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I Ate My Face


I ate my face.

Let me say,


Do you like to play/have fun with your food? I always love to have a little fun.

Do you like chocolate chips? YES!!!

Have you ever had steel-cut oats? I have, but I’ve only had it a few times. I usually have old-fashioned oats simply because they don’t take as long to cook.



26 thoughts on “I Ate My Face

  1. That´s cute! I love playing with my food (although my family hates watching me doing that 🙂 Food should be fun!
    I always have regular oats. I love them and I have never seen the steel cut variety here, so no big decisions for me 🙂

  2. so fun! I DO like to have fun with food; it tastes better when it looks good! But I’m not good at making it look good. 😦 And heck yes I like chocolate chips! And i don’t like oatmeal, but I have had steel cut oats in granola. I love their texture!

  3. Can I have a bite of your face? it looks delicious. hehe. I love playing with my food. Whenever I take too much and I’m too full to finish, I like to make art. usually a scene involving dinosaurs or something totally random.

    if anyone doesn’t like chocolate chips, I’m concerned. They are like little droplets of heaven.

  4. Omg Kat I always make smiley food! Like all the time! Yours is sooo cute it has massive bushbaby eyes ;p Chocolate chips should be not sold unless on prescription they are far too addictive!


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