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What Would You Have Done?

Hey My Sugardoodles!

You guys are indubitably the BEST readers EVER! Thank you so much for all of your heart-felt comments on my last post. And thank you for all of your suggestions to how I can up my speed and distance in running! 🙂

The 1st day of August. What is one thing you have done this 2nd half of the year to give yourself a new start? Has it been a re-commitment to working out? Has it been cleaning out your closet full of clothes that just hang there collecting dust? Or is it just listening to your body and enjoying life? A new month. A new start. And a new bed set! 🙂

The one thing I have done this 2nd half of the year is get a new comforter/sheet set for my bed! There is something about getting a new set of blankets and sheets for my bed that really makes me feel like it’s a start of something new.

Monday morning – my mom and I head over to Target and I RUN to the back of the store, TAKE a sharp left, and ZOOM to the row with the bed comforter/sheet sets. I swear, if you had seen me running to the row of bed sets, you would have thought I was a cheetah about to catch her prey. My mom had just bought my sister a new comforter/sheet set (a PINK one, which I am not the least surprised by) and I became a little jealous (ok, maybe a lot jealous). My mom offered to get me a new set too (since it would be the one I would take to college or use at home and go to college). It was a hard decision, looking at all the different patterns, colors, textures. Well, actually, it wasn’t that hard after all — my first glance caught sight of the set I wanted. 🙂

After we got through the checkout, we drove home. As we pulled into the garage, I opened the passenger door, grabbed my new set, ran to the front door, opened it, and RACED upstairs. Once in my room, I tore those old and dusty (ok, not dusty) sheets off of my bed. I zip-opened the bag and pulled out the loveliness inside of it. Oh my gosh! SO much better than what it was before. I then proceeded (after I washed all the sheets and pillow cases) to make my bed. Mind you my bed is an XL Twin, so it takes a special sized sets for blankets and such.

I finally got my fitted sheet onto my bed. And guess who decided to jump up on my bed and park himself there?!

Yep! It’s Chip!

I gently picked him up and placed him on the floor, which I had to do a couple of times before I got my next sheet on my bed.

And what did I find when I turned my back?!

Oh yes he did!

He even started playing with my sheets as I was trying to smooth them out!

After many attempts to keep him off my bed as I tried to make it (I don’t mind him on my bed, just NOT when I’m trying to make it!), I finally gave up. If he was determined to stay on my bed, then that’s fine with me. Haha, I know, I have a soft spot for him.

Thinking that putting on the comforter would be the key to unlocking this door, I laid it out on my bed — even on top of him!

He didn’t budge.

And THEN what did my absolutely precious Chip do?

Oh yes he did!

He did it AGAIN!

He is one stubborn little kitty-cat.

Haha, I love you Chip. =D

Oh well. At least I finished making my bed!

Oh, and then what did Chip decide to do?

What can I say? I spoil him enough! 🙂

What would you have done? Chip and I are really close and I am not the least surprised by him wanting to be on my bed. He sleeps with me every night — and he is always in the same room as I am. We are like two peas in a pod: made for each other. ❤

What are some of your goals this wonderful month of August? This month I want to finish up my Spanish Class, get my body back on its regular schedule (hello 5 am!), and finish reading Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth is on her the northern tour with Aunt and Uncle Gardiner and about to visit Pemberley, Darcy’s Estate).



59 thoughts on “What Would You Have Done?

  1. Oh, Pride and Prejudice – I have read it probably five or six times 🙂 Your cat is sooooo cute! My cats are always sleeping on my bed, I can´t make them go away and they have always those sad eyes… 🙂 Your new bed sheets have amazing colour, it would be a nice sleep 🙂
    My goals? Probably still the same – eat healthy, read books, work out, learn something new every day 🙂

    1. No, no hablo bien espanol. I’m still learning! 🙂 I’m better at reading it than speaking it or hearing it and knowing what was said. And then coming up with my own sentences — yikes! Though, really, I could use all of the help and practice I can get!

  2. Cute bedding!! And what a silly kitty 🙂 my puppers does the same thing, she really does NOT get the hint! I’m like no opie I’m trying to get you off the bed and instead she just moves to a different spot 🙂

  3. I love your new sheet set 🙂 So cute and bubbly!! My cat does exactly the same thing. I used to put him in my hamper when I tried to make my bed…until he began to jump out of that as well. Cats just have to be the center of attention!

  4. Hey Kathleen I would have taken him off my bed and I would have taken him to you to hold until I was done! Sorry sis he could have gone back on when I was done.

  5. Im taking spanish right now too and I have a hard time with it. :/ Your cat is so funny! My cat does that too when i’m making my bed – she will NOT get off!

    I haven’t got a new bed set in sooo long. Like 6 years?! I like using a quilt one of my great grandmas made a long time ago, but when I go to college I’ll pick out a new comforter and sheets. 🙂

  6. I’m giving myself a new start tomorrow… because I’m starting a new year! I’m gonna be a freaking adult! 18 baby! Woot woot! La clase de espanol es mi favorita! Este ano voy a estudiar en la clase de espanol de AP. Voy a trabajar mucho, pero creo que voy a ensenar mucho tambien! (hope you understood that.. i’m a bit rusty, it’s been a few months!)

    Chip is too cute!!

  7. Awww Chip is SO CUTE!! 😀 I would have just stood there and laughed and then work around him like you did – I’ve never been able to be very forceful with my animals! 🙂

    I’ve never set goals, but there are a few things like work on college essays, read some books, and study Spanish… so looking forward to the last one 😉

    And I loooove your new bed set! I’m sure I would have picked something very similar. Bright colors attract me… sometimes I wonder if I was a honeybee in a different life 😉

    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

    ❤ ❤

  8. I LOVE the new bed spread, Kat! It’s so pretty and colorful. I’m actually in the process of re-doing my room too! 🙂

  9. This post was so cute! 😀
    I just got some new sheets too since I’m moving out in a couple days for college. Me and my mom went on a late night trip to Target to get a few more things for the dorm…don’t they always have the best stuff?
    btw, I love those sheets! I didn’t see that set at Target but I wish I did! I love the electric blue and how it matches your room and other pillows (:

    1. I love Target! I also got a new trash container that is SO cute! It is the same color as my sheets and I love it’s shape! It’s kind of a hourglass shape (did you see those at Target when you went?). Going to college is so exciting!

  10. My sheets are the exact same color! I love them! Ugg, I have so many goals for august, But I don’t know I’ve I’ll ever get around to accomplishing any of them!

  11. Since I work at KFC I eat there everyday I work so it has given me the motivation to exercise and eat healthier when I am home. I started this in mid July and so far so good!

      1. Yeah it’s a lot of fun, everyone is very nice and I do more cleaning and heavy lifting than actually making the food.

  12. What a cute kitty photoshoot! I used to think of my childhood cat and I like two peas in a pod!

    I’m not sure what my goals are for this month. The past few months have been crazy so I think just getting back into a routine of things is my goal!

  13. Love the new bedding! Don’t worry, I can’t control myself either when I’m in Target. I could easily live in that store, no big deal. 😛


  14. Oh my gosh, you wake up at 5 am regularly?! Geez, I thought I was an early bird! Haha, the only way I get up at 5 am is for an early morning workout- do you work out before school? If so, props- when I was a teenager I could sleep until the afternoon!

    1. I go to a morning scripture study class during the school year which starts at 6. I like to be awake for it and not “just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-still-asleep.” I’ve even considered getting up at 4am to workout before it — then I would REALLY be awake. 🙂

  15. Chip is quite the cute smokey grey cat! I love Jane Austen’s books, me and my sister grew up watching and re-watching the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. Enjoy!


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