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What Is Beauty?

Hi all of you wonderful readers of Kat’s Health Corner!

I absolutely love this blog, and love Kathleen’s voice behind it even more! I have been a reader of Kat’s Health Corner for quite some time, and Kathleen has wonderful posts that evoke her positive attitude with some awesome edible goodies mixed in for good measure. 😉 Kathleen was one of the first readers of my own blog, Sweet and Savvy, and I am proud to say that this great young woman was also one of my very first blogging buddies! J

I am extremely honored that Kathleen asked me to write a guest post for her! Thanks for giving me this opportunity! I hope that you will stop by my own little sphere of the blog world, and that you enjoy my post on the question that I, along with so many others, have wondered extensively.

What is Beauty?

In a culture that is seemingly obsessed with physical appearance, beauty is an abstract object that everyone seems to be striving for. But ultimately, what is beauty? Who is beautiful? What makes them beautiful?

My laptop homepage is After opening up my Internet browser today, I did a quick scan of all the headlines, and noticed a reoccurring trend.

There were so many headlines that had to do with weight loss, diets, or other means of altering one’s body. Some headlines included:

Since obesity is running rampant and has reached epidemic levels in America, awareness of health is necessary, but I find all these articles a little disturbing due to the fact that they mostly concern physical appearance. Health and having a “skinny” physical appearance are not the same thing, by any means. The health community and the media alike promote weight loss prominently, but not everyone needs to lose weight! The majority of people should not try and “drop the last five pounds.”

Aside from weight loss articles, celebrities are also part of our everyday lives. We see their faces and bodies plastered over the internet, billboards, TV shows, and magazines. They often face the most scrutinizing comments about their bodies, but not everyone is built the same way. The world would be pretty boring if we all had the same types of bodies, now would it not? Women, particularly, are obsessed with what their bodies look like, and spend a lot of time wishing that their body looked like someone else’s. Many of you have probably wanted to look like one of these women below, but look at the distinct discrepancies between their bodies!

Picture Source






All these women have been called beautiful by the general public, is their appearance what makes them beautiful? They may all have physically appealing bodies, but I do not believe that this is a measure of beauty. A person’s beauty should be defined by something much less trivial and transient than physical appearance.

Beauty, just like body type, is something different for each and every individual.

If you want to be beautiful, do not go on a diet plan. Do not begin a new, intense exercise routine. While nutritious eating and exercising are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, they are merely aspects of a healthy lifestyle. These aspects do not improve your beauty. I am going to list some things that I believe make a person amazingly, beautifully gorgeous, and the good news is, I bet you already have some of these things!

  1. Be Passionate About What you Value and Love – whatever this may be, give it your all!
  2. Make a difference – it does not matter how big or small this difference is. My mantra is, “A little smile goes a long way!” You never what the person you smile at in passing is going through, and that one smile could be the only positive thing of their day.
  3. Strive for knowledge – I am not saying that you need to be an academic genius to be beautiful, but you I believe that someone should always strive to learn more, and be aware of the world we live in.
  4. See beauty around you – In the words of Albert Einstein, “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”
  5. Stop Sweating the Small Stuff – accept who you are. You are you for a reason, so all those little things that are out of your control? Let them go. Give yourself a break, and enjoy life!


Hope you have a beautiful day, and will stop by to visit me sometime!


  1. Do you think the media places too much pressure and emphasis on physical appearance and weight?
  2. What do you think are the true measures of beauty?

22 thoughts on “What Is Beauty?

  1. I believe that if you want to be beautiful, you just have to be yourself. Because the inner beauty will always shine through no matter what you “outter” looks are. It may have become a cliché, but the truth is that a face with a smile is hundred times more beautiful.
    You are totally right about the media influence, unfortunatelly this is a neverending theme and there´s not much to do about it in a general measure. Everyone should follow their own feelings and not some “ideal” figures and measures that media try to force into our minds.

  2. Beautiful post! You have such a way with words and I completely agree with all the points you made!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Awesome post, as always Savannah! I love your qualifications for beautiful. I would have to say one of the main things I recognize as beautiful is confidence. I feel like confident people just radiate!

  4. It bugs me the way the media seems to rip on some celebrities, criticizing weight gain, weight loss as if celebrities aren’t even human! I truly believe that NO body is perfect despite what we might think.

    Savannah, you are wise beyond your years. I wish I had this kind of self esteem when I was your age. I think the best piece of advice is accept who you are. Too many times we wish we looked like someone else when we have so many of our own strengths/talents.

  5. Love this and love YOU Savannah! This is amazing! I think true bauty is having compassion for others. Someone who can show love to everyone dispite their character or what they may have done and will always give people the time of day. I totally agree that striving for knowledge makes us more of a person who can be open to new things and others opinions.

  6. i honestly believe confidence is the most attractive trait. people who accept themselves for who they are and just go out and rock it are so attractive to guys and girls alike- you just want to be around them! and of course, as audrey hepburn so famously said “happy girls are the prettiest”


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