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There’s A Face In My Pumpkin Pie!!!

Hey My Lovelies!

Thanks for all of your comments on my Cookies N Cream Milkshake. I’m going to get you my recipes for a raw version of it, and I have some more delicious recipes for you soon. 🙂

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving? I really enjoyed spending time with my family and reflecting on the things I am grateful for in my life, like my Savior, my family, Mother Earth and all of the creations here, my friends who have always been there for me, YOU, my cousins, my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, my teachers, my church leaders; I got to reflect on the blessings I have in my life. And I love how Thanksgiving gets us prepared for Christmas! Thanksgiving and Christmas are definitely my two favorite holidays of the year!

What did you make for your Thanksgiving Dinner? (If you celebrate Thanksgiving, as I know some of you don’t live in America)

I made quite a few yummies, which included:

Pumpkin Pie!

Can you see it?!

That face – look back up at the picture: can you see it? 

I made the pumpkin pie based on my last recipe, but better! I can share it with you if you would like. 🙂

I also made some Homemade Rolls! This is my Homemade Bread Recipe, which I want to do a new post on because I have learned some techniques and have improved the recipe so it’s even better – and I want to explain the process a little more – it’s not as hard as it seems!

Next, I made a Sweet Potato Mash. We washed, pealed (I would have eaten the peals if we had baked them in the oven, but alas, it was mashed potatoes), cut up, and boiled about four sweet potatoes. Then we mashed them up with a little smart balance light buttery spread (which is vegan — no milk, so no tummy ache for me) and non-dairy milk. Yum! Let me say that this Thanksgiving definitely did not help my orangeness problem. 

And then my mom made some Homemade Mashed Potatoes – with the skins. We just prepped the russet potatoes like we did with the sweet potatoes, but kept the peels on them. 🙂

I had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving.

I mentioned that I was making some goodies for some Thanksgiving Baskets. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to make them to give away. It makes me feel so good inside when I serve others and share my love of baking. I promised pictures, so here they are!

White Chocolate Chips Chocolate Crinkle Cookies – these are chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips, rolled in powered sugar before baking. They get all “crinkly” as they bake.

And then I made Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Homemade Vanilla Frosting.

I had so much fun decorating these. 

I also promised (on a previous post) that I would spill the beans on my date. And so, as promised:

MY DATE: I really had a fun time. He picked me up at 6pm and we went out to dinner to Jim’s. Then we headed for the football game – well, tried anyways. We got lost most of the way; haha, but we were laughing about it. Once we finally got there, I got to see my first football game live! Yep, that’s right: I’ve NEVER EVER been to a football game before. I’ve seen it on TV, but never in person. The teams that were playing weren’t even my own. I just cheered for my date’s team. Sadly, they lost; but I learned a lot about how the game works. (I bet he got tired of explaining to me everything….) AND THEN afterwards, we went to HEB (a grocery store) for dessert. I know, a grocery store for dessert?! Yep! Plus, it was like after 10 o’clock at night. And what did we get? Oreos. You heard it – Oreos. And when we got home (which was about 10:30), I did have a couple. I’m working on eating those kinds of things. It’s still hard. I really DON’T want to eat them, but I know I need to get over this obsession – and I’m doing better at it. Those were actually the first Oreos I’ve had in a very long time. And then, as such a great gentleman he is, he left the rest of the Oreos for mi familia. If there is any way to win over most of my family, it’s by doing that. You should have seen their faces: hahaha, it was priceless – their eyes said it all (and that smile that crept up their face – yep, it confirmed it). Overall, I really had a fun time. This was actually my second date; my first date was to Prom. I’m actually in no hurry to date. I’ve had made a personal decision not to date until I was 16 (which I am now) and that’s only double or group dating. I don’t really see a reason to date singly or seriously until I’m ready to get married (I’ve also made the decision to not single date until I’m 18). Group dates are more fun anyway, and you get to know more people (and be with MORE guys…. haha, jk! :D).

Did you know I’ve always wanted to be a cake decorator? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and just jump at every chance I get. 🙂

Did you see the face on the pumpkin pie? It’s like he’s blinking at me. Even with that face staring at me, he was still delicious. (hahahahahaaaa, *evil laugh* jk!)

Did any of you go Black Friday Shopping?! We went at like 7:30 in the morning to two stores: Target and Payless. We got some clothes, shoes, and stuff for college – we’re starting early: I can show you what we’ve collected so far if you would like. Right now I’m waiting for my college track schedule (I WAS ACCEPTED!!! :D) to see if I’ll be going in either the fall or winter of next year.



32 thoughts on “There’s A Face In My Pumpkin Pie!!!

  1. I really like your attitude to and opinions on dating, very mature!
    I also always wanted to be a cake decorator, but it is probably not going to happen 🙂 Also my parents would kill me, because they would think I am “wasting my education” as they like to think of many jobs I like 🙂

  2. Okay, your cupcakes are gorgeous! I can definitely believe you want to be a cake decorator- you’re awesome at it! Everything you made for your Thanksgiving meal sounds delicious. We had an all vegetarian (vegan dishes for me!) Thanksgiving which I enjoyed every bite of!
    Congratulations on being accepted! I loved shopping for college stuff. It’s so exciting. I went Black Friday shopping and actually wound up finding a looot of stuff! Most of which my mom is tucking away to give me for Christmas. 🙂

  3. Your food looks deelicious, Kat!! We’re actually going to be celebrating Thanksgiving today because my dad wasn’t home on Thursday.
    So glad that the date went well!!! 😀

    1. I’ve always wondered if we should just celebrate holidays AFTER the holidays anyways, cuz it seems that all of the stuff you would buy goes on sale the day after — like celebrating Easter a couple days afterwords, etc! It would be so much fun to make it a tradition to do that. 🙂



  4. Wow everything looks SO delicious! Especially that sweet potato mash, i can relate with your orangeness heehee 😉 and woohoo for the date success!
    Ps–congrats on being accepted at your college!!! That’s so exciting!

  5. Girl, I am so with you on the not-dating-till-ready-for-marriage thing. And my husband was the same too. We were each other’s first boyfriend/girlfriend. We started dating my freshman year of college (he was a sophomore) and have been together ever since. We weren’t necessarily “ready for marriage” at 17 and 18 when we first started dating, but we were in a place where it was easier to lead to marriage (college) than it would have been in high school. Anyway, we always talk about what we want to encourage our kiddos to do because I hate seeing all my teens go through break up after break up with someone they just *knew* they would marry. We hate to tell our kids “you cannot date until college!” because then we won’t be around to mentor them as they experience everything that goes along with dating. But I LOVE your idea of group dates from 16-18! What a great way to prepare yourself for the dating scene later on when you are ready to look for a spouse. 🙂 Really appreciate everything you wrote, girl. 🙂

    Congrats on being accepted to college! So exciting! And yes, I totally see the face in the pumpkin pie, no doubt. 🙂

  6. I’m so jealous of the thanksgiving spread!! That cupcakes, cookies, and pie look delicious. I hope you got the opportunity to sample all of them!

  7. So glad you had fun on your date! I agree with you, group dates are more fun, and a lot less awkward! But I’m just a really awkward person, lol. Your cupcakes look so beautiful, and all of your food looks amazing!

  8. you are wise beyond your years kat!!!! don’t waste time with boys until you are in your twenties… (i suppose i’m a tad jaded/cynical coming out of a long term relationship)…but i don’t plan on being engaged until i’m at least 26! i can’t imagine being engaged any earlier! ah!

  9. YUM! I love the face… too cute! Your attitudes/thoughts on dating are really great… I’m 18 now and I have the best boyfriend ever- any younger than 18 (or college-age) is too young for serious dating… it’s just confusing because in my opinion, most people under 18 are too young to understand relationships in general. So worth it when you find someone great, though! 😀 Have a great rest of your holiday weekend,

  10. Haha, I saw the face in the pie before you even mentioned it. Glad you had a great holiday! I didn’t really do any shopping on Black Friday, we stopped at Target in the afternoon but it was fairly calm.

  11. Your cupcakes are beautiful, those crackle cookies make me hungry, the pie face is hilarious, your date sounded lovely and YOU are lovely! I married the guy I started dating in Grade 11…so glad I did 🙂 And you’re right, group dates are the way to go!

    1. If you look at the pumpkin pie, there’s a circle right in the center. Inside that circle, there’s the shape of a mouth, and then a little higher in the circle there’s an eye and another eye (which is closed more than the other). The mouth is right in the middle of the pie — finding that will help you see the face. 🙂  


  12. I tried pumkin pie for the first time today and it was YUM. Yours looks equally delicious! Well done for having a go at the oreos…I know it can be difficult sometimes. I sometimes find that the fear of eating a ‘bad’ food is actually more scary than the experience. And the man sounds very sweet!

  13. I see the face? Was it intentional? And OMG you go to HEB!!! I go to HEB!!! 🙂 Best grocery store ever. Have you ever been to Central Market, which is a relatively inexpensive health food chain owned by HEB? I think it might be only in San Antonio and Austin but I’m not sure. I never go black friday shopping because the crowds make me dizzy. You would be a really good cake decorator! Those little flower designs were perfect!

    1. No, it wasn’t intentional at all! The tofu in it make the top become all cracked liked that, but this time it formed a face!!! I was literally squealing in delight when I saw it.

      Yep, I DO go to Heb. It’s my favorite grocery store EVER! 😀 I don’t think I’ve ever been to Central Market — I’ve heard of it (like I’ve heard of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s), but I’ve never gone there. I think I’ve seen one around here…. I’ll have to take a closer look!

  14. I would love that pumpkin pie recipe! As long as you promise it’ll come out with a face on it! Hehehe!! 😉 I don’t know why, but mashed potatoes with the skins on are SO much better! Can I get the recipe for those amazing cupcakes?! Girl, you talented at that icing!

    Awww it sounds like it was a really fun date! I’m the worst with football too, but it’s nice he tried explaining it to you! And I agree with your dating philosophy, that’s how I was all throughout high school as well. Being single is fun, enjoy it!!

    1. The cupcakes were actually just from a cake mix, the Duncan Hines Carrot Cake mix to be exact. (I sometimes just use a cake mix; other times, I make it myself. This time I was pressed for time and used a cake mix.) I baked them up, let them cool, made my own frosting — a standard thickish white vanilla frosting — and then had some fun decorating them!!! 🙂  



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