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My Secrets

Hey My Butterflies! J

Thanks for all or your tips and tricks for Driver’s Ed! I’m telling you – you guys are the best commenters EVER!!! I am blown away every time I read your comments! Thanks so much!

Wanna know a secret?

Tomorrow is Native American Day!

Since it is tomorrow, my grandmother is here on the bloggie!

A picture of her at least.

Remember when I told you my grandma was an adopted Hopi Indian?

There she is — headdress and all!

I love you Grandma. ❤

Want my secret for a perfect green smoothie every time?

I use almond milk, like ½ of a 14oz bag (or more) of fresh spinach, a small apple, AND a small banana. The apple and banana combination gives the smoothie the PERFECT sweetness EVERY time. J

Here’s my Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Butter. My secret to less time required for turning the nuts into buttah? I let the nuts cool down BEFORE I start processing. I let them cool down on the baking sheet for like two hours and I’m telling you, NO MORE STANDING AT THE BLENDER FOR FOREVER!!! J You could even toast them the night before and they’ll be perfect for the next day.

Have you ever wanted to have BUTTERFLY-shaped pancakes?

Do you want my secret for the cutest butterfly pancakes ever? 😀

Use a teaspoon worth of pancake batter for the body (lay the batter on in a line) and a teaspoon each worth of batter for each half of the wings (lay the batter in a circular shape connecting with the body). Then flip like regular pancakes – be gentle with them though. Butterflies are tender creatures you know. 😀

These butterflies are topped with my Devilish Chocolate Dream Almond Butter, strawberry preserves, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut.

I had to eat these babes fast – I was afraid they would fly off my plate. 😉

Talking about butterflies…

Did you know I used to be AFRAID of butterflies when I was a child?

I would walk into a butterfly house and FREAK OUT. I would always come out of there crying and never wanting to go back in. Then I found out that no, they don’t eat little girls. Now, it’s mosquitoes that I freak out about.

I want to hear from you.

Do you have a secret? Did you know that I hyperventilate every time I have blood taken? That I have a sensitivity to mosquito bites?

Favorite food shown? I’m loving the lil’ butterfly pancakes myself.

Green Smoothies or Nut Buttah? Oh gosh, I would say ….. hmmmmm …… nut buttah? But I like green smoothies too!



33 thoughts on “My Secrets

  1. Wow that is pretty awesome girl!!!
    it is hard to think of a secret that is not very normal…but something interesting about my family is that my grandfather on my dad’s side of the family was actually a prisoner of war during WWII and when he wanted to leave Europe, he wanted to move to the U.S.A, but wasn’t allowed in the country, so he moved to Canada – hence the reason I was born and raised there! 🙂

  2. Your grandma is the coolest grandma ever! And those butterfly pancakes are so pretty!
    Well, secrets – I have never read or seen any Twilight book/movie. I used to hate chocolate when I was a kid. Once I colored my hair blonde 🙂
    Nut butter for me, much better than green smoothie!

  3. Oh my gosh that’s so cool about your grandma! She’s gorgeous, just like you! 🙂 those pancakes are amazing, I love fun shaped foods heehee
    And I gotta fo with nut butter, green smoothies kinda skeeved me out…and I call myself a blogger haha

  4. The panckaes are the best food EVER shown!! I need those molds now! Definitely making those thank you girl! Thats so cool that your granny was a Hopi Indian, you look so alike – honestly! I’ve never had a green smoothie, they just don’t appeal to me personally, so deffo nut butt ;p

  5. I always use an apple and banana for my smoothies, as well! The flavor combination is amazing. I’m allergic to ant bites, so I can relate! They swell up like crazy- it’s disgusting.
    And your pancakes are adorable. So jealous!

  6. Those pancakes are too cute! I’m definitely making those for my cousins next time I’m home for Christmas

    Green smoothies or nut butter – that’s a tough one! How bout nut butter IN green smoothies? Love my spinach kale banana and PB smoothies 🙂

  7. Awww, such cute pancakes! I’m ultra sensitive to any bug bite (they swell to larger than half-dollar size welts), so I have a paranoia about mosquitoes and any other biting bug. I make my green smoothies with V8 light fusion drink, 2 cups spinach, 5 slices of a medium roasted beet, 1/4 cup of frozen mango, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder – yum!!

  8. Awww I can imagine little Kat running away from the butterflies – and now she makes beautiful butterfly pancakes! That’s adorable!!

    My secret: When I was little, I was terribly afraid of santa claus and the abominable snow man from rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The holiday season was terrifying.

  9. What a cute post!! I just love the picture of your grandmom! I want a grandmom like that! 😉
    But it is the butterflies that steals my heart! I have never seen anything like those! They must be the pretties pancakes out there!!

    Ive been loving green smoothies lately, but I would never be able to give up my nutbutters!

  10. Those are the cutest pancakes I have ever seen. I now want to make cute shaped pancakes for breakfast. Also awesome pic of your grandma. That is so cool that she was an adopted indian.

  11. That pancake is adorable!
    I’ll have to make a note of the almond milk, I spent an hour making fresh green juice and only wound up with a glass worth and a lot of pulp!

  12. Love love love the butterfly pancakes!

    I was never scared of butterflies but I was terrified of starfishes. One time at the aquarium when I was a toddler you could hold different sea creatures including a starfish. And my mom placed the starfish in my hands and I freaked out and threw it across the room. I still haven’t lived it down…


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