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Nut Butter Keeps Me Running.

Hey my Speedy Pecans! ❤

Thanks for all of your comments on my What Kat Ate! The single-lady “lasagna” is definitely something I will be making a lot of (as soon as I get more cannellini beans)! I also really loved reading all of your ideas on jean shopping!

I made a mixed nut butter Friday morning/afternoon!

It started with nuts. Lots and lots of nuts. And I cracked lots of nuts out of their shells to make it! I used the ones from the bag, which are the shelled almonds, pecans, walnuts, brazil, and hazel nuts pictured (plus some others later that were already de-shelled). I also cracked an entire container of unpictured hazelnuts, so I spent the entire morning cracking nuts.

I did get a blister on my hand, which is pretty much gone now, and a bruise on my stomach, which I think is from the pressure of the nut-cracker pressing against the muscles on my stomach since I held it there every time. (I’m not sure EXACTLY where I got the bruise, but that is what I’m guessing happened.)

Anyways, after I cracked them all, I toasted them in the oven and then let them cool.

After they cooled, I poured a small container of walnut butter I had made the day before as a base, and then I added the toasted nuts on top.

Then I blended it all up! It didn’t take very long because of the walnut butter base.

I then added a bigger container of walnut butter and some more almonds. I love it on frozen bananas (of course ;)), my homemade bread, celery sticks, and apples!


Yesterday we got a Stride Trainer…

…and Treadmill! (Yep, I finally got it!) 😀

We were going to get a gym membership for me and my mom. But after I called Spectrum for pricing and we did some research online on Gold’s Gym, we decided it would be better for us to buy a treadmill – that way not only my mom and I could use it, but my sister and my dad could use it, too. My parents researched different ones and we found the one we wanted. And while we were there, we got the stride trainer,which is similar to an elliptical, too. Getting them in the car was harder than picking them out, though! At least we had taken the back seats out and left them at home so they would fit. Then we drove (I did the honors :)) them home.

We had some help from our neighbors to carry them both in, and then we got to work. (My sister and my mom did most of the work — I really tried to help, but I’m not much of a handy-man — my sister is more of that than I am. I pretty much just grabbed the things they needed and held a couple of things in place. PLUS, I did provide snacks! I AM good at that!) It took us about 6 hours last night to put them both together, but it was so worth it!  Including the other things we have, it’s now a nice little home gym. I can give you a tour of it if you’d like!


I just got my track from the college I’m going to! I got the Winter/Spring track, which means I’ll be heading up this next January (January of 2013) and be there until the end of July each year! The college is up in Idaho, and since I’m a Texan girl, so I know I’m going to FREEZE! I’m really excited. I was actually hoping I would get the Winter/Spring track. It will have me go up at the beginning of January, have a 10 day break in the middle (where I’ll visit all of my family that live in the Idaho/Utah area), and then come back at the end of July. I will also be closer to 18 years old instead of being a young 17 year old (I’ll turn 18 while I’m there). I like that I’ll be home for the holidays and that it’s a continuous stay (cuts back one he cost for flying). The one thing I don’t like is that some of my friends who also applied for the school I did got a different track; I won’t be able to see them the whole time, but I’ll be able to see them for a semester each year at least.

So now, for college-planning, I’ll be focusing on preparing for the AP Literature and AP Physics tests. Each of them will get me 6 credits if I pass them (for a total of 12 credits – almost a semester worth), saving me a lot of money and time. I am going to take some classes online this fall just to help me get the feel of college work, college life, etc.


Do you have a favorite nut? Nut butter? I really like making nut butter out of walnuts, pecans, and peanuts since they don’t take long to turn to butter. I’ve never made cashew butter, but I’m sure that tastes really good. My favorites to just snack on are cashews, almonds, and soy nuts!

Do you workout at home or at a gym? We used to go to the Spectrum fitness gym, but then it started getting too expensive for us. So then I started working out at home. (And fell in love with Jillian’s DVDs!) I hope I can get the rest of my family exercising – now they don’t have an excuse.

If you are in college, does the place you go have a totally different climate from that of your home? Or if you’re not in college/already graduated, is the climate where you live pretty consistent? I am REALLY going to feel in the winter up in Idaho, especially since I’ve become used to the 80 degree winters here in Texas. But, the climate in Texas is never really consistent, at least where we live. It will be super cold one morning, and the next will be really hot! It’s really weird sometimes. And then when you add the cedar-allergies to it….. Ha-ha, I will definitely not miss those going up to college! 🙂



24 thoughts on “Nut Butter Keeps Me Running.

  1. It’s so cool that you cracked your own nuts! The nut butter looks delicious. My favourite’s probably almonds, heh. Followed very closely by walnuts, cashews and pistachios. Mm. I work out at the gym, mostly, but I do yoga at home; running outdoors >>>> working out, though.

  2. I am trying to convince my husband that we should buy a treadmill.

    What school are you going to in Idaho? I studied at the University of Idaho (in Moscow, Idaho), and when winter finally came around it wasn’t as bad as I thought (I am originally from California). I’m sure you will totally get used to it, but I suggest investing in a really good coat. It will save your life.

    Good luck! Adrianna

    1. I’m going to BYU-Idaho.:D

      I hope you convince your husband to get a treadmill. We haven’t had ours for very long, but I’m really glad we got it! I personally prefer running on a treadmill to running outside. (Ha-ha, I know. I’m weird. But I just like it better on a treadmill.) We do have it facing one of our BIG windows, so I’m the happiest little girl on the treadmill with my Disney music booming.

      Thanks, Adrianna! That really means a lot to me. 🙂

  3. That nut butter looks delicious, I’m jealous of your wicked awesome nut crackin skills haha 🙂
    And yay about college prep!! I think you’ll do great in Idaho even with the cold– I guess it’ll be an excuse for more warm oatmeal and cute coat shopping!

    1. I hope he gives! I absolutely LOVE my BlendTec; I don’t know what I would do without it. Unfortunately, my parents won’t let me take it up with me to college. I’ll have to get them to make me nut butter and send it to me somehow….. ha-ha. 😉

  4. YAY for getting your college track. That’s so exciting. It’s definitely going to be a change, but I know you’re going to love it.
    The nut butter looks delicious! I love practically any nut butter but lately I’ve been obsessed with raw, crunchy almond butter and walnut butter. The flavors are amazing.
    Enjoy your new treadmill!

  5. That nut butter sounds delicious! Although ANY nut butter is good LOL! That is so exciting that you got a treadmill! I have always wanted one of my own! It would make working out SO much more convenient!

  6. I’m not in college (my kids are now) but am in Louisiana (born and raised here) and for the last 15 years, was living in Wyoming. The climate there is a lot like Idaho. I wasn’t sure how I would adjust to moving there. It’s a dry climate – so was not hard to adjust to at all. (the altitude was harder to adjust to – and the intensity of the sun/sunburn in the altitude) Coming BACK to Louisiana was HARD!!! I much prefer the dryer climate of the west – to humid, changeable Louisiana.

    Advice – prepare for winter there in layers. A good Columbia jacket with a zip out lining is perfect. LOTS of body lotion – as your skin will likely notice the dry climate before you do! LOTS of SPF 40+ suncreen – as your coloring appears to be like mine. You will burn quickly in the high altitude.

    If you want/need more info, please feel free to contact me. There are lots of things to do and see that you should take advantage of while in that part of the country. (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, beautiful scenery, etc)

    Thanks for the recipes and ideas! Keep them coming.

    1. Hey Beverly,

      I’ve heard that the climate is drier and some people who go up there from here get cracked skin as they walk off the plane (have you ever experienced that?). Thanks for all of your suggestions: I can use all the help I can get. I’m going to make sure I bring a good jacket (one of my friends used to live in Idaho and she has some Idaho jackets that she said I could use up there), lots of body lotion, and lots of sun screen (I definitely burn quickly like you said!!!!).

      What are some of your favorite things to do up there? I haven’t lived much in the snow, so I don’t really know what to expect.

  7. I love cashew butter, I’ve never made my own. I used to go the gym but cancelled my membership as prefer running and cycling outside and bought some dumbells t do some light weights. The gym is about 20 minutes away, I did like the classes but going to get some exercise dvds to do at home.

    1. One thing I liked about Spectrum (when we were a member) was that it happened to be walking distance from my house. But now, that can’t really beat having a home gym only down the hall from my bedroom.

  8. Oooh you are so lucky to have a home gym!! I have an ancient treadmill – it sounds like a wild animal if you turn it on. So using that for an hour isn’t an option!!

  9. That nut butter looks amazing! I’ve never had mixed nut butter before. I’ve also never made my own before, and I really need to get on that!!


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