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Not Enough Time.

Have you ever had a day where you have so much to do and not enough time to get it all done?

That’s my life right now.

Nevertheless, I have been making the point to have fun.

In addition to all of the craziness, my Favorites Folder is GIGANTIC! It’s probably a mile long with how many recipes I have bookmarked. I have a goal to try them all. One step at a time, no? 🙂

Some of the recipes I’ve tried recently include:

Heather’s Whole Wheat Carrot Drop Biscuits.

I ate this one with Raspberry jam — I WOULD TOTALLY SUGGEST THESE!! They are so good!

Banana Oatmeal Muffins from Anywhere There Is An Airport – these Muffins are delicious!

SO INCREDIBLE!!! The banana REALLY makes them sweet and divine! This recipe is perfect for all of you single ladies! It makes 2 muffins, so you can either share with your man or just eat them both! 🙂 Your choice.

These are Kayla’s Oaties!

With a lil’ sbl, really good! I used oat flour, and I could really taste the oat flour, so I think next time ‘ll use rolled oats ground up into a flour instead (they both have a different texture).

And Imperfectly Healthy’s Healthy No-Bake Cookies.

The sweetness is perfect. No-bakes in a healthy way! 😀

In addition to trying recipes, I’ve been busy reading!

Currently I’m reading the Fit Female and LOVING IT! 😀

I also read these two.

I really liked the focus both of these books had, so I would highly recommend them.

This morning we went to Half Price Books (which did NOT have the Muppet’s Treasure Island on DVD. I was very distraught), Office Max (I got me a pack of 64 Crayola Crayons! I love to color in coloring books when I get the chance — it is just so much fun!), and Target. Recently I have been really into flowers in my hair. I only had one from one of my friends (who had given it to my sister who gave it to me) and I wanted some more.

The top left one was the one my friend gave me, and the other three are a couple of the ones I got today. The other two I got I’m wearing right now!

After we got home from shopping, I flew straight to a mirror to clip these flowers in my hair. I revel in these moments. 🙂

After my “play-time” with my hair, I had lunch. Today I was in the mood for some PARSNIPS!

I don’t like parsnips raw, but I love them when they are roasted! 😀 Olive oil and salt and pepper do the trick! I ate them with one of my Moist Molasses Bran Muffins and some edamame (I took a bag of frozen edamame and stuck it in the fridge overnight — I love them just like them, no cooking required!).

Life. There’s nothing that can compare.

Do you like wearing flowers in your hair? or, if you are a guy, Do you like wearing neck ties? I absolutely ADORE how flowers give and outfit a whole new meaning!

When do you usually work out? I usually do it in the morning or the afternoon. Sometimes at night if I was busy all day. I about to go workout right now in fact.

Has your life been crazy? Mine has. My girl Kelsey just moved. She had a Goodbye Party which I went to with my girl Ana. After all of the fun and games and it was time to leave, tears began raining upon the floor from all corners, giving those hugs that you never want to end because it may be your last. It seemed as though there wasn’t enough time. Leaving the room, glancing back, wishing it was only a dream when you knew you may never see each other again. And then, as she disappeared behind the doors that closed behind you, the tears started again. I hope I’ll see her again.



47 thoughts on “Not Enough Time.

  1. my life has gottne crazy and I HATE not having time for everything. It just comes down to prioritizing and putting the most important things first!! And all those treats look amazing btw!

  2. My goodness you do sound busy! Lots of baking.. today I baked some special muffins.. you’ll have to check out my post to see! I love the flowers in your hair. I love putting them in my hair too!

  3. Woahh baby! Thats a whole lot of parsnips! :X
    I’ve never tried them roasted– added to the bucket list! Thank you 😀

  4. I read Fit Female and enjoyed it too! Your other books look really good, I should read them. I know exactly how you feel about not having enough time for baking everything. I have so many recipes saved on various places on my computer that I have no idea how I will ever even make half of them. They just all look so good. Thanks for all of the yummy recipes. I guess I have more things to save now!

  5. Crazy busy = story of my life! I’ve been apartment shopping and running around like crazy looking at different places. Lots of fun and super exciting, but tiring and overwhelming at the same time! And you look so pretty with that flower in your hair 😀

  6. My life is crazy right now too! Renovations renovations renovations! This summer is going by too quickly!!

    Goodbyes are tough…So I just make it a point never to do them…If I absolutely must actually say goodbye then I will but otherwise I just act like it’s any other day…Like I will see them again tomorrow…It helps with the crying thing!

    I work out first thing bright and early in the morning…And sometimes after work….

  7. I’m not a flower in hair type person, but only because my hair is so thin! They would fall right out 😛 … my life has been super crazy lately because I started my hospital rounds for my dietetic internship! So close to the finish line 🙂 YAYY!

  8. Do you like wearing flowers in your hair? – No, not really. I have very thin hair and those kinds of things just fall out of it 😛 But they look really pretty on you!
    Is my life busy? Oh yes, but I’m enjoying every minute of it!

  9. All those recipes look great! More to add to my list lol!

    I love wearing flowers in my hair! They make everything looks so pretty and summery!

  10. Those flowers are so pretty! I love wearing flowers in my hair, I would be a good “flower-child” 🙂 I have the pretties lilacs I have bought at H&M and I could wear them all the time!
    I usually workout in the morning or in the late afternoon, but I can´t workout to late because I am unable to fall asleep afterwards!
    Thanks for sharing those recipes, they look really good. I also have a huge collection of recipes to try, but the collection is still expanding and I think I haven´t tried anything from it yet 🙂

  11. Aw, it makes me so sad that your friend is leaving! Close friends are so important, and when they leave, we really see how much they do mean to us!
    Your meals looks so delicious Kat! You can come and bake for me any time 😉 I want to read all those books! I love to read about nutrition, healthy living, and plant based diets 🙂

  12. aand, I totally forgot to answere your questions 😛
    I usually work out in the morning. I love the energy it gives me, and the free-time I get for the rest of the day. But, like today, when I open the gym, I have to workout later. today I did my run+yoga around 9 pm- which i think is way to late.
    love to use flowers in my hear- its so cute and girly 😉

  13. I love wearing flowers in my hair! I always feel so….earthy? for lack of better word and they sure do look adorable on you! 🙂

    I want to read Crazy Sexy Diet SO BAD! Let me know how you like it!

  14. Glad you liked my flower! I got it at a hawaiian themed birthday party. 🙂 have fun playing with your hair!

  15. The flowers look great in your hair! Being in Hawaii, OF COURSE I love flowers in the hair or above the ear. It’s the tropical islander look. 😉


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