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Want To Meet My Boyfriend?

Say HI to DON!!!!

Isn’t he the cutest guy ever??!!

I need to ask him where he gets his nails done!! I want mine as colorful as his! 🙂

And yes, I DID kiss him — right on the nose!!

I kissed him TWICE! My hair is in the way, but I can tell you — I did do it!

P.S. I met him while we were in Illinois. 🙂


This morning, I took the SAT again. My mom had already paid for both the May and June tests, so no matter what my score was for May I would take the SAT two times. It was a pretty long day for me today. I woke up at 4am. I know, I’M CRAZY! But I wanted to be awake for the test. Not I-just-woke-up-and-am-driting-off-to-sleep-again kind of awake, but AWAKE!

I made sure to eat a sustaining breakfast. The test in a wrap? I used Frankenstein in my essay, read about how a daughter began reconnecting with her mother, lots of addition and subtraction, and reorganizing paragraphs. I must admit, I could get used to taking those tests over and over and over again. The SAT may seem formidable, but in fact, it’s just a logic test. You just have to learn HOW to take it, and then it’s simple math, critical thinking, and grammar the rest of the way.


My mom went to her doctor’s appointment the other day. Her blood sugar is excellent! It’s as if she wasn’t a diabetic at all! I’m so proud of my mom. She is my role model. Though, one thing worried me when she told me that her doctor had kind of pushy-like suggested my mom cut out all starch (like grains and legumes). My mom told me (when she got home) that she had listened to her and told her she would think about it. When she arrived home, she told me what had transpired. Her doctor had said to drop all grains and beans because they’re “dangerous” to your health. Oh. my. gosh. Alarms shot through me like lightning bolts! All I wanted to do at that moment was give my mom’s doctor a piece of my mind!!! I was bothered by how persistent her doctor had been that legumes and grains were “poisonous.”

I understand that a lot of starches have been changed, stripped of their goodness, genetically changed. Like, for instance, potatoes, corn, wheat; French Fries, Corn Syrup, White Flour, etc. Why do we strip flour of its natural goodness? What have we done to these foods?

I would, instead of saying “avoid them,” say eat them in their natural forms, instead of the “messed with” stuff. Starches do turn into sugar, but it’s sugar that provides the energy for every chemical reaction in our body. Just eat them in moderation. They are still filled with nutrients and phytochemicals! And if you’re worries about blood sugar spikes and stuff, eat them with a protein and a fat!


What would you have said to my mom’s doctor when she suggested to never eat a starch again?

How many times did you take the SAT/ACT? I took the PSAT once and the SAT twice!

But, I REALLY want to know — as a child, did you ever sleep with a Teddy Bear? 🙂 I did!


P.S. I don’t have a REAL boyfriend — more of friends who are boys. I have started to date, but only in groups. You have to try all of the flavors of ice cream before you find which one you like best.

Also, I’m helping out with Cait’s Blog Bake Sale! Look forward for a post about it!!!! 😀


44 thoughts on “Want To Meet My Boyfriend?

  1. I agree about eating natural grains. I love brown rice and whole wheat. The legumes, are a major problem for me. It’s an individual thing that depends on your own body. Legumes lower cholesterol, sending loads of the bad through the liver, where it mixes with the bile. My bile couldn’t handle it and I ended up having my gallbladder removed because of it. The high levels of protein and carbs with such little fat that makes up legumes kills my digestive system. I can’t eat them. I even abstain from peanuts, using almond butter instead of peanut butter. I can eat legumes in very strict moderation (like 3-4 tablespoons a week); any more and my digestive system goes haywire. As with anything, it’s all about knowing your own body because everyone’s is different. You are so good at listening to yours as I’m sure your mom is too.

  2. I took the ACT once and I didn’t even take the SAT. I felt like there wasn’t a point since colleges accept either.

    As for the whole starch thing, it seems a little silly. Whole grains can be good for your health.

  3. Speaking as someone who has her BS in Nutritional Science, is halfway through a MS in Clinical Nutrition, and is about to start her dietetic internship… I will tell you one thing. DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT DOCTOR. Doctors, as smart and life-saving as they are, have little more than one course on nutrition throughout the entire length of their schooling. They know the basics… the ABSOLUTE minimum about nutrition. If you are truly concerned, have your mother see a registered dietitian, but in the meantime encourage her to eat 3 or 4 servings of carbohydrate (1 serving- 15g) per meal. If possible, at least half should be whole grain.
    Good luck!

  4. I took the SAT once as well as two SAT Subject exams. I’m going to retake them this fall so I can apply to schools again, even though I scored higher last year than I expected but I didn’t get into the schools I wanted to get into and I’m not happy with the school I was at this past year.
    That doctor is crazy. She obviously hasn’t heard about the starch solution by Dr. John McDougall. Craaaazy lady.
    I didn’t sleep with a teddy bear, but I slept with my blankie and sucked my thumb for the longest time.

  5. oh my goodness I did not realize you were in my dear are a very mature young lady..and obviously very intelligent 🙂

    Being in the medical field, your mom’s doctor may be a little misinformed (I say so lightly). MDs are not always trained on nutrition (just bare minimum) so that’s why us clinicians rely on the registered dieticians 🙂

    As always, great post 🙂

  6. Your “boyfriend” is a cutie, I think I might just have to steal him from you!! Haha.
    I have only taken the PSATs, then SATs and ACTs once. My scores were decent so I don’t have to take them again, but most people at my school take them like 3 times. I’ll probably take them each one more time.

  7. I have never taken a PSAT. I will be taking the PSAT next year and for now my mom is going all Asian-mother (and I mean that in the best way possible) on me about studying.
    Your “boyfriend” is so cute. And yes, I did happen to sleep with a Winnie the Pooh bear when I was little.

  8. You boyfriend is the cutest, even when you don´t have a REAL one. I don´t have either and I don´t mind 🙂
    So many people are talking bad about grains and legumes! I don´t get it. Yes, there are “bad, white starches”, but there are also healthy, wholesome, tasty grains and legumes are a perfect food especially for vegetarians/vegans… I don´t see what´s the problem. If doctors would advice not eating sugar/milk/hydrogenated fats etc., then I would understand. But they seem to always blame the wrong food..
    Well…yes, Teddy Bear was my MUST. And Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh 🙂

  9. I TOOK THE SAT YESTerday too!!!!!!… oh YAY for ur momma!!. no starches? hmm thats tough.. i mean i cud see the less good for u starches but doesnt make sense about even the good for u ones!! not sure how i cud live without grains and beans! huge part of my diet!

  10. Obviously, the doctor has NEVER heard of Dr. John McDougall, author of the soon to be published The starch soloution. We ARE starch seekers, we of the human species.Everyone who somehow – hasnt, -needs to know of him!! Check it out girl!

  11. umm that doc is wacko beans beans they’re good for your heart!!!Not only did I sleep with a teddy bear, but I slept with the entire toys “r” us stuffed animal department!

  12. Lol love the new man 😉
    Crazy what the doc said. I’m just not sure doctors know much about nutrition.. Mine is always telling me to eat the weirdest stuff it doesn’t make sense. In my opinion it would be better to talk to a dietitian.
    But way to go our your moms blood sugar levels, thats awesome!

  13. That’s when you ask the simple question, “Why?” and when you get your loose nutrition asnwer from a doctor, you ask “Why?” again. It’ll become clear they aren’t the nutrition expert.

  14. I took the SAT yesterday too – I’m so glad it’s over!

    I definitely agree with what you’re saying about starches – they’re definitely an essential part of a healthy diet when they’re in their natural form.

  15. Your boyfriend is a cutie! I took the May SAT too! I’m pretty happy with how I did, but I might take the October one, not sure yet.

  16. I can’t believe her dr said that!!! For being an MD you would think he/she would be more educated! Starch is so good for you! Think about all the whole grains, protein, fiber, and other amazing nutrients your mom would be missing out on if she stopped eating carbs!!!! I think you’re mom should listen to you instead of the dr LOL!

    I took the SAT twice btw! 🙂

  17. So cute! I call my good friends horse my boyfriend too! HIs name is Bentley 🙂 And hmm for the SAT question, I took it Twice, and the ACT once I believe. And I slept with a little doll named Puffy and I still have her in my closet!

  18. LOL! Your new boyfriend is adorable, I may have to steal him 😉 And yes, totally slept with stuffed animals as a kid, I would pile a bunch of them into my bed to keep me company as I slept.

  19. I could not have agreed more!!
    It breaks my heart that most people think they should cut all carbs, fruits, grains, beans from their diet to avoid high/low blood sugar. It just in not true. There is so so many studies out there saying this is the food you SHOULD eat to have stable blood sugar. And it makes so much more sense. If we had to eat all that meat and animal protein, we as humans wouldnt have lived today! Most people eat too much of it!

    But sure, cut the sugar, white flour ect.. just keep the good carbs anyway 😀

  20. I can’t rmember how many times i took the SAT’s… I think 3. sheesh it wasn’t that long ago! now I feel old!
    I agree about the starches and legumes I would eat them in their “natural” form not completely avoid them I think they’re necessary in our diets!

  21. I wonder if he saw something in her blood test that made him suspect a yeast intolerance. I’ve noticed a lot of doctors think faster than they talk and they don’t always get what they are thinking out of their mouths. Justin cooks for a doctor that specializes in the treatment of Candida (yeast). He himself has it and is unable to eat mushrooms, beans and few other specific grains and foods… basically anything that can ferment on its own. Add that to his not being able to eat gluten and I am just amazed at how Justin can create a new, tasty and exciting menu for him each week. I think it is safe to say grains are fine, but like you said, stick to the natural form. The less added ingredients the better. Low glycemic foods are not a bad idea for improving anyone’s healthy lifestyle.

  22. i’d say it’s almost impossible to avoid starches. hello- FRUITS! i think when diabetes is involved it all has to do with GI, so watching which starches you allow in and don’t. your body NEEDS carbs! they’re the only kind of energy your brain can use!

  23. I truely do not believe humans need grains. People say their natural, but no their not. Our ancestors,cavemen, did NOT eat grains. We forced our bodies to digest them. The only carbs i eat are from veggies and fruit, and its not like i have no energy. Im a competitive figure skater, and skate around 4 hours a day. Without grains.

    They are not necessary, and i think carbo loading before games and runs is the stupidest thing on earth.

  24. That seems incredibly silly! Cutting out ALL starch! I see how you would be bothered by this! That will not help her in the long run at all! I’m glad you were there to tell your mom the truth!


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