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Is Sleep More Important Than Exercise?

Hey My Lovelies! Today I’m blogging over at Lizzie’s from LactoseFreeLizzie! I’m answering the question:

Is Sleep More Important Than Exercise?

Go over and tell me what you think is more important:

Sleep? or Exercise?


P.S. Thank you to everyone who entered my Vegan Slow Cooker giveaway! And congrats to Ashley — I’ll be sending you your prize soon! To everyone who entered (or who didn’t get the chance to enter): The Vegan Slow Cooker can be found on Amazon and it is as of right now at an incredible price (I am not kidding — it is a steal) with free super saver shipping!!! In addition to Amazon it can also be found in Barnes and Noble and places like that. I would highly recommend going and getting it! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Is Sleep More Important Than Exercise?


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