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I Almost Drove Myself Into A Wall

Hey my Darlings!

Thanks for all of your yummy comments of my babies! Gosh they taste good! I also loved hearing about what you guys aim for in a balanced breakfast. 🙂

My life is SUPER BUSY right now. But here are a few highlights of my week!

I just received a couple of things in the mail!

First one  was a HUGE bag of goodies!

I received ROYAL MAIL!!! Oh my gosh it has been so long since I’ve seen one of these stamps. Kerry sent me a whole big of goodies. My favorites right now are the Origins micro dermabrasion (the tall one) — I especially love the ingredient list on this one, the face mask (far left), the pink lip gloss, and the tri-color eyeshadow. THANKS KERRY!!! 😀

I also received a copy of The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester – free of charge – to review for you guys. I can’t wait to try out these recipes!

I made my mom my zucchini bread! She insanely LOVES this stuff!!!!! It’s her absolute FAVORITE!

Now for some of my eats! 😀

I think I had that for lunch or something.

Maybe dinner.

Nevertheless, it was yummy! I had a big ole’ plate of steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots), a veggie burger, a slice of Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat with peanut buttah and blackberry preserves, and then one of my Dark Chocolate No-Bake Cookies.

A banana with nut buttah. 😀

Oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, and this cherry pomegranate jam mix – it’s the more fruit one in the big jar you can get from Costco.

And alongside my oatmeal I had a frozen bananner with the nut buttah I have been going crazy over the past while. It complements the banana SO well that if I EVER have a banana, I want THIS (or this) on it. 🙂

Oatmeal with a roughly chopped gala apple, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder on top, and then a big scoop of my cinnamon raisin walnut butter.

I am going crazy of this nut buttah. The flavor – AWE! I think I like it better in the Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal than in the almond buttah! And, I’ve already gone through a WHOLE batch of it. Gosh, it is just SO good!!!!!! 😀

About Driving into a wall – I just started Driver’s Ed this week, and I am having a lot of fun! I am a little nervous about driving though. Nevertheless, I am going to take the test this Saturday for my learners, and then I can actually SIT in the driver’s seat and drive a REAL car for the first time in my life. And ever since I have started driving school my life has been NONSTOP!!!! I just got home from my class and I’m taking my first test on Saturday – I’ll tell you how it goes.

What is your favorite food pictured? Mine is definitely all of the walnut buttah!

Do you like to bake for your family members? If my mom is running out of her stock of zucchini bread, she’ll bring home a bag of zucchini and give me the *hint hint.*Then I get to work. I just love it! ❤

Any thoughts/tips/tricks with driver’s ed? I’m really enjoying it. 😀



40 thoughts on “I Almost Drove Myself Into A Wall

  1. looks so delicious as always kat!! getting your license is always an exciting time. man i feel old. i was the last of all my friends, being the youngest, to get mine, and i didnt tell anyone when the date was just in case i didnt pass! but i did, and surprised them by driving over to one of their houses! its really one of the best feelings ever. a new level of independence.

  2. You got some really nice gifts, you deserve it, and a lot more! 🙂
    I lvoe that oatmeal with cinnamon raisin butter, looks so tasty! I lovebaking for my family, especially my mom always appreciates it and she is always so kind to eat anything and everything 🙂
    Oh, it´s been quite a time since I did my driver´s ed. I really enjoyed it at that time, but I have never driven after I got my driver´s licence! 😀

      1. Hehe, definitely no taxi for me. It is extremely expensive and I saw a horror movie about a taxi friver once and it scared me enough for the rest of my life 😀 Well, I don´t have a car, so I can´t drive. I go by bus or train when it is a longer distance and I go by feet when it is a “normal” distance 🙂

  3. All of that looks goooood. Wish I owned a slow cooker! But then again, I wish for a lot of things.

    I also only recently just started the banana + nut butter thing. Never knew how well the two went together.

  4. Glad your prize has arrived okay and you’re enjoying it!! I learnt to drive last year and it helped me to take a notebook to lessons and write down the things I had trouble remembering and then read through them between lessons. Good luck!

    1. The whole name isRaspberry Cherry Pomegranate Acai– More FruitPreserve (in a 40 oz jar) by E.D. SMITH. It is so good!!! The next time you go to Costco, LOOK FOR IT! Sam’s Club might even have it. 🙂

  5. Your zucchini bread looks amazing! Can you share the recipe? I didn’t see it in your recipe column (also FYI tried clicking on recipe for Fig Walnut Bread & the link isn’t working). Thanks.

  6. i love baking for anyone!! now that i’ve moved out i baked in my apartment, but my house mates don’t devour the goods as quickly as i’d like them to. fortunately, i can start baking for my coworkers. you win some, you lose some.

    also- i was going to email you but since i’m commenting i thought i’d ask. do you have recommendations for a good kind of protein powder that doesn’t overwhelm whatever you put it in or has a good flavor? i keep thinking about how much i want protein when i have oatmeal and don’t know how to go about it, and i wanted one that tasted yummy. you always post such delicious sounding protein-ified recipes so i thought i’d ask 🙂

    1. Hey Rachel! 🙂
      You are so sweet. Thanks for your comment!
      If you eat dairy, I would totally recommend this one I found this one had a fabulous flavor; yet for me, since it is whey, it doesn’t work. But if you do do whey, then that one would be delicious. They also have a chocolate version of the whey which I’ve tried and really liked (that + peanut buttah = PB Cup Oatmeal for breakfast!).
      Right now I am using this one I must say, not as delicious as the whey, but it works for me. They also have a Chocolate and a Strawberry flavored kind, which I have yet to try, but sound really good. The only other one I have tried is an unflavored soy protein powder, but I couldn’t just throw that one on my oatmeal like the vanilla. but it worked for baking purposes. I’ve also heard that Jay Robb’s are really good (but a bit pricey for me).
      Those would be the ones I would suggest. I hope that helped! 🙂

  7. All that food looks delicious! I loved drivers ed when I took it… I had to take a class and we got to to this driving simulator thing on the computer, and there was like 8 different modes. My favorite was the drunk driving mode. I learned rather quickly (thankfully not from actually driving drunk) That it’s really hard! lol.

  8. Oh drivers ed… I am so glad its behind me. I one girl that I was in class drove off the road into a ditch and got so scared she peed on the seat. So at least you’re not THAT girl 😛 My best tip with drivers ed, is to just get through it haha. It is what it is… even though it sucks. Best of luck though!!

    I pretty much bake only for my family. I love to bake, and I usually don’t do it for myself as much since I went GF. So my family gets the occasional batch of cookies/ cupcakes from time to time 🙂

  9. I love getting packages in the mail. It makes me feel special. Man I need me some of that zucchini bread. Make me some too pretty please 😀

  10. Being able to drive is so awesome! I love the freedom! Actually I just love that I can go to whole foods whenever I want 🙂 I love all the nut butter lovin’ in this post, especially with the bananas! Best snack eveerrrr

  11. Cherry Pomegranate jam? I need to try that!
    I’m loving all the walnut butter, as well! And have fun with Driver’s Ed! Don’t let it stress you out at allll. Confidence makes all the difference. You’re going to love all of the freedom and independence that comes with being able to drive. (:

  12. That nut butter looks deeeelish! I ALWAYS bake for my family. My mom yells at me sometimes because she says I need to keep all the baked goods away from her ;D
    Good luck with drivers ed! I’ve never taken drivers ed because my mom taught me how to drive before I got my permit. I started driving the car around the block almost every day and I just watched my brother drive and learned that way!

  13. Your food looks amazing!! Walnut butter is one of my favorits! I have only had Artisanas, and never made my own, but I can imagien yours are tasty!
    I love baking and making food for my family. And the (mostly ;P) like it too 🙂

  14. Ha! I thought that you LITERALLY drove into a wall! I was like OH NO!!! 😛 Drivers ed is nerve racking. RIGHT before my first drive my instructor showed my class a video of this girl who didn’t pay attention to something and ended up dying and killing all of her friends in the car. I was like “OH THANKS!” 😛

    I love all the bananas and nut buttahs!!!

  15. loveee zucchini bread!! i made my very first one last week 🙂 and omg i haven’t been in drivers ed for 6 YEARS! eeeek! haha so idk how different it is! but just stay calm 🙂 when i took my actual drivers test they made me drive, back up 50 feet, do a 3 point turn, and parallel park. Just be prepared!! 🙂 you’ll do great!


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