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I Want Balance, Not Perfection + WIAW!

Hey My DARK Chocolate Chips! (*evil grin*) jk! 😉

Thank you for all of your comments on my Declaration from Perfection. That was definitely a post that has changed me. It has helped me focus more on balance, not only in food, but in life—the way I view myself—school; etc. Balance isn’t perfection. Thank you for all of your support and love. It really means a lot to me to know that you will be there for me and help me reach that balance in my life. We can reach balance together. J

How do you pronounce Wednesday?

I always pronounce it Wed-ness-day, like the way I learned in 1st grade. Because my 1st Grade Teacher taught us 1st graders to say it that way, we could always spell it! 🙂 It has been such a great help to remember that silent d!

And since it is Wednesday, and with my post on my Declaration from Perfection just this past Monday, I thought it would be a good idea to do a WIAW with balance!!!

Grab a spoon and get ready for some deliciousness!!!


A classic: my cinnamon roll oatmeal with cinnamon raisin walnut butter (minus raisins) in place of the almond butter and a gigantic red delicious apple, roughly chopped.

Insider’s look into my oatmeal!

I’m telling you – it was one big apple! J


Morningstar Chik’n Breast Patty on a Multi-Grain Sandwich thin with Cauliflower florets and a Nut Buttered Frozen Bananner. Oh, and my water bottle peeking in at the top.

My nut butter is becoming frozen! Well, not really. But when I see this, I know that the banana is the perfect less-frozen state for sticking my fork into! J


Cheerios with Almonds and Dark Chocolate Chips. The best part was the chocolate chips. And the almonds. The Cheerios were good too; I liked the contrast in flavor that they brought to the almonds and chocolate chips. It was a nice combo. ❤ The chocolate chips would definitely have been on my “labeled as bad list” before with my orthrexia; but, I’ve realized that I don’t have to have a “perfect diet” to have a good diet. I want a balanced diet, not one that is just restrictive in every aspect. And anyways, the chocolate contains antioxidants, minerals like iron, healthy fats, a lil’ fiber and protein, and just overall yumminess!


Chipotle baby! J I had a Vegetarian Salad Bowl – you’ve just got to love the guac! J

Can you see the little grains of brown rice? Yes – I said BROWN rice!!!! I couldn’t believe my ears when my dad called and said they had brown rice. I was so excited!!! What I had in my lovely bowl: Salad greens, black beans, pinto beans, brown rice, mild tomato salsa, sautéed green peppers and red onions, and guac on top!!! I couldn’t even finish it all — the beans, rice, veggies, and guac combo — they are just so filling! I did eat most of it though. 🙂


Later that night I had a Snickerdoodle Cookie (unpictured – me didn’t have my camera at the moment). Sadly, it wasn’t my favorite – it wasn’t the cookie that you want another one of. 😦 But yet again, I had one. It was a special occasion. I want balance, not perfection.

Talking about balance, I’ve been finding working out a bit sporadic. They’ve either been going on early in the morning, before lunch, or before my afternoon snack. I have been riding the bike while reading my scriptures, and I’ve been loving Jillian’s No-More-Trouble-Zones and Jillian’s Boost-Metabolism workouts. They’re both circuit workouts, with the first one focusing on weights and the other on cardio. My favorite out of the two is the No-More-Trouble-Zones one. I still like Jillian’s 30 Day Shred video – the combination of strength training and cardio really gets your heart-rate up I find than just one or the other. Is that crazy that I’m more out of breath after the 30 Day Shred (which is like 20 minutes) compared to the other two done alone (each of which are 60 minutes). It’s not like the other two are any less in intensity than the 30 Day Shred. It’s the combination of the strength and the cardio that I like. Nevertheless, if I just don’t have the opportunity to workout, I just strive to move around more – be more active throughout the day. You can have a good workout and not “workout” at all.

I want to find a balance with my life. I want to balance out my time between life, school, activities, friends and family, and taking care of myself, need that be exercise, sleep, or eating right. I want to be happy and live a life filled with good. and the way to do that is through prioritizing my time wisely and working hard. I know that if I am in a difficult situation in life, I just need to work as hard as if it all depended on me, and then pray as if it all depended on the Lord. He can help me if I do my part. I know that to be true. I can find that balance in my life.

Favorite food pictured? I really like all of the healthy fats: walnuts, almonds, avocados, and some from the chocolate (yes, cocoa butter is a saturated, but you want a balance). As with my situation, I am striving to make sure I eat a lot of healthy fats to see if that will help out.

Do you ever put off exercising and get those I’ll-do-it-later thoughts? I just try to remind myself I need to take some time for me, and to me, exercising is one of those times that I get to myself – me-time.

How do you view eating treats in a balanced diet? I think if you are eating healthy most of the time, having something lil’ for dessert that is not so healthy is perfectly ok. Though I still prefer healthier treats, if I want something on a special occasion, I shouldn’t have to restrict myself. Balance is what I want, not a crazily obsessed mind-set.

With lots of hugs and kisses,

P.S. Me don’t like the character Macbeth right now — he kills innocent women and children! (Just like what Anakin Skywalker does in Star Wars #3 to all of the Padawans.) Blood will have blood, like Macbeth says himself…


39 thoughts on “I Want Balance, Not Perfection + WIAW!

  1. Your breakfast is making me drool like crazy! What a great combo! 🙂 and I’m beyond stoked that chipotle has brown rice now, I gotta go pronto!
    Ps–Macbeth IS totally a huge jerk. That’s the only work by Shakespeare I like, it’s so good at the end! 🙂
    Happy WIAW!

    1. I just finished reading it yesterday and I agree — it ends well. 😉 The only other work by Shakespeare I like is the 12th Night. Have you read that one? I haven’t “read” it, but I’ve seen the play many times!

  2. I’ve been eating one piece of candy from halloween per day – which I think is perfectly healthy because I enjoy the little bit while I mainly eat healthy the rest of the day! It’s important to be flexible with your diet in my opinion. Indulging a little bit is good for mental health!

    I think I’m gonna try that frozen nut butter banana sometime soon. Perhaps tomorrow morning if I remember!

    1. KAT I TRIED IT. I loved it!! It made me eat the banana slower and really enjoy it, whereas usually I kind of just shove it down my throat… such a good idea! I will definitely be doing it again!

      1. (*evil smile*) jk! Thanks for getting back to me. I’m glad you liked it! I find that too — I enjoy it more. I also find that the flavor of the bananner is enhanced and its texture is creamierwhen it is frozen.

  3. woah woah woah…they have brown rice at chipotle now?? i am so excited!

    and as for balance, i think that is definitely the best way one should go about everything in life. but it is harder than said. some days i will be better at it than others. and then there are those days where i have absolutely zero balance. i think it’s something that comes after time. it may not happen tomorrow or even next week, but i think that one day it will truly happen

  4. i honestly think its impressive tht you only hav desserts on special occasions. i eat them pretty much everyday–your only young once!! 🙂
    btw i love all your eats! i ran outta bananas the other day so i tried your frozen nanner and pb technique! but then my teeth got really cold cuz i eat it biting into it so i was kind of a fail with that..hahah 🙂

    1. I’m sorry that your teeth got really cold! Haha, yeah, I don’t really eat it just biting into it. Maybe you could try using a fork in eating it — that might be easier on your teeth. 🙂 I know it is ready to eat when I can use my fork on it (firmly, but it goes in smoothly, not chunks, but slices — does that even make sense?! lol).

  5. My mom called me yesterday and was ecstatic about the fact that Chipotle had brown rice! I couldn’t believe it and I’m definitely using it as an excuse to treat myself to a salad bowl, asap. They’re guacamole is to. die. for. 🙂
    All of your food looks amazing, as always. I’m so glad you’re focusing on finding a balance rather than perfection- stay strong, girl! I’ve been working on the same thing and, though it’s not always easy, the results are definitely worth it.

  6. Yummy eats!!! Everything looks delicious! I wish I had a chipotle near me! Those salads always look so gooooood!

      1. I go to Whole Foods often. I can’t believe you’ve never been, its only about 30 minutes across town. You can go with me if you’d like. I have to go this week to see if they are carrying the Kinnickinneck Gluten Free Pizza Crusts. They come four in a box and are AMAZING!!! I first had them on our family cruise to the Bahamas last year. We’re in Galveston and they had them a Kroger!!! YUM! If Whole Foods or Sprouts (Sun Harvest changed their name), I’m going to order them online.

        1. I heard that Sun Harvest changed its name to Sprouts (I wonder why….maybe they were bought out or something). I know, I can’t believe I haven’t been to Whole Foods either. My dad has though. I should ask him and see if he would be willing to take me over there as a daddy and daughter date. Though I think that my mom and I would have more fun there than he would.Mydad, sister, and Idrove bySprouts the other day, but we didn’t have the time to go in. :(But since our Heb has a nice selection of produce and a lovely bulk section, we don’t really have the need to go over to Sprouts very often– we can just get everything at Heb. I hope that new Heb Plus that they’re building has a bulk section too. I would really miss that if they don’t. I remember you telling me about those pizza crusts you had tried on your cruise that were gluten free and chewy/soft/poke-able (was that the word you used to describe them?). I remember that you really liked them I wanted to get them so you could have them at home and not just on a cruise. I hope they have them at Whole Foods. That way you don’t have to wait for them to ship and you canenjoy them NOW. 🙂

          love, Kathleen ❤

  7. I definitely agree with not eating 100% perfect all the time!!!! Pretty much all of my favorite treats include chocolate in some form! 😀
    I love the 30 day shred workouts….really intense!

  8. Everything looks so good, I don’t think I could pick favorite! And BTW, I def. pronounce wednesday like you do!

  9. that salad looks amazing!! I seriously drool over other peoples salads. I can never seem to find one that I just LOVE at a restaurant other than the one we got in vegas. It was seriously to DIE for!

  10. I have always wanted to try frozen banana guessing its a good combo is it different to a fresh banana? I feel that treats are needed as part of a healthy diet. obviously its not good to just eat treats, but I firmly believe that everything should be moderaton and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of anything.

    1. I actually really prefer frozen bananas to fresh ones now. The flavor of the banana is enhanced when it is frozen — they taste SO incredible! It also makes you slow down and not just eat it all up at once — you can enjoy the banana + nut butter more! 🙂

    2. “you shouldn’t deprive yourself of anything” — that is what I was doing with my orth. Even if it was just a lick of cookie dough, I wouldn’t allow myself, even if I really wanted, because cookie dough was not “healthy.” I agree, we shouldn’t be eating all treats, but a treat once in a while will not kill you. (That is something I’ve had to learn.) I do find the texture and flavor a little different. The texture is more smooth and creamy, and then the flavor is just INCREDIBLE! I mean, once you taste a frozen banana, fresh ones are good, but the frozen ones arelike amazing plus AMAZINGER! 😀

  11. Awesome post! And all that food looks super yummy!
    I think treats are great if you’re actually enjoying them and can moderate yourself. For me, I’ve gone refined sugar free the rest of the year because I can’t control myself right now. I’ll get back to a point where I can, but the best way to eat is knowing yourself and what your limits are.

    1. “the best way to eat is knowing yourself and what your limits are.” That is so true! In finding that balance, you have to know yourself. I love that you have gone refined sugar free — that is such an acheivement!!!:D I too prefer the more natural sources of sugar if I am going to have sugar (but still limit that too). You have to know what works for you; that is one thing I love about you — you do that so well!

      1. Aww thanks! I have found in the last two weeks of being sugar free, I don’t really have cravings anymore. I eat fruit and that probably helps keep the sugar cravings away. I get hungry when I’m hungry, but I’m not craving refined sugar or grains anymore. Which is actually really nice!

  12. Three cheers for chipotle! Seriously I love their salad and the spicy pico that you can put on top of it. I am really craving one now. Hahah thanks. Also cinnamon oatmeal om nom nom. I always love your food posts because they give me such good ideas of what to eat.

  13. I find balance by trying not to overdo – i.e. eat a whole pint of ice cream or spend all of my free time on the computer. If I had grains for breakfast, I try to have more veggies for lunch. If I hang out with friends most of the morning, I spend the rest of the day with my family. I think our bodies/minds enjoy the search for balance – and if we don’t throw ourselves off balance a little bit here and there, then we will cause ourselves to go overboard in the wrong direction. So by enjoying a little treat, you will be helping maintain balance. To take it even further, by not thinking about balance for a little bit, you will be helping maintain balance. There’s something to ponder! 🙂

    I am SO excited about the brown rice at Chipotle! You’ve made my day!

    1. You made a really good point Emily — with not always thinking about balance. Always thinking about it isn’t balance either. That is somethingyou canreally ponder about! Life likesto throws things at you that plays around with the balance. Things come up, situationschange — it’s how you react to them that counts. I like how you took it to our lives too. If you spendmost of the morning with friends, you spend the rest of the day with family. Etc! That is one thing I love about you Emily! You are just so good at living with balance! You are my inspiration. 🙂

  14. Whew! I kept scrolling to find some “color” in your meals. Soooo glad to finally see your salad. Love their guac! I’ve been trying to add green and a variety of veggies to every meal. 80% veggies / 20% “whatever” Your meals are healthy, but carb loaded. Adding veggies to every meal will make you feel amazing. I know I feel so much better when I do. What do you think?

    1. I have been realizing I don’t take a lot of pictures of the greens I eat. I just forget! Sincebreakfast and my afternoon snack are my favorite meals to play around with,those are the ones I take pictures of. Hencea lotof oatmeal and bananas.Hehehe, they arejust so good! But I don’t really view them as so carby — that just puts negative/restrictive thoughts into my head, and I don’t want to do that anymore. I just want to be able to listen to my body and eat accordingly. My body knows what it needs, and it’s my job to heed its messages. 🙂 I too feel really good when I have veggies — broccoli, cauliflower, kale, peppers, etc! Greensmoothies — the color even makes me feel good. I love the vibrant green color that it gets. 🙂 I should have one of those tomorrow. That sounds really good. I was wondering — do you think my soy maker would be able to make almond milk? I’m all out and really miss it. 😦

  15. OOH I hate brown rice at Chipotle the other day and I jumped for joy 🙂

    Balance is important yet difficult at the same time but if anyone can find balance, I bet you can! Just remembering what makes you feel good and happy is key to finding balance. You don’t want to spend all your days doing activities that make you unhappy.


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