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I Use This Every Day!

Hey my Lovelies!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I have gone all natural with my body products. When I went all natural with my body products, my skin went CRAZY!!! I broke out so badly! But, I continued. And now my skin is SO much clearer!

Some of my readers asked if I could do a post on some of the body products I use every single day.

Here are a few of my FAVORITES for my teeth and face! 🙂

This is by far my FAVORITE Toothpaste! Jason’s Sea Fresh Toothpaste.

picture source

I try to avoid toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate (or other ingredients that sound like it), and I LOVE that this one is free of SLS and tastes great too! 🙂

Want to know my secret to Whiter Teeth?


I keep some in a sandwich baggie in my bathroom cupboard. What I do: (1) put my toothpaste on my toothbrush as usual (2) wet it (3) dip my toothbrush into the baking soda and (4) brush like normal. 🙂 Works like a charm!

I personally know how effective this is! About a year or two ago, I would go to the dentist and he would ask me “Do you drink coffee and tea?” “No.” “Well, you have some staining on your teeth.” I found out that it was all the cinnamon that I would eat! I mean, when I have cinnamon, I HAVE CINNAMON! I love it. So when I found this out, I tried the baking soda. Before I started it, it looked like I had space between my teeth, and NOW, the stains are GONE!!! I use the baking soda about every other day.

My favorite face wash is Throughly Clean Face Wash by Dessert Essence.

I don’t even know how long I’ve had this bottle! It feels like forever, and I haven’t even gone through half of it!

My favorite face moisturizers is both the Yes to Tomatoes Face Moisturizer and Burts Bee’s one.

picture source

I love how both the Yes to Carrots and the Burts Bee’s brands both strive to have their products as natural as possible!! 🙂

My favorite tinted moisturizer is Physicians Formula’s Tinted Moisturizer.

picture source

I absolutely LOVE this in the summer!! And as a base for my Bare Mineral’s Foundation. 🙂 It gives that little coverup for the summer (since summer is usually all about natural), and has SPF!

My favorite Face Foundation would be Bare Mineral’s Original Foundation.

picture source

I love this!!!!! It works SO much better than any other foundation I have ever tried!! The only product that I use from Bare Minerals is their Foundation. I don’t really like the ingredient lists of their other products. I alway shave to remember to check the lists even if the brand is “spotless.” You never know.

What are some of your favorite products?

Do you use any of the same products?

Since Summer will be here soon, what is your favorite Sunscreen? What SPF do you aim for?



22 thoughts on “I Use This Every Day!

  1. Oh my, cinnamon is bad for the teeth? I didn´t know that, but it explains a lot of things:)
    My favourite products are from the brand called Lush. It is great natural skincare suitable for vegans, it smells delicious and the list of ingredients is totally cool, because you are able to imagine how all of them look like. You know, when you read “pineapple”, you know how it look like. When you read “sulfate”, well I really don´t know what´s that:)
    I am pretty pale, so I need my skincare to be at least SPF 50!

  2. Great products!!!!
    I had no idea cinnamon could stain your teeth…..might have to try out that baking soda trick soon!!! I’m the same way as you are….when I have cinnamon, I HAVE cinnamon! 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing! Im not very saavy as far as beauty products go, but I love bare minerals! It’s the best!!

  4. Ive heard really great things about that tinted moisturizer, and really want to try the Say Yes to Carrots products! I have sensitive/problematic skin, so finding a moisturizer that suits my skin can be difficult!

  5. I use baking soda on my hair. 😉 Cheaper than expensive organic/natural shampoos. I haven’t tried it on my teeth though! I have some Toms organic toothpaste but I actually hate it because it’s strawberry flavored. And I don’t really use any facial products. I don’t like to wear makeup, so when I gradually let my skin do it’s own thing it got a lot better.

    Sunscreen… I HATE that I burn so easily because I do NOT like wearing sunscreen. I was doing some research online on the toxidity of it and some thinngs I read you would be surprised. Even a lot of the so called natural sunscreens have harmful ingredients.

    My motto is kind of like, if we weren’t born with it, do we really need it? Most products only interfere with out body’s natural process.

  6. It is so great that you use all natural body products! I have got to try that baking soda trick! White teeth are the best!

  7. Thank you for this post, I love it! I am always curious to see what other people use. Most of my products are all-natural but then some aren’t. Not going to lie, I almost paid $20 for an all-natural eye liner but then I just couldn’t do it. That’s a lot of money! I’ve just been going hippie style and not wearing any make up! I do love PF products though. Great choice.


  8. I love this post!!!!!!!
    I have heard about baking soda but have never tried it..sounds like something worth looking into though considering I drink coffee and tea like it’s going out of style!
    I use bare minerals and LOVE it but that tinted moisturizer looks fabulous too

  9. I occasionally use baking soda on my teeth too. Can’t beat that price for teeth whitening!!!

    I will never use regular foundation again after using mineral makeup. For several years I have used Aromaleigh brand but they have recently stopped selling so I’m on the lookout for a different brand.

  10. Awesome post! I try to use natural products as much as I can – they are expensive though so I’m also trying to get more in to making that stuff myself.

  11. Thanks for sharing the products you use with us. I’m definitely going to have to try the baking soda tip!


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