping away on my salad, I read this and realized I need to chew more! I just shove food in sometimes and don’t even think about proper chewing.
    I totally agree that chocolate vanilla swirl is the best! I like it covered with chocolate sprinkles too 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for a great blog Kathleen! And I love you photo today, your hair is so cute!
    Im not really concerned about my proteins.. But I do eat a lot of nuts, nutbutter<3, and whole grains, so I think Im oki 🙂
    Ill choose chocolate over vanilla any day! I like vanilla, but I LOVE chocolate 🙂 I posted this great recipe for chocolate tarts today, I hope youll check it out 🙂

  15. Glad to hear you are enjoying your detox challenge. I try to drink lemon water every other day and it does help with *that kind of stuff!* 😉

  16. Love the picture of you and of the baby birds! 🙂 I can’t stand the taste of lemon water actually. And I like chocolate or vanilla separate but not together. Im pretty good about chewing although sometimes half my meals are in a blended form (had a broccoli smoothie yesterday…). 😉 As for protien, i’m boring and just like peanuts and protein powder, lol. I try not to rely on the powder but it’s so convenient because I don’t usually eat meat or dairy.

  17. Great news that the new food changes are making you feel better. I have been obsessed with greek yogurt and blueberries as a way to add more protein in my diet…and I totally agree, soy nuts are delicious! 😀

  18. Ohh so jealous! you always win all the great giveaways! I need a gluten free cookbook too, because the doctors are near positive that i’m gluten intolerant…which totally sux. but great for you not craving sugar anymore! (i definitely have a sugg problem..hehe)


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