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Why I Don’t Drink Milk!

Hey my Chocolate Milkshakes!

Thanks for all of your comments on my Dark Chocolate No-Bake Cookies. I’ve already finished up all the ones I made, and I’m already eyeing the dark chocolate chips to make some more. I just love how easy and delicious they are. Haha, and I wasn’t kidding about eating it for breakfast — I totally would! 😀

I don’t drink milk.

Dairy milk, that is.

So why don’t I drink milk? These are a few of the reasons.

  • It makes my face breakout.

My lastest experience with milk: I was wanting some vanilla protein powder (because it just tastes so good) and I got some whey protein powder. I thought I’d try it and see how my body reacted. It was yummy, I must say, but it really messed up my skin. I never breakout — EVER. And then it started. A couple days after I started eating the whey. It’s not even like the whey has much lactose in it, so it wasn’t the lactose. It was really hard (because I bought a big bag of it from Costco and I only got half-way) to give it up, since it was so good, but you know what: I decided that the health of my skin was more important than that. Balance is something I strive for, and balance with my body and with myself are a part of that. My body was clearly telling me (and SHOWING me) that it didn’t like that. I’ve stopped it for about a week and a half now and my face is already getting better.

Studies have even shown that the protein in milk can irritate the skin and make it more prone to breakout (if you want the details and some good resources, click here, here, and here; I also like this book— it explains the correlation between milk and acne very well — I checked mine out at the library).

  • It makes me bloated and uncomfortable.

Whenever I eat dairy, I always get a little bloated. Since I don’t like that feeling, I don’t eat it.

  • It gives me stomach aches (it was even shown even as a baby I had to have soy formula because regular milk caused an increase in colic).

Before I found out I was lactose intolerant, I ate yogurt as a snack EVERY day in the afternoon — I loved it, so why not?! I finally linked my stomach aches to that snack. On days I had something else that wasn’t dairy, I didn’t have a stomach ache. On days I did, I got one. To make sure, I cut out the yogurt. No more stomach aches. And, my face started getting clearer.

  • It doesn’t really make sense why humans should drink it anyways.

My grandmother wasn’t the biggest fan of milk. Her belief was that humans shouldn’t drink it. Humans are the only animals to drink milk after they are weaned, and it’s not even like we drink human milk – we drink the formula that helps baby calves grow into large cows. So, it doesn’t really make sense to drink it in a way. (this websiteshares my grandmother’s views)

  • I can get my calcium in others ways.

My whole family has never been much of a milk drinker. We use it in cereal and such, but not much else. It was only when I switched over to nondairy milks did I ever start just drinking it to drink it. My doctor wants me to be having 1400 mg of calcium a day. I know, that sounds like a lot. But it really adds up fast! J

Some foods that contain calcium include:

  • One cup raw kale has 90 mg calcium
  • One cup of pinto beans 80 mg calcium
  • Three ounces of canned salmon with bones has 180 mg calcium
  • One cup of tofu (soy) yogurt has 310 mg calcium
  • Three ounces of canned sardines has 330 mg calcium
  • One-half cup cooked turnip greens has 100 mg calcium
  • One cup of chopped broccoli has 43 mg calcium

Others are found in nuts like almonds:

Seeds like flax and chia:

Carob powder is a good source:

Non-dairy milks:

Even these dry roasted soy nuts contain a good source of calcium:

This is not an excluding list – there are many other sources of calcium. You can also buy calcium-fortified orange juice and breakfast cereal that are enriched with it. Calcium is also available as a dietary supplement(Please speak to your doctor/health care provider before taking calcium or other dietary supplements).

And yes, along with milk, I don’t eat yogurt (unless it’s soy), cheese (never been a big fan of the fake cheese stuff), butter, etc. I try to avoid dairy in all of its forms.

Please, I am not saying you can’t ever drink/eat milk. If you do decide to buy milk, make it the organic kind if at all possible, or at least free of the rbgh and rbst hormones. I just know that it doesn’t work for me, and these are my reasons. I am open to opposing opinions.

Milk works for some people. For me, it doesn’t.

Do you drink milk? I’m meaning the dairy milk — from cows. I don’t drink dairy milk, but I drink the nut and bean nondairy milks. I’ve also been wanting to try some grain milks like oat and rice; haven’t had the chance yet though.

Your favorite source of calcium (dairy or nondairy)? Almond milk. YUM!

Have any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I’d love to hear from you!


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52 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Drink Milk!

  1. I actually as of this beginning of this summer stopped drinking dairy milk. I only consume almond milk as of right now, and I don’t even have that much because my main source of liquid is water, which is essentially the only liquid I believe people NEED to drink!
    That being said, I do consume some dairy products, but in moderation because I find now that once I stopped drinking milk, dairy can upset my stomach if I consume too much at once. I do enjoy cheese and yogurt (only greek yogurt like fage 0% – I can’t consume really really fatty yogurts or cheeses so I always opt for the lighter version)!

    Almond milk is definitely a staple in my diet now! I love it!

  2. Oof- you had to give up half of the protein powder? Thats rough because that crap is so expensive!
    I eat cottage cheese like it’s going out of style, and I love eating greek yogurt! But, my body can’t handle regular milk. I found that out this summer when for a month straight my stomach got really upset after I ate my breakfast (cereal+milk). It was super weird because it had never happened before and I’ve always drank milk with my breakfast. It was totally out of the blue! but, now I switched over to the Light Vanilla Soy Milk. I actually prefer it to regular milk. 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing Kat! I share the same opinions as you! And I am surprised by your grandma´s opinion, because usually grandmas are those who push kids to drink a lot of milk 😀 Milk makes my skin look horrible, my stomach is bloating like crazy, it makes me just feeling “off”. But I haven´t had dairy milk for ages, so I can´t even remember 😀
    Rice milk is actually my fave! I have tried quinoa milk and it is nothing special, but then I had a chocolate quinoa-hazelnut milk and it was awesome 🙂 Oat milk is good, but it has a very distinctive taste and you when you use it in recipes, it changes their taste a bit. But it is thicker than the rice milk.

  4. Dairy milk is a hot topic in the nutrition world right now. I think it’s interesting to think of how milk was presented to our generation growing up as the ultimate super food for making you big, and strong and healthy. Now… not so much. I would love to be able to drink almond milk because I hear so many good things about it. But I’m HIGHLY allergic to nuts… so I can’t even have almond milk in sniffing range of me. And soy milk is a big no no because of my thyroid issues. And I’m lactose intolerant, so dairy milk is a no no as well. I do drink lactaid milk from time to time. I put it in cereal, and smoothies sometimes. Everytime I go to my boyfriends apartment, he has my own lactaid milk just for me in his fridge and forces me to drink a few glasses because “it’s good for you”.

    I take calcium supplements as well. And I love Feta cheese :))

  5. I don’t drink dairy milk or eat much dairy in anything. I agree with all of your points. There is really no reason TO drink milk! I love almond milk and it tastes WAY better than dairy milk anyway. I don’t like cheese much or butter or yogurt either.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I really enjoyed reading it!
    I agree with you on everything you write here! I tried dairy for a couple a weeks a while back because my body was weak and I just needed a change. But for me, it is not right do eat dairy! Nomatter how we slice it; cow`s milk is for cow-babies 🙂
    I never liked to drink milk, so I still dont drink plant-milk. I can use it in recipes, but I wont drink it! For calcium I eat lots of dark green things, lots and lots of nuts and cocoa, and dried figs!

  7. Love your ways of getting your calcium girl! I need to get some tinned salmon – 180mg thats nutso! I love dairy but not a big milk fan really, a big tub of cottage cheese with peanut butter is my favourite source 🙂

  8. I don’t drink it either! Once in a while I will but I’m a bit lactose in tolerant and with the amount of yogurt I eat I need to tone it down a bit on some sort of dairy! I’ve never really liked the taste of milk anyway.

  9. I’m lactose intolerant, too, but I still eat dairy SOMETIMES. It’s like an abusive relationship. 🙂
    But I don’t think it “doesn’t make sense” to drink dairy milk. It is a good source of calcium AND protein AND vitamins!
    But I’m NOT judging you! Don’t be offended, please! Do what works best for you, but don’t say it’s illogical for other people to do what works for them.

    1. I with you — milk is a good source of protein, calcium, vitamins, etc. I really didn’t want this post to be like “milk isn’t good for you” etc. I wanted to just say it works for some people, but it doesn’t work for me. I sometimes feel quite jealous for people who aren’t effected by dairy. I’m telling you — that vanilla whey protein stuff sure tasted good! 🙂

  10. Just a quick comment (because I’m at work), the links to the resources and book aren’t coming up as clickble links to me – but the link to your previous recipe is. Just wanted you to let you know.
    I don’t have dairy either anymore, it’s too pro-inflammatory and is just uneccessary in a well balanced diet (besides the fact I do enjoy cheese on occasion). I used to flair up to it when I was eating yoghurt frequently – which was pretty easy to cut out from my diet. I don’t even remember the last time I drank cow’s milk, I was always repulsed by it as a child lol.

    A great article, I love your rundown of plant based calcium sources 😀 Did you know that the RDA for calcium is based off dairy sources and is set so high because it’s actually an inferior source the body can’t utilise properly? Eating plant-based sources is just so much better for us!

  11. I don’t eat much dairy either. Not a big fan of cheese and I’ve never liked dairy milk. However, I love yogurt, and I just couldn’t find a soy yogurt that matched up to my greek yogurt! Thats pretty much the only dairy I eat!

  12. i eat milk products but i REFUSE to drink a glass of milk. the same kinda goes for soy/nondairy alternatives as well. it’s a texture thing.

  13. Milk really grosses me out in general but especially dairy milk. I’ve always disliked it. I will only use almond milk (I’ve tried all the brands and I love Silk unsweetened almond milk) but that’s mainly for recipes or smoothies not for pure drinking. I do love my greek yogurt and eggs which is pretty much the only reason why I’m not a vegan.

  14. I’ve always been fine with dairy, and sometimes I feel like that’s actually a weird thing. I’ve heard that the majority of people are actually sensitive to dairy. I don’t know, maybe i am and I just don’t really notice it, but I feel like I would if it was a problem. I love it so much, that I wouldn’t give it up! Still, I don’t really drink milk either except after workouts.

  15. GREAT post girl! I am totally trying to get my family off of dairy. The only issue is ice cream!! We are big ice cream lovers, and froyo just doesnt cut it for my hubby lol Plus my mom has osteoperosis and she thinks (like most people) that milk will help her prevent it from getting worse. Ive tried to tell her otherwise, but she still wont listen. SUPER frustrating!

  16. Awesome article!! I stopped drinking cows milk about 5 years ago, mostly because – as you mentioned – there really is no need to drink it. The dairy industry made everyone feel as if you have to drink milk to meet your daily calcium needs but there are so many other ways to get calcium in the diet and you hit most of them!!
    My favorite nut milk is almond milk! And I eat lots of green leafy veggies and yogurt!
    Have a great weekend =)

  17. I don’t eat dairy products… or at least I mostly don’t. But I love almond milk! And I too, when I was a baby had to drink so formula because it gave me colic.

  18. Awesome post. I love that there are so many other sources of calcium besides milk/dairy products. I like milk, but don’t really drink it because its too thick for me to handle in the morning, plus I just like to drink water water water.

  19. I just stopped drinking milk/ cutting out dairy two months ago and I’ve felt SO much better since then. Turns out I was lactose intolerant and dairy was messing me up big time. Although it was hard for me to cut it out at first (I love cottage cheese and yogurt) it’s made such a huge difference in how I feel that the pro’s far outweigh the con’s. I still have a tiny bit of diary once in a while – but most of the time I feel it’s not really worth it.

    Favorite sources of calcium – probably almonds and leafy greens. I’m currently on a leafy green kick as well – so I’m sure I get a lot of calcium there.

    Great post btw!

  20. Thanks for sharing this, Kat! I admire your ability to explain what works for you without being “preachy” about it. You’re amazing! I personally don’t eat too much dairy– usually just in the form of yogurt (or froyo)..I love almond milk and prefer that over regular!

  21. I’m not a big fan of regular milk (unless it’s in cereal) but I make up for that with my love for yogurt and cheese. 😉

  22. i don’t drink milk either, but i occasionally eat yogurt and cheese. i also find that i feel better when i avoid dairy. yogurt has less lactose than milk, so it doesn’t bother me as much, but I usually try to eat coconut milk yogurt if anything.

  23. I DO drink milk…have experimented with not drinking milk, but it honestly doesn’t bother my stomach at all, and it’s cheaper for hubs and I to be on the same page when we buy milk. Let’s just say he is NOT an almond milk kinda guy 🙂 I do love almond milk, though, I just try to buy it when it’s a lighter grocery week so it fits into the budget.

  24. I know a lot of people (even carnivores) who don’t want to drink “liquid that comes from another animal” — and normally I don’t either, but with warm cookies… SO HARD TO RESIST.

  25. I see you have a pic of the HEB unsweetened vanilla almond milk. When I first started weaning the boys off dairy milk I bribed them with the chocolate almond milk, but it was all sold out one day so I brought home the vanilla. Of course, they didn’t like it as much as the chocolate but THEN on my next shopping trip I grabbed the PLAIN HEB regular almond milk thinking it was the vanilla. After I got it home I noticed what I had done and freaked out a bit thinking the boys would have a cow (lol funny word to use for this subject hehehe). But, guess what happened? Travis drank it first without looking and said “Hey, what is this!?! It’s AWESOME!!!” He couldn’t believe how much it tasted like real milk. Thus, that’s the only one we buy any more. I’ve tried making it a few times, but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. My homemade kind seems to become the cooking milk not the drinking or favorite pick for the boys. Yet! I’ll get there. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, the HEB unsweetened vanilla almond milk is my FAVORITE!!!!!! I do like the Blue Diamond and Silk too, but the HEB one is my favorite. 🙂 I agree with Jacob and Travis — I don’t really like the sweetened kinds of vanilla. I find they kind of have an artificial aftertaste to them. I should probably try making some of my own almond milk in our SoyJoy machine (or whatever it is called). I just have to soak the nuts/beans, fill the container with water up to the line, insert the soaked nuts/beans into the middle container with the blades, put the lid on, push the button, and PRESTO — homemade milk. It even strains it for you which is nice. 🙂 Maybe you could look for one of those machines if you really want to make the process easier.    

  26. Hey! I’m not a new reader, but am coming out of the closet 🙂 I’m starting to move away from dairy milk, doing half soy/half skim at the moment 🙂
    The real reason I’m commenting is because we were discussing lactose and intolerences in class a few weeks ago. Humans, in theory, shouldn’t be milk drinkers, but there was a gene mutation a few thousand years ago in the lactase promoter causing lactase to persist throughout a persons life time (usually it lactase would ‘run out’ a few years after birth-so that a baby could drink it’s mothers milk until it can eat solids). This mutation enables people to drink milk from other animals, but can be sorta switched off if you stop drinking milk/other dairy products, so is one way of becoming lactose intolerant. It can also become ‘demutated’ and suddenly a person finds that they can’t handle certain dairy anymore.
    I love your blog btw! You are such an inspiration, your recipes always look absolutely delish, and your positiv vibe is awesome! Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Hey Nikki! Thanks so much for your comment. It really means a lot to me when readers share their views — really, it does! How you explained the gene mutation really makes sense — babies were supposed to stop drinking milk after they were weened, but I guess something happened (whether on purpose or not). But that totally makes sense!

      Nikki, you just MADE my day. Thanks for always being there for me! 😀


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