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This Single Lady Eats!

Hey all of my Yubby Dubby Cutie Pies! 🙂

Thanks for all of your comments on my Recipe By Special Diet page. I’m really excited about the new organization. You guys blow me away with all of your love and support. Thank you for always being there for me! It really means a lot to me.

I love Single Lady Recipes. Because sometimes, you really only need to make one item of something – and not an entire batch of them.

Here are some of this Single Lady’s lovelies she’s been trying. (Note, most of these are in single-lady servings, but a couple are not, like the dips – but the rest are.)

SkinnyTops – as babies! Topped with walnut butter, unsweetened finely shredded coconut, and dried cranberries. The coconut gave these a minty flavor. That really surprised me – I did not expect that. I’ve never had a VitaTop, so I can’t compare these to them, but Katelyn hit the nail on the head with these! 😀

Red Velvet Single Lady Cupcakes. I haven’t baked much with coconut flour, so this was such a great way to expand my baking. I really liked how Kat got the flavor of this. The only substitution I made was that I used oat flour in place of whole wheat, which I was out of at the moment). It didn’t rise as much (because I made that substitution), but the flavor was there. 🙂

The Breakfast Cookie. This is definitely something worth waking up to! I made it a cinnamon raisin version with vanilla protein powder, a dash of cinnamon, and some raisins to add the finishing touch. I enjoyed this right before we left for our trip.

Heather is like the pro at pancakes. Her Super Fluffy Peanut Butter Carob Chip Pancakes have won my heart. She taught me how to make my own vegan buttermilk! I had never done that before, but this got me over that speed hurdle and now I can fly! It was so cool to see how the vinegar really thickens the non-dairy milk (I used soy) and makes it like buttermilk — but vegan! And these are true to the name – SUPAH FLUFFY!

Lactose Free Lizzie’s Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pie Dip. And that’s what it tastes like – Pumpkin pie with chocolate chips in a dip form. Perfect for the holidays.

This is the Brownie Batter Dip from Teen Eat Live. Talk about brownies straight into your mouth! 😀 I can’t stop digging my spoon into it! My bowl is already less full than pictured.

And now for some yummy single-lady eats!

On our trip (that I mentioned), I had a couple snacks (since it WAS a 6 hour drive). Those included Sugar Snap Peas. They are awesome! My favorite part is the beans inside them. The way sugar snap peas also remind me of edamame, but you can eat the outside of these where with edamame you don’t.

I also had a yummy red apple and some almonds (unpictured).

I saw this Cashew Cookie Larabar at Kroger’s and HAD to grab it. (It has cashews in it!) I haven’t tried it yet, but I know what I am going to do with it. 😀

And one of this single lady’s favorites:

Nut Butter!

When we got home from our trip (it was a 6 hour drive there on Friday and then 6 hours back on Monday), I found that there was





I almost fainted.

Once I contained myself, I quickly went about fixing that! J
I made a big batch of mixed-nut butter (mixed so it helps me get variety of nuts): about 3 cups of walnuts (which I toasted in the oven at 400 degrees F for 10 minutes), 2 cups of raw hazelnuts, and about 1 cup of unsalted dry roasted peanuts, and then added a big handful of raw cacao nibs, two pinches of salt, and a dash of cinnamon.

I also made HOMEMADE BREAD after making the nut butter! This stuff is my FAVORITE. Nothing store-bought can ever beat this. I baked it not only for my family, but to also share it with the young women in my church and their parents at our Young Women in Excellence program, where we share some of our accomplishments this year in Personal Progress (a program that helps us become more like our Heavenly Father) and share our talents.

The smell of freshly baked bread that fills the air is like a magnet.

Everyone ends up in the kitchen, impatient for a slice. If you keep a window open, your neighbors drop by for a “visit.” 😉 Fresh-out-of-the-oven bread with mixed-nut-butter is SO good! Fresh-out-of-the-oven bread is good period! But it’s extra yummy with nut butter.

The next recipe I’ll be sharing is for my Cookies N’ Cream Milkshake, and then it will be Sun Butter time!

Do you like Single Lady Recipes? I love how you can make ONE cupcake, ONE cookie, or ONE pie, especially if the craving is quenched with ONE of something.

What snacks do you like to bring on a trip? Some of my favorites are raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Do you make your own bread? nut butter? Homemade bread and homemade nut butter just can’t be beat! Also, I’ve been thinking of doing a remake of my homemade bread post (but as a new post). I’ve gotten better at it and have some improvements to show you! If you would like me to share, just leave a comment! 😀



34 thoughts on “This Single Lady Eats!

  1. You’re gonna LOVE that cashew larabar, it’s my favorite flavor! 😀
    I’m crazy for all these single lady eats, I definitely want to try to make some next week over thanksgiving break!

    1. Thanks Kerry. 🙂 I like baking them in tomato-juice cans (the big ones), as I can bake up to 10 loaves at a time. They take like 25 minutes to rise, and then 30 minutes to bake. That’s it! I also like how the bread comes out circular — that’s my favorite part!

  2. I love single lady recipes!! There will be one featured in my WIAW tonight – single serving pear cobbler! My favorite ever though is peanut butter lava cake from healthy food for living. I have it memorized!

  3. I LOVE single-lady recipes because, in my opinion, why eat leftovers if I don’t have too?!
    The red-velvet cupcakes sound particularly amazing. I haven’t baked with coconut flour yet either, but I should give it a try.
    And girl, you are going to die when you try the Cashew Cookie Larabar. They’re amazing!

  4. I’m so glad you like the brownie dip!! Haven’t made that in a while-thanks for the reminder 🙂 Everything here looks so good. Sometimes being a single lady has it’s advantages!

  5. We sometimes bake our own bread at home, but not too often, which is a shame, because it is awesome 🙂 The same applies to home-made nut butters.
    I like to take fruit (apples, bananas, dried fruit) and nuts on a trip – it is tasty, satisfies sweet tooth and it can handle the travelling 🙂

    1. Yah, I haven’t made bread for a long time — I just haven’t had the time. But I found some, and so I took the advantage. I’ll have to make some more soon, because my family has become tired of the expensive store-bought stuff. (And it is just so hard to find a decent store-bought loaf! Do you ever find it difficult to find a good bread in the grocery store? I have to check the labels all of the time to make sure it is whole grain!)

      1. Here it is actually much cheaper to buy bread than to make your own, unfortunatelly 😦
        Also getting a whole grain bread is a real challenge, because here is a lot of stuff that is labelled as whole grain, but actually it is not whole at all! I buy bread in Tesco, they have two types that are tasty, whole grain and for reasonable price, so I am glad I have 2 options, if nothing else 🙂

        1. I’m glad that you’ve found a couple options of bread that are actually whole grain, good for you, and are a reasonable price! That’s the hardest part here — finding one that’s decent. It makes sense if where you live it costs less to buy it than make it to buy it; here, it’s cheaper to make it — it just takes time, which many people can’t find the time for.

          1. You are right! However I find the home-made bread more tasty, and there´s also something really comforting about a warm slice of freshly baked home-made bread 🙂 If only there were enough hours in one day to bake everything I would like to try! 🙂

      1. Your homemade bread looks so yummy! Do you have the recipe somewhere on your blog? (or is it a secret?

        I love making my own homemade pretzels, however I am not patient enough to wait for the dough to rise, so I make quick bread pretzels from this recipe: Less than 200 calories per pretzel, and if you reduce the amount of salt and use whole wheat flour, they are actually quite healthy!

  6. single girls eat so well huh!! it makes more sense not to share when it comes to these treats! i love the idea of making nice big portions to enjoy all to yourself. sometimes i like to say im eating for three: me, myself, and I 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  7. Did you just bake that bread in a CAN!? My mind is blown.

    You’re totally right about the magnetism of the scent of fresh bread… now I feel like I gotta go make some! Or eat some. Maybe take a stroll to the artisan bakery down the street and get a deep inhale outside their window… haha!


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