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Sometimes Blessings Come in Disguise.

A few days ago the Academic Dean (of the high-school where I am going to take my AP tests) called my mom with some bad news. He had apparently forgotten to order my tests. He said he was sorry and that he didn’t know why mine hadn’t been ordered as he had ordered over 850 tests. He said that there was an extra AP Physics test, as someone had dropped out right before, so there was a test for me to take on Monday, but there wasn’t an AP Literature test. He did say that there was going to be over a hundred youth taking it at the school (and he would guess that at least one wouldn’t show up) and that I should come ready to take it nonetheless.

Even though there was the possibility of me not getting a test, I got ready this morning to take it (just in case) and we headed off, hopeful that I would get a spot. We arrived and all we could do was wait.

I watched as each of the students walked in and went into the classrooms to prepare to take the test. I stood there as the teachers were calling out names and checking them off their lists. And near the time to start, I had some hope, as there were a couple students missing. Just when I thought there was a spot for me, the final youth came in for his test. Each and every one of those one hundred and thirteen students taking the test came.

I could feel the tears in my eyes coming. I was really glad that all the students came – I was really happy for them, truly! But of course I had just hoped that one would not show up – that one would not have shown up and that I would have been able to take the test.

The Academic Dean came up to me as I stood in the hallway and apologized, as he had suspected that I would have been able to get in. I told him not to worry about it (and even though I could feel the tears coming, I did my best to smile). He then told me that there was an opportunity where I could take the test late (in a couple weeks) and that the school would cover the late fees associated with it. I thanked him for all that he had done and told him I was grateful for the chance to take it then, and then we left.

As I walked out the doors of the school, I must say, I was on the brink of tears. The stress of the situation was building up and starting to get to me. I wondered why Heavenly Father would allow this to happen. I didn’t know why this had happened to me. I had studied rigorously this week and had done everything I needed to be prepared. Nonetheless, I tried to keep a smile on my face and keep moving forward.

I had a talk with my mom on the way home and shared with her what I was feeling. And then it struck me. The Lord knows me better than I know myself. I have been praying that I would understand what I read and do my best on the test. Maybe He knew that I needed more time to study for my AP Physics coming up this Monday. Since I have both Graduation and Prom this weekend, I might not have gotten in the study required if I had taken it. I realized that this whole time the Lord has been watching out for me. Just like how it says in Isaiah 55:8-9, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways, thus saith the Lord, For as the heavens are higher than the earth, my ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (KJV) I know that I may not always know why things happen or see the big picture of what is going on, but I know HE sees. He knows, and that’s what’s important.

Right now I’m going to using this time the Lord has given me to work on my Physics. I have until this evening, when one of my friends is coming over (he may be the one taking me to prom ;)) and we are going to make a TON of cookies for my Graduation tomorrow. I feel that if I had taken the test this morning, I would have most likely not wanted to study this afternoon (saying I need a break/my brain needs to rest, etc.), so I feel that this “set-back” has in actuality turned into a step-forward.

I know that the Lord has been watching out for me. I may not know sometimes why “setbacks” occur in life, but I do know that sometimes blessings come in disguise.

18 thoughts on “Sometimes Blessings Come in Disguise.

  1. Kat, I’m so glad you were able to see the positive of the situation, and keep your head up! It’s frustrating that you have to wait, but hopefully it will all work out for the best. No one has better timing than the Lord 🙂

  2. I know how frustrating it can be to get all ready to take a test, and then for some reason be prevented from taking it! It’s happened several times to me before with CLEP tests! Good for you making the best of it!

  3. Sorry to hear you had to deal with that! It sucks to be so ready for something an put so much work into it and then be let down. On the bright side it’s great you have more time to study though. 🙂

    And wow, that’s a lot of kids testing! There were only 12 that took the test here and 2 (including me) were homeschoolers.

    1. Hey Jamie! Thanks so much for your kind words. They really helped me through this time in my life. 🙂 Wow — that is a few kids! We had only two home-schoolers taking them too (including me).

  4. Your positive attitude is beyond amazing, God has a great plan for you no matter what! I know it’ll all work out for the best in the end 🙂

  5. I love that you found a positive side in all of this. You have such a sweet spirit. 🙂


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