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What Kat Ate #14! + My Life’s Rambles.


Hey My Dazzling Red Rubies! 🙂

Thanks for all of your comments on my post about my favorite body-care products. I had a lot of fun sharing with you some of the things I love and use a lot. I also enjoyed hearing about some of your favorite products – thanks for sharing the love!

Here are a few things that have been going on in my life recently! 🙂

-I participated in a 5k this last Saturday. (I wasn’t able to do much running because of my knee, but I completed it – and to me, that’s all that matters.) I also preformed in a dance festival with some of the members in my church later that evening. (My group did the “Virginia Reel” – the square dance that is in the movie Gone With The Wind.)

-I just finished the newest Nancy Drew PC Game: Nancy Drew and the Tomb of the Lost Queen. I have been DYING to play this game ever since it came out on May 8th. My mom just bought it for me this past week and I LOVED IT! (The only reason she bought it for me was because I did some work for her and she “paid” me by buying this for me. Otherwise I would have bought it myself.) I have every single Nancy Drew game that they’ve come out with and have mastered them all – many of them I’ve done the senior level on, but I’ve completed at least the junior level on each.

-I started my new babysitting job yesterday morning. The kids are so much fun! The youngest is only seven days old and is the cutest thing EVER! (I think I have more pictures of him on my phone than I even have of my cat…. ;)) The 13 month old is super crazy – his nickname is “Bam-Bam” (like from the Flintstones), and let me say – it fits him perfectly. I also get to watch their older sister who’s 5 years old – and that girl can count to numbers as high as the sky! (Haha, not literally – but she is really good with numbers.) Not only is she good with numbers, but this little girl (who hasn’t even started kindergarten yet) always beats me — a high school graduate — at Chutes and Ladders and always creams me in Wii Tennis!!! She has won every single game we’ve played.

-I received a box in the mail from The Better Chip Company. (I didn’t even know they were going to send me a t-shirt and a hat, too!)

I can’t wait to try them all out! Thanks so much, BetterChip! 🙂


Time for another What Kat Ate — #14! 😀

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting this party! 🙂

Recently my eats have been more snacky than anything. So I’ve called them Meal #1 – Meal #5 instead of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I also listed an approximate time I would have the meal at.

MEAL #1 – 7am

Because I had some apples I wanted to use up, I made a batch of my Spiced Chocolate Chip Oat Bars, upping the amount of apples three-fold and using sliced almonds in place of the pecans. And instead of topping it with peanut butter, I topped them with vanilla soymilk for a more “cereal –like” feel.

MEAL #2 – 10am

A delicious red apple with a big handful of almonds on the side.

MEAL #3 – 1pm

I had one of the Good n’ Natural Bars I got (the almond cranberry flavor).

And I had a big plate of Kale Chips on the side!

MEAL #4 – 3:30pm

A Strawberry Coconut Yogurt with a couple spoonfuls of ground flaxseed on top.

MEAL #5 – 6pm

A big glass of my Protein Green Smoothie.


Favorite Food pictured?? I’m loving the coconut yogurt myself. I am so grateful that companies have come out with a non-dairy alternative for yogurt. I seriously would have died without yogurt I love it so much.

What was your workout today? I’m going to do some weights before I go to bed (as I haven’t has the chance to do it earlier), but I guess all of my running around playing with kids could be considered a workout. 😉

What’s been going on in your life recently? Right now I’m preparing a spiritual thought for my scripture study class tomorrow night. I’m thinking of using the Dear Daughter letter (I shared the link in this post) and then bearing my testimony afterwards.


P.S. I hope to share with you my Chocolate SoyNut Butter recipe with you later this week – keep on the lookout for that beauty! 🙂



30 thoughts on “What Kat Ate #14! + My Life’s Rambles.

    1. I love the Greek-style coconut yogurt. (It’s actually the only kind of coconut yogurt I’ve ever tried.) I’ve also tried soy yogurt, which I’ve found is really good too. What kinds have you tried?  

  1. I miss babysitting! That used to be my go-to job but since I moved away for college, I have not found any new kiddos. I’m glad you are getting along well with your new kids!!!

  2. Nancy Drew game??! Sounds awesome..big fan right here :)) Everything looks so tasty..especially the big bad plate of kale chips!! Yummy!! Wednesday’s are my yoga days…today’s session had 1055 yogis and yoginis powering through asanas in the sun ☼ happy day 🙂

    1. It’s based on a spinner from 1-6 (so kind of like rolling a dice). Candyland is based on a deck of cards though (that might be the one you’re thinking of). I did win a few games of Candyland when we played it, but it always seemed I would slip on the slides down to the bottom when we plated Chutes and Ladders. It was a lot of fun playing though. 🙂  

  3. Babysitting is lots of fun! I take phone pictures of the little toddler I nanny for, too, so you’re not alone in that 😛

  4. I am so excited to try that yogurt. I haven’t seen it on shelves where I live yet but we tend to be pretty behind on awesome new products-I’ll check when I go to Cali next week. Congrats on finishing the 5k! That is way cool. especially since your knee has been giving you trouble. This morning I went for a 5k walk/run and it was nice.


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