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Neapolitan Oatmeal!

Hey my Gorgeous Darlings! 🙂

Thank you for all of your comments on my last post and guest post! I loved reading all of your responses to my question I asked about sugar. As you know, I am striving for balance, and your comments really mean the world to me! I have grown so much since I have started blogging — and you guys make it all worth it. Thank you for being there for me!!! 🙂

What are some your favorite foods?

I love Chocolate.

I love Strawberries.

I love Vanilla extract.

I love Chocolate, Strawberry, AND Vanilla.

And because I love Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, I love the Neapolitan concept — I get to have all three flavors in one bowl! Hello!

One of the ways I get my three flavors is in the morning is with Neapolitan Oatmeal! 🙂

Neapolitan Oatmeal!

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Notes: Serves 1 Single Lady (or Guy)! Oat Bran would be lovely in place of the Rolled or quick oats. Protein powder will work too! Just add 1/3 serving in each part in these three flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. You can use peanut butter or almond butter in place of the Walnut Almond Butter. Sweeten oat sections to taste. If you want a more smooth oatmeal, blend the oats in a blender before separating into sections.


  • 1 serving of Oatmeal, cooked in either water or milk (make sure oats are uncontaminated if want gluten-free)
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla, 1/2 Banana mashed, and spoonfuls of Nut butter (I used my homemade Walnut Almond Butter)
  • 1 T Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Chips
  • And 3 Strawberries mashed or 1 T strawberry preserves.


Cook oats (I used the stove top).

Once desired texture is reached, separate oats evenly into three parts.

To one part of oatmeal, add the vanilla and mashed banana. In another part, add the strawberries (and sweeten to taste) or the strawberry preserves. In the last part, add the cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

Stir each part. Then, in the bowl with the strawberry oats, add the other oat sections—vanilla on the left and chocolate on the right.

Spread a spoonful of nut butter on top of the vanilla oats.

Top with Chocolate Chips and Strawberries and DEVOUR!

What is one of your favorite flavor trios? Another one of my favorite flavor trios is Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana!

Do you like Oatmeal Recipes?

What recipe do you want next? My Protein Granola Bar? My Walnut Almond Butter? or My Neapolitan Ice Cream?


47 thoughts on “Neapolitan Oatmeal!

  1. I love Neapolitan, too! Except, I usually put coconut with my vanilla 😀 I made a raw Neapolitan cheesecake that was so good 😀

  2. So pretty oatmeal! I love strawberries+chocolate combination, it is pure heaven 🙂 I love how creative you get when you prepare your oatmeals. There is nothing better than starting the day (or ending it:) with a huge bowl of oats.
    My fave trio? Probably banana+cinnamon+peanut butter 🙂
    Walnut Almond Butter sounds pretty good, I think I would really enjoy it 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend girl!

  3. Yum! I don’t know if I have a fave trio flavor combo, but I’m completely weak in the knees for orange and chocolate together. Add some chopped nuts, and I’d probably be in heaven :-). I’d love to see your walnut almond butter recipe. I downloaded your chocolate biscotti and am looking forward to making it soon.

  4. What a clever idea for oats. I either do a chocolate combo or a regular combination with vanilla but I love the extra strawberries to turn it into a Neapolitan 🙂

  5. I love Neapolitan, but I don’t like oatmeal. Now if you had a recipe for neopolitan oatmeal cookies, I would be in love!
    Come to my blog and see what I have for you.

  6. Such a creative bowl of oats! I adore. I can’t wait to see your protein granola bars.
    My favorite flavor trio is mint chocolate almond, mmm!

  7. This must be the prettiest oatmeal ever! Sounds delicious too!:)
    Lately I have been dipping strawberries in melted coconut butter and then in melted chocolate! That is a great trio too 🙂
    I would love the recipe for walnut almond butter 🙂

  8. This looks delish! Neopolitan is one of my fave icecream flavors! And choco, strawbs, and vanilla go great together!

  9. I like your creativity with oatmeal! It pains me when people tell me they hate oatmeal. I excuse them thought because I’m sure all they’ve had is gross instant oatmeal.

    1. I absolutely agree with you! Steel Cut Oat andRolled Oats both taste SO much better than the Instant kind. When you recommend Oatmeal to your patients (is that what you call them?), which kind of oats do you recommend?

  10. This is so cute. I love this idea! I would have never thought to flavor my oatmeal 3 different ways..

  11. Neapolitan ice cream next!
    I’m not a big fan of oatmeal, but I did this with a yogurt mess once! I layered each flavor with cereal, walnuts, and bananas in an almost empty peanut butter jar for a banana split type treat. So good! I bet it would work with these oats too!

  12. haha, this is so fun! I never really liked neapolitan ice cream but neapolitan OATMEAL may be a whole nother story! I love normal oats, strawberry oats, AND choc. oats (duhh) so this would no doubt taste great (:

    Another combo I’d like would be banana, coconut, and almond (w/ almond butter) or mocha, chocolate, and “cream” (by mixing in a little yogurt & vanilla). There’s so many possibilities!

  13. I like maple cinnamon apple as a flavor combo!
    And walnut almond butter sounds great. I can’t get enough of walnuts lately 🙂

  14. I love your creativity!! This looks awesome! I love the different combos 🙂 My favorite trio would also have to be chocolate bananas and peanut butter.
    I’d love to see your protein granola bar!

  15. Ooh, very pretty and clever! My mom used to always make me eat super mushy, gross oatmeal when I was a kid, and I haven’t touched it since, but I’m gunna have to try this for breakfast soon. 🙂

  16. Mmm what a delicious combo! I love ANYTHING with oats and chocolate…especially something like this! great recipe girl, keep ’em coming:)

  17. Ohmigosh, I love neapolitan! When I was little, I would beg my mom to get the ice cream because it was like the best of all worlds in one magical carton! I haven’t had it in ages though, you’re making me want this!

  18. This does sound really good. I love all three of these flavors myself. I would have to agree that putting them all into one bowl sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing the recipe and idea.


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