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The Cookies n’ Cream Milkshake!

Hey My Chocolate Cream-Filled Cookies!

Thanks for all of your comments on my Poll’s post. The results are in, and here they are! As of today:

resultsFavorite food group: Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts/Nut Butters won!

Time you go to bed: Many of you said between 10pm-12am. (Sounds like me. Usually 10-12, depending on the day. If it’s 12, I make sure it’s just on the weekends – I try to make sure I go to bed by 10pm on weekdays.)

How much sleep do you get a night: Most of you said 7-8 hours (YAY!); that’s what I’m aiming for. Usually I get between 6-8 hours a night.

Special Diets: A lot of you are vegetarian/vegan and sugar-free, and then gluten free and other. (If you answered other, please feel free to let me know what they are in the comments!)

How you view sugar: “all kinds, but in moderation” won out of all of them, but with “only natural” and “stevia and fruit only” were close behind.

resultsFavorite Meal: BREAKFAST!!! Oh gosh, we must be twins!

We have a lot in common! And I love how I got to learn so much about you!!

I love you guys. 🙂

Another thing I love is Cookies N’ Cream Milkshakes! 😀

Both an authentic version AND a raw version. (Raw version to come soon!)

Chop up a frozen banana into slices. Add the banana to the blender.

Now add the almond milk, vanilla, and protein powder/coconut flour. (This time I used coconut flour.)

Blend on high until smooth and creamy.

Now add your cream-filled sandwich cookies and/or chocolate chips!

Pulse 3 times until softly combined.

Pour into a glass and dig in! 😀

Cookies N’ Cream Milkshake

Vegan, Gluten-Free*, Soy-Free*, Lower Sugar


  • 1 ripe banana, frozen
  • 1 cup almond milk (I used unsweetened vanilla) or other non-dairy milk
  • 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • optional: 1 scoop (30 grams) of vanilla protein powder or 2-3 tbsp coconut flour
  • handful(s) of crushed chocolate cream-filled cookies (for an authentic cookies n’ cream); *or milk, semi-sweet, or dark chocolate chips*


Chop up the frozen banana. Add banana, almond milk, vanilla extract (and protein powder/coconut flour) to the blender. Blend together until smooth and creamy. Add crushed chocolate cream-filled cookies and/or chocolate chips and pulse 3 times until combined (or just stir them in with a spoon). Pour into serving glass and serve immediately.

printer-friendly version

Just check out that cookie-filled-ness!

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. Delicioso!

A nice treat and such a great eat! 🙂

Smoothies or Milkshakes? Milkshakes for me!

Do you like Oreo cookies? Did you know they were vegan?! I’m happy that they are vegan so I can have them once in a while, enjoy them, and not get a stomach ache!

What plans do you have for Thanksgiving? We’re not going anywhere, but that doesn’t matter to me: I get to stay home and spend some time with my family. And I get to make some goodies, like cookies and cupcakes for Thanksgiving Baskets (pictures to come) – which we did on Tuesday; then pumpkin pie, homemade rolls, and a sweet potato mash for Thanksgiving; and THEN some nut butter (recipe coming soon)!)



46 thoughts on “The Cookies n’ Cream Milkshake!

  1. Oh my word, this sounds delicious!! and I had no idea oreos were vegan! Cool beans 😉
    I’m a smoothie AND a milkshake girl heehee there’s something so tasty and yet so contradictive about a cold drink during winter!

  2. This looks so delicious! I love cookies and cream anything… but I haven’t had it in a while. I must make this!

  3. om nom nom! loveee oreos so much-i totally couldn’t go without them so im like in love with the fact that they are vegan!
    and i should try that milkshake w/ some xantham gum! love to eat things in bowls 😉

  4. I used to love oreao’s then I actually started reading ingredients and it’s full of sugar and chemicals. Newman O’s are good but they contain wheat 😦 I love both smoothies and “milk” shakes 🙂

    1. I used to eat them all of the time too, and then I read the ingredients. Haha, it’s not the prettiest sight. I saw that the Newman O’s had a wheat-less one (I had been looking to see if they had a gluten-free one so then I could recommend it to those with gluten intolerance), but their wheat-free one still has barley flour in it! I really liked the Newman O’s ingredient list better, as it was much shorter than regular oreos.Maybe I should find a way to make gluten-free oreo’s in a lower sugar way…..


      1. I actually saw a gluten free “oreo’s” at my health food store. I think the brand was kinicick (something like that) but the calories was insane. like 150 for 2 cookies. and the ingredients wasn’t super great either. I think sugar was on there. But yeah you should try to make an awesome “oreo” 🙂

        1. Oh wow, that does sound like a not-so-great list. Were they the same size of regular oreos? Companies should really try to make their products healthier — it is just so sad that all they are concerned about is money!


          1. yep same size. ANd they had different flavors too. They had the regular ores flavor & a gingerbread & vanilla cream. they looks good but I just could not justify the calories because I could not eat just 2 cookies. lol.

  5. I LOVE COOKIES AND CREAM!!! Oh this sounds so good! I also love the idea of using coconut flour in a shake. I love baking with it, so I bet I’d love it just as much in a milkshake!

    I was one of the “other” diets – I said athlete 🙂 copious amounts of food!

    1. Oh girl, I know that you will LOVE it in shakes. Coconut flour is just as good in milkshakes as it is in baked goodies. 🙂

      Btw, I tried your oatmeal raisin cashew butter. I am in love. ❤


  6. Mmmm…Another fabulous recipe!
    Growing up, I loved Oreos. I can’t say I’ve had one in quite some time, but the idea of is milkshake might force me to pick up a package!
    I’m going home for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to spend time with my family. Enjoy your holiday! 🙂

  7. I’d HEARD somewhere before that Oreos were vegan, but I kind of didn’t believe it. If you’re willing to eat them, though, then I definitely believe it (just since I’ve noticed how strict you are with yourself)!

    1. I hope I’m not as strict as I was before. I’m really working on it. Before, I would never have touched an oreo. Now, I’m willing. I don’t have them every day, but once in a while I might. Having something like that also helps keep it balanced. Having a treat keeps a healthy diet balanced (if you get what I mean). I don’t want to be obsessed anymore. If I’ve eaten healthy all throughout the day and I want a cookie, I should be able to have it — NOT not allowing myself because it’s not “healthy.” It’s still hard though — those other thoughts pop up some times, but I just have to clear them out of my mind and think better thoughts.


      1. Aw, I guess what I said was kind of insensitive in that case. You’re right about how having a healthy balanced diet is the most important thing. Especially since I can be the first to admit that I eat waaay too much refined sugars and flours — I’m not mindful enough, and it leads me to an unhealthy place. You obsess too much, and it leads you to an unhealthy place. Balance is key! Too bad it can’t be as easy as trading pieces of bad habits with one another. I’m glad you’re happy with where you are with your journey, though — all the stuff you make definitely looks healthy and balanced to me! 🙂

  8. I wish this was my breakfast! 😀 Unfortunately – I have the old boring oatmeal instead 🙂
    I am really surprised that Oreos are vegan, would never say… good to know 🙂
    I have no plans for Thanksgiving, because we don´t celebrate it here, so we go on with our “normal” lives 😀

      1. Definitely an American thing, we don´t have such a history event to give thanks for, and we don´t have Black Friday. However, on the other hand, we celebrate the 17th November, so each country has its special days…

          1. We celebrate the fall of the communist regime in the Czech Republic. Well, there are no big celebrations or traditions. but we have a free day from work/school if nothing else 🙂

  9. Mmmm this reminds me of summer!!! I’m going to make it on, “one of THOSE days” where I wish it was summer vacation. 🙂 I put “other” because I can eat gluten but I have a rare disease where eating wheat causes damage to my esophagus, but other gluten like barley is fine.


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