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My Healthified Desserts!

Hey My Lovely Chocolate Chip Muffins!!!

Thank you for all of your comments on my last post about what I’ve learned over the past while. I absolutely loved hearing what your favorite frozen fruits are and how early you get up (especially some of you — haha, and I thought I got up early). You guys are the BEST!

Do you like to make desserts?


But one of the things I strive for is to make my desserts healthier. “Healthified” versions of some of my favorite dishes.

Click here for some of my favorite Healthified Dessert Recipes! I’m blogging over at Kerry’s Place today. She is such an amazing blogger and her food is so yummy. So go check her out! Well, first go read my post (I’d love to hear your responses to the questions I asked — especially the second one), then go read her story! 🙂


P.S. I wanted to thank a special someone for their email yesterday (you know who you are). You are such an amazing person and have so much courage. I know you can do it.


15 thoughts on “My Healthified Desserts!

  1. Oh Kath, ypu know I love baking 🙂 I also usually try to make my dessert healthy or at least healthier than the common baked goods. Less sugar or oil or ingredients that have strange long unpronouncable names (soda bicarbonate doesn´t count :))

  2. You know the way to my heart ❤ Healthified meals, let alone DESSERTS are my favoriteee 😀

  3. Great guest post! I just checked it out. You know I love me some healthified desserts, I mean, especially your recipes! I just keep coming back for ’em. My favorite healthified thing EVER is muffins!

  4. I used to be against healthified desserts… I thought that if I was going to splurge, then I wanted to splurge! But then I realized that the hubby and I like to splurge a little more than we should. Ha, ha. 😉 So now I’m trying to make the splurge desserts once in awhile and lighter desserts more often. 🙂

  5. egg beaters are one of the best things to ever happen to desserts, in my opinion. i use those instead of real eggs and i instantly feel like i’m helping my body out, when it really doesn’t make TOO much of a difference. dessert is just… so necessary!


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