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Some Things Can Be Deceiving.

Hey My Fruit Loops!

Thank you for all of your comments on my last post — my Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal. I love it SOOOOO much and haven’t wanted anything else besides that for the past couple of weeks for breakfast. When I wake up, that is what I want. At least I am listening to my body. I’m thinking that waffles may be in my near future, but they will have to be for a morning where I have the time to make them. I have been so busy with school starting again — I just don’t have the time in the morning. And with my early morning youth religion class starting this Monday, I really need to get to bed earlier. That part hasn’t really happened much, but I’m adapting my body right now to waking up earlier. I’m doing 6am this week, and next week, HELLO 5 o’clock). I have considered waking up at 4 am so I can be REALLY awake for my class, but I don’t know. I’ll have to see what my body says.

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned over the past few weeks.

Little sisters grow up just as fast as you do.

My sister and I got ready for her first dance! This one was one of the dances our church holds. She asked me to curl her hair for this special occasion, so I used my flat iron and that did the trick! She really enjoyed the dance and so did I. 🙂

Elizabeth had so much fun at her birthday party. We played games, had pizza, cake, and ice cream, and just had a blast. 🙂 And yes, I had regular pizza (though the one I got was a Kashi) and ice cream — I’m more of an ice cream person than cake. Cake just didn’t sound good, but the ice cream did. So I had some. The flavor I picked was Banana Nut. With all of the Bananas with Nut Buttah I eat, no one was surprised. 😉 And I’m sure none of you are either.

Oh, and gifts. What was on of her favorite gifts?

Fruity Pebbles.

Haha, some things never change. 🙂

Frozen Fruit is AMAZING in the summer.

Especially since it is hot outside and these keep me nice and cool. A Frozen Strawberry Banana Bowl topped with my Vanilla Spice Almond Buttah. Frozen Bananas and Frozen Strawberries are some of my favorites!!! 😀

Some things can be deceiving.

Let’s take this watermelon as an example.

What it is? Is it even a watermelon at all?

Well, it makes for nice ears! 🙂

Hehe, I must have had a growth spurt. 😉

Cantaloupes are more closely related to squashes than watermelons!

This is a volunteer cantaloupe plant that grew in our backyard. Look at how cute he is!

He looks more like a squash than a waterMELON to me!

And that has been a couple of the things I’ve learned throughout the past weeks. This week has been a lot of fun, too. Some of the places we went to included the Zoo (where I made the special effort to see ALL of the kitties there :)), the Witte Museum (and saw the Amazonian Exhibit, though my favorite part was the HEB Treehouse), Subway (so good!), and the Food Bank. I just got home from the Food Bank this afternoon and let me say I’m tired! It was pretty hot in the warehouse and the heat just sucked out all of my energy. But nevertheless, I really enjoy doing service, so this was such a great opportunity to do just that.

What’s your favorite frozen fruit? For me, it’s frozen bananas, strawberries, and grapes!

How do you usually cut your cantaloupes/melons? I usually just do it horizontally, but this once I did it vertically and what a surprise I received! 🙂

How early do you wake up in the morning? This summer I have been waking up at 7 am (I found I couldn’t sleep in past 7 or 8 — I would just toss and turn trying to go back to sleep, but knowing I wouldn’t fall back asleep — I just can’t stand doing that, so I just get up) this summer, and that has really messed up my body’s clock, which had been used to 5 o’clock the whole school year. But now, I’m getting my body back on schedule, and it’s feeling good!



44 thoughts on “Some Things Can Be Deceiving.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think the watermelon had enough time to mature (but we had to pick it since the rest of the plant had died) — haha, it wasn’t the tastiest thing, but it did look weird! 🙂

  1. Fun looking watermelon! 😀
    My favorite frozen fruit= bananas!!!!
    By the way, did you get that shirt in the pic of you and your sis at Cato?? I have one that’s really similar!! hahahaha

  2. Awww you and your sis are the most adorable pair on earth! Lovin the frozen fruit too, my fave is frozen raspberries mmm 🙂 And I usually wake up naturally around 5:15 everyday, I can’t remember the last time I slept until even 6:30! My body is so strange 😛
    Ps–that watermelon made me have an extreme lol, who knew such a funky thing was out there haha

    1. Haha, when we pulled it out of our garden, I just couldn’t believe what I saw! I was a little worried that it was going to look like a watermelon on the outside and be a yellow squash on the inside — I don’t know what I would have done if the latter happened.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of frozen fruit – I just like it cold. I wake up at 3:40 am during swim season! We leave the house at 4:25 and I like to have time to wake up a bit and pack my breakfast for after practice. In the summer I woke up between 6 and 6:30 most days.

  4. Hehe I’ve never seen a watermelon like that. And is it really true that cantaloupe are closer to squashes? I guess it makes sense with the seeds and color and what not. Either way, I’m obsessed. And I’m obsessed with frozen mangoes and grapes, too. Soooo tasty.

    1. Aweee! You are so sweet Rachel. 🙂 Frozen Mango is so good. We buy them in the packages with the frozen papaya and frozen strawberries — I pick through it for the mango FIRST, then eat the rest. 🙂 It is just so yummy! Do you just eat it plain like that?

  5. You and your sister look so pretty going to the dance!! I bet it was so much fun – jealous! I also love that strangely shaped watermelon.. I don’t know why but the weirder it looks, the more fun it is!
    I’m not a huge fan of frozen fruit! banana’s are okay… if they’re pureed. I actually love frozen baked goods and granola bars though. Weird, but true!

    1. I can see how frozen baked goods are really good, so I’m with you Tara! My mom loves my Almond Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies frozen — she keeps them in the freezer and pulls out a couple and lets them thaw slightly and then she eats them. They are so good that way! 🙂

  6. Yum yum yum! Sounds like the dance was great fun too 😀 About the melon/squash relationship, they are actually all one big happy family – all very close relations within the Curbitaceae family, as well as their skinny siblings the cucumbers 🙂

  7. Oh, all the melon action! I love melons, they are on my fave fruit. And those waterrmelon “ears” are so funny! 🙂
    You and your sister looked really cute at that dancing event 🙂 I love that you had similar clothes 🙂
    My fave frozen fruit are grapes and sour cherries.
    I wake up between 5.30 and 6.00 all year round.. But waking up at 4 a.m.? Woah, good luck if you decide to really try it 🙂

    1. Haha, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it. I’d have to go to bed earlier, and I’m a night owl. So, it probably would drive me nuts. I may give it a try and see how it goes — then if my body likes it, then I might continue it, but if my body says NO, then I’ll go back to getting up at 5. No harm in trying! 🙂

  8. I love frozen fruit, but I’ve only started freezing it a while ago. So far, my favourites are bananas (for soft serve, of couse) and bilberries! I use it for soft serves, smoothies and to fill crepes or make a pancake topper. 🙂 You eat frozen fruit plain? Do your teeth not hurt, lol??

    How come you need to wake up so early? I wake up around 7h all year round – whether I have classes or not.

    1. Because I have an early morning scripture study class I go to throughout the school year and it starts at 6am. I have to get up at 5am to get ready (haha, and look presentable) for it, and I’ll have to get up at 4am if I want to exercise before — but, I want to be AWAKE at 6am, not still droopy/half awake. That’s why the 4am appeals to me a little. If I get up at 4, then after my class, I would just come home and take a nap, or take a nap later in the day if my morning is busy. I’ve had my teeth hurt from trying to eat them STRAIGHT out of the freezer, but I have learned my lesson. 😉 I let them thaw a little bit to the point where they are still “frozen,” but soft. That’s when they taste the best. 🙂

        1. That’s what I’ve been thinking about. I just don’t know how my body will react to being up at 4am everyday. And I don’t think I could get my body to bed before 10pm, so I think I will have to exercise later in the day so I can give my body the rest it needs every night.

  9. You and your sister are so cute! I love how you coordinated with your dance outfits. My sister is five years younger and always seemed like a kid, then one day we were both in our twenties and I realized the age gap suddenly disappeared. So weird!

  10. You’re sister is gorgeous! Glad you had such a fab time. Ah the zoo – I swear the older you get the more exciting it becomes ;P. Froze grapes are my favourite, especially dipped in melted chocolate!!!

  11. Glad you two had fun at the dance! Those are always fun!!!

    I LOVE frozen grapes, bananas, and blueberries! They taste like candy!!!

    1. YES, Frozen Grapes are the best! My cat loves them too! Well, he will follow me until I give him the bag, and no matter WHAT I do, he won’t leave me alone until I do. Same thing with Frozen Strawberries. Hehe, he is so spoiled.

    1. I know! I used to be a whole head taller, and now she is just SPEED GROWING! Her shoe size is larger than mine too, so I’m not surprised anymore. I missbeing taller.Theres that kind of authority that comes with height. But my mom taught Shaqullie O’Nell when he was a sophomore in high school (still playing football and liked to brag about it)and told him to just sit down and shut up. He would always respond “Yes Ms. Floto” (my mom’s maiden name). I know I can still beat Elizabeth in push-ups and crunches and miles, so I’m ok with her being taller. 🙂


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