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One Bowl Cookbook (For This Single Lady): Review

Hey My Beautiful Rainbows! ❤

Stephanie Bostic (if you want to read more about her, got here) approached me and asked if I would like to try her new book, One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One. She knew about my love of single-lady recipes and said her cookbook might be right up my alley.

So I tried it. And I LOVE it!

What is it about? The One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One cookbook focuses on recipes for the solo cook, with an emphasis on vegetables and bold flavors. YAY!

Some of the recipes I have tried include her:

Spiced Baked Apple

This was INCREDIBLE!!! It tasted just like an Apple Pie but without the crust. This took less than five minutes and I had apple pie for dessert. 😀 And I love that you don’t have to make a whole pie to enjoy apple pie! I’ve never made baked fruit before, but now I know I’ll be making more of these. 🙂

Creamy Cauliflower with White Beans

This one wasn’t my favorite. I think it could use some more spices, but it was ok.


I ADORE HER Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup!!!!

This was supposed to be a soup, but I didn’t add the extra water to make it more soup-like. Nonetheless, the scent was entrancing and the flavors were incredible!!!! This is by far my favorite recipe to ever use spices like this. 🙂

Apple Pancakes

This recipe was easily vegan-ized. I used non-dairy milk + a distilled vinegar in place of the buttermilk and flax+water in place of the egg. They turned out all right;. I think it would have worked better if the apple was shredded instead of chopped, but the flavors of the apple were very good anyways.

Out of all of these recipes I’ve tried, my favorites were the Spiced Baked Apple and the Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup.

Some of her other recipes that caught my eye were her:

  • Spiced Butternut Squash Soup
  • Creamy Buckwheat with Berries
  • Spicy Cabbage and Tofu with Noodles
  • Warm Lentil Artichoke Salad
  • Roasted Red Pepper Spread
  • Quick Quinoa Kale Salad
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls

The one I REALLY want to try is the Quick Quinoa Kale Salad. 😀

A couple of things I love about this book:

  • It lists essential ingredients and equipment to always have on hand.
  • Tips for planning out your meals, reading recipes, using leftovers/avoiding waste, eating on a budget, quick cooking strategies, etc!
  • Tips for the beginner cook on how to prepare/cook certain grains, eggs, and certain vegetables, and techniques in using certain herbs and spices
  • The recipes are plant-based and easily vegan-ized (for those with that concern)
  • It even has a section with nutrition basics, ways to eat more vegetables/fruits, and approaches you can try to conquer common challenges in the kitchen

Another thing I love is that the price is VERY reasonable, too. Its list price is $12.95, but I found it on Amazon for $11.07 for a new copy and $10.00 for a used copy. There’s even a kindle version for $5.00!

I would recommend this to any college student, to any individual who cooks for one/two, to any one who wants to start eating healthier; get your hands on this book! I for one am definitely taking this with me to college: it will lower the stress of trying to stay healthy, help me plan and budget my meals, give me recipes I can use to nourish my body, and help me use my time wisely in the kitchen so I can focus on my studies. 🙂


Do you have some favorite techniques for cooking for one? I love making single-serving recipes, like my Banana Cream Pie and my Pizzert Babies (both found here). One technique I’ve found is to not be scared to store extras in the fridge: they can come in handy later!

Do you sometimes have to push yourself to try new things? I used to not like oatmeal simply because I had never tried it before. But now I love it and enjoy it every morning.

Do you have a favorite cookbook for College living? Single-lady cooking? This one is my favorite: it has everything I would need for college!


31 thoughts on “One Bowl Cookbook (For This Single Lady): Review

  1. I need this book in my life asap! I think it’d be awesome for apartment cooking for this single gal 😀 Those pancakes look delicious too mmm!
    I used to be the same way as you with oatmeal, but man oh man I can’t live without it now haha

  2. Since my hubby doesnt eat anything like me, I love making one or two serving meals. I tend to just make them up as I go, but I love the idea of this book! And it sounds like there are some really great things in there!

  3. That book looks awesome! There are two of us, but I’m sure it would be simple to just double the recipes. I will have to look that up on my kindle! You sold me with the baked apple! Looks delicious!! 🙂

  4. Oh my- single serve recipes are my favorite! I’m not a huge fan of leftovers at all so I constantly find myself modifying things to make smaller servings. This would have been perfect to have when I was in college.
    The apple pancakes and sweet potato black bean soup look phenomenal! ❤

  5. This sounds like an awesome cookbook! I like leftovers sometimes, but I hate having tons of them. All the recipes you made sound amazing.

  6. This looks like a great cookbook- and especially since it has serving sizes for one person! I always run into that problem- the recipes make 5 servings, but I only want one. All of the food looks so delicious too. Sounds like a winner 🙂

  7. This sounds like a cookbook I could use in college too!! I’d love to check this out. Usually I don’t consider the things I make for one to be recipe worthy, but I guess they kind of are! I should start writing them down!

  8. This cookbook looks like it’s just right for me! The recipes look really delicious, especially the sweet potato black bean soup. My family doesn’t really fancy the food I like to eat, so whenever I cook it’s only for me.

  9. Oh I love the idea!!
    And the combo of sweet potato and black beans = so delicious!

    On a side note… I had a couple people tell me they make the lemon chia cake and it turned out good using (peanut flour + wheat flour) and the other (coconut flour + brown rice flour).
    So it looks like it turns out the same without the millet.


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