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The Blissful Eats.


Thanks for all of your love on my last post. I had a lot of fun making RAW Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I must say, I wasn’t kidding when I said they were deadly. They are. Gosh, they are so good. 🙂

Both Mellie and Courtney tagged me with the Blissful Blogger Award!

Thanks you guys! Both Mellie and Courtney are such wonderful people, and so are there blogs. Go check them out! 😀

Here’s what I have to do:

Write 9 things about yourself that most people don’t know about you.  

Then tag 7 other bloggers.

And along the way, I’m going to share with you some of my eats for the day. 🙂

1. I am in crazy love with the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz at the moment. I LOVE IT at dances. I am super bouncy and hyper and jumpy at dances, and that one is one of my favorites to party to! 😀

I had a very sad sight this morning -- an almost empty jar of Peanut Butter. To add to that, I was ALL OUT of nut butter! There were no other jars in the house.

2. I finished Spanish Class Tuesday night at like 10pm. I was so determined to get it done. And I did pretty well. I still just need to constantly practice it. I’m better at deciphering a sentence than forming one myself. I know all the endings to the different verb conjugations (past perfect, gerunds, future, etc), but I sometimes get mixed up between them. Is what I’ve found common for people speaking Spanish as their second language?

This is my Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal (I know, I'm hooked), inside the jar of my lil-jar-of-almost-gone peanut butter, with the protein powder layered like a parfiet instead of being all on the top. I also had some cubed cantaloupe (unpictured) on the side

3. I love Peanut Butter. Oh wait, you already know that. 😉

It was delicious. 😀

4. Today was a busy day. We went to the Bank (deposited some moooh-laahhh), Half Price Books (where we picked up this fitness book — can’t wait to dive into it!), the grocery store (for me, it’s Heb; mine has a FABulous bulk section, just like Sun Harvest and Whole Foods — hello amazingness), the Library (dropped off some books), and Target (we got some grapes, frozen veggies, TONS of composition notebooks, and I got me some new tanks — I like to layer clothes with them). We did all of this this morning. It was craziness. But fun at the same time. 🙂

Oh, and don’t worry, I got some more nut butter. I’ll be ok for a little while until I’ll be needing to make some more (I’m thinking along the lines of something Chocolatey :D).

After we got home from our busy day, put away some stuff, and loaded up the freezer and the fridge with the yummies we just got, it was lunch time! 🙂

5. Hummus (my favorite one is this one) brings back memories of when we lived in Turkey. My sister was actually born in Turkey believe it or not. 🙂

I made me a big salad, consisting of mixed salad greens (including spinach, arugula, red leaf, romaine, spring mix, etc), mushrooms, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, and some sliced grapes. I also had bunches (ok, maybe not bunches, but it felt like a lot!) of grapes on the side.

6. My sister and I love to sing together. Though, she always gets to be Jasmine and I have to be Aladdin. It’s been that way since we were little girls. 🙂

I had me a Morningstar Grillers "Chick" Burger with a Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin on the side.

7. I was totally into Star Wars a few years back. I watched at least one of the movies EVERY day, I read the books, I played the game. I’ve even had a dream where I was a Jedi — I must say, it was pretty awesome. 😀 I still love them so much (and will for always), but right now, I am going crazy over Darcy. 😀

INSERT SNACK around 3pm (unpictured): I had a bowl of baby carrots and one of my RAW Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Time for DINNER!!! Today we had it unusually late tonight -- 7pm. Usually it's 5:30, but it just didn't happen. I'm glad I had my snackie in-between! I had me an Original Moringstar Burger with a Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin, LOTS of Green Beans (I actually had more of those than is pictured -- I added some more after), and a sliced apple.

8. I love you guys. But, you know that. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

And for dessert: Another one (maybe one-and-a-half) of my RAW Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are just so good! 😀

9. My grandmother was adopted into the Hopi Indians. We have a picture of her downstairs with her headdress and everything.

Time to tag! Here are some new amazing people I’ve met:



Mama Pea



Peas And Crayons


I’m having my Senior and Graduation Pictures taken tomorrow — I’m so excited!

Do you have any tips on how I can improve/work on/practice my Spanish every day? Since I’ve finished my Spanish classes, I don’t want to forget everything I’ve worked so hard to learn. I am actually starting to THINK in Spanish. Just a wee little bit.

What time do you usually have dinner? We have it at 5:30 every night. Sometimes 6pm, sometimes 5pm, but around 5:30 most of the time.

Do you sing in a choir? prefer solos? sing in the shower? sing on the potty??? Seriously, I’ve heard a little girl do it — it was SO CUTE! 🙂



38 thoughts on “The Blissful Eats.

  1. I love fact number 8 🙂 Also Starwars used to be my “guilty pleasure” all through my high school 🙂 I wish I could met my own “Darcy” in real life. And I´ve been listening to Dynamite by Taio Cruz at least three times a day ever since I hear it in my Zumba class! Seems like we have something in common 🙂
    When I want to improve in new language, I read books/listen to songs/watch movies in that language and I also try to “think” in that language for a couple of minutes every day 🙂
    I have dinner the same time as you on most of the days. And I always sing in the shower, it is more fun 🙂

  2. Loving numbers 3, 5 and 8! I’m starving by 5.30pm after work, but usually don’t have dinner until about 7.30 as my partner gets home later than me.
    Hahahah sing on the potty, now that was a funny visual – I loled at work reading that!

  3. This was so cool! And I wish I could’ve tagged along for that awesome shopping trip day, you hit up all my favorite stores, especially half price books! 😀
    I usually eat dinn dinn around 5:30 too, ever since I can remember, it’s like my stomach can’t even fathom eating later haha And I’m a shower singer wooo!!

  4. Love you too, girlie! ❤ ANd loved learning more about you! That's so cool that your grandma was adopted into an Indian tribe, and that your sister was born in Turkey. I love rich cultural backgrounds 😀

    I usually have dinner around 5:30 or 6. Any later and I'm ready to chew my arms off. And I sing everywhereeee. While I'm cooking. In the shower. In the car. While I've got my ear buds in. Eeheh. Singing is just too uplifting not to do it everywhere.

    1. Haha, I know! My mom sold them a TON of books (like probably 10 or 12 boxes worth) and they gave her a measly $15 for it. For that kind of money, my mom would rather donate them to Goodwill than sell it to HPB. I still love shopping there though! 🙂

  5. All that food looks so yummy! As far as spanish practice goes, just keep doing it every day! There are tons of podcasts out there on iTunes too to help learn/retain foreign languages!

  6. When I was learning portuguese, I found that just by speaking it aloud for a few minutes every day helped me remember more things!!!! 😀 Hope you have an awesome weekend, Kat!

  7. i would suggest listening to spanish radio or tv, and just trying to speak it a lot in general! last year i was in ap spanish at my school, but since there’s no more spanish classes after that this year i am stuck trying to keep it up on my own!

    usually i eat dinner around 8pm. my family eats late, plus i don’t get home from xc practice until 6pm, which is when i eat my snack.

  8. Have fun taking senior pics!!! I thought it was a fun time 🙂

    I usually eat dinner kind of late… at like 7:30. Mostly because when I Get home from work, I usually have a snack right away, at like 5:30. So then I’m not hungry again until like 7:30! haha

  9. Thank you for tagging me!! I’m super excited to do this 😀
    I love reading about you! Congrats on spanish class, such an accomplishment.
    Have fun taking pictures !

    I took three years of Spanish in high school and I don’t remember anything. haha! I’m not too great of an example but definitely just keep practicing! I never did once it was over, and that’s why I don’t remember it.
    Try and talk to people in Spanish and maybe watch some shows in Spanish. Just being around the language will help you A LOT!

    The time I have dinner depends on when I have lunch usually and when I workout. Sometimes I don’t eat lunch till 2 pm and I won’t want to eat early and sometimes I workout and don’t get home till 7!

    I am an AWFUL singer but I LOVE to do it. I usually sing my heart out in the car 😉

  10. With a 2nd language, you gotta use it or lose it — so watch Spanish TV shows or movies! First without subtitles, then go back and watch it with subtitles. I did this a lot while learning Japanese and it definitely helped!

  11. Thanks for the tag gorgeous!! I can’t wait to do it this week 😀 Well, not that classes have started my dinners are never at the same time. Which is a big bummer. Because my stomach is hungry at the same time everyday!! I used to sing in choir, but the teacher was crazy so I dropped it my sophmore year in HS. Now, I sing all the time in the car. tee hee. I sing loud too 😛

  12. Girl, I love my spanish. I’m taking AP Spanish 6 this year – my teacher is crazy, but it’s my favorite subject! I never really struggled with endings… what do you mean by you get mixed up? Like you intend on using one, but use another? Or do you switch them by accident? We should practice spanish together via skype.. though I’ll be practicing it so much already for class!

    I wish I could sing. I was thinking about that as I nearly shattered the windows in the car belting out “Last Friday Night” on the way to the store.

    1. I forget if the ending is for the future tense or for the past tense, etc. I do have the gerunds and the “have ___” down, like “ella ha comido una manzana.”I guess it’s just remembering all of the verbs and the different endings to use with each. I wish I could take Spanish 3, but my mom says I don’t have the time. 😦 That would be fun if we could practice together! What I need practice with the most is forming sentences on my own.

  13. Thank you for sharing this – it was so much fun to read! 🙂

    I get confused on the conjugations in Spanish too… it’s like why do they have to make Spanish so complicated?? But then I think about Spanish people learning English and it’s probably not any easier for them!

    That’s so neat that you and your sister like to sing together! I like to sing too, but I only do it in front of my pets because I’m awful, lol 🙂 Oh and that’s so cool about your grandmother!!

    I eat dinner anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30 🙂

    ❤ ❤

    p.s. Be sure to stop by my blog for another award 🙂


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