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I Was In A Car Accident….

Last night I got into a car accident.

I just remember thinking “Oh no. What just happened?”

A family had picked me up to babysit and we were waiting (for a while actually) to turn left into another subdivision. That’s when it happened. (I learned later that as we were waiting to turn left a car behind us wasn’t paying attention and swerved to avoid us, and because the car behind them was following too closely had no warning and hit us from behind.) There was a little girl (about 2 years old) in the back seat who we were worrying about, asking her if she was okay. The back of the car wasn’t too damaged, but it was enough that the car couldn’t drive any more. Thankfully she was in her booster seat all strapped up (and she only cried a little at first about her head hurting), but she was soon all smiles and happier than ever (just a little cold from the chill outside). After we the car across the lanes over to the side to avoid getting hit by another car and got out, I called my parents and let them know what happened. They asked me how I was doing and I told them I wasn’t in any real pain at the moment (except for the initial jerk when my head had hit the headrest).

I still ended up babysitting that night, but I made sure I didn’t do anything crazy – I made sure to take it easy. The initial pain had gone away by then, but later on I started feeling the whiplash of it and developed a headache in the back of my head (and neck later that night) where my head had the impact.

The back of my head and neck just ache right now. My parents, sister, and friends are going to watch me over the next few days to make sure I’m okay. I don’t think I’ll have any lasting injuries from this, but I’ve heard that the real pain comes days after it happens. I haven’t taken any pain medication so far (and I hope it won’t reach the point that I will), so I’m just hoping the achiness goes away throughout the next few days.

Having this happen just a week and a half before I head up to Idaho has really made me reflect on what is going on in my life and what could have happened. Right after the hit, I just sat there thinking to myself how grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for protecting me.

It could have ended up a lot worse. It may not have been a simple rear-end. Car accidents can be really dangerous. I am just so grateful for my Father in Heaven for watching out for me. Before I left to go babysitting, I had the impression to grab a jacket or sweater (because it is just starting to get cold here in Texas even though it is almost the 25th of December). But since I couldn’t find the one I wanted soon enough (and the family was here to pick me up), I put the thought aside. Later on as I was standing in the cold for over 30-40 minutes, I realized how much the Lord cares. He knew what was going to happen. Recently I’ve increased my scripture reading time and I’ve really seen a difference it has made in my life. I’m closer to the Spirit. I know that the Lord looks out for His children. I’m so grateful that I survived. Being in an accident is really scary. I know I’ll be driving with more caution now on…


In other news, I just finished ThisFitChick’s workout program. Week 11 I didn’t separate the weights and cardio, but I did mix the order of the workouts. Week 12 I kept the order I did them the week previous, but separated the workouts a depending on my schedule (and the workout DVDs that came through the mail via Netflix). I did have one cardio session left today, but because of the accident last night I decided what my body really needed was rest, so I skipped that session. My parents don’t want me doing any heavy lifting for the next few days, so hopefully by Christmas I’ll be feeling better.

But now that I’ve completed the program, I can honestly say I have enjoyed it. I have seen amazing results with it. I didn’t measure myself beforehand or anything, but I know I’ve seen a difference in the muscle toning of my arms, legs, and abs. I feel stronger inside and out. I can now do about 10 push ups on my toes. (I’m still working on them, but I hope to get to the point that they are full on-the-toe push ups.) My endurance has increased from the high interval training cardio. I have really learned a lot about my strength and possibilities. I never knew I could lift heavy. And I enjoy my workouts more than ever. I’m not just there to do the same ol’ same ol’ – I’m there to grow stronger. I’m there to make change. And I’m there to have a little fun. I would definitely recommend the ThisFitChick’s workout programs. They provide everything you need to succeed. The nutrition/meal guidelines are adaptable for all different kinds of diets, and Carrie is there to help you out the entire way.


I hope to get my giveaway post up this week (as Tuesday is my blog’s 2nd birthday), and I also have been able to bake and create a few lovely dishes and treats I hope to share with you. This weekend is a busy one for me, but I’ll keep you updated on how I’m doing as soon as I can.

Have you ever been in a car accident? Any thoughts/tips on things I can do to heal and recover from it with more ease?

With lots of hugs,



34 thoughts on “I Was In A Car Accident….

  1. I tried to leave a comment, but seems it didn’t work! Trying again!
    I’m so sorry you had to go through that, I really hope you’re ok!

    Take care of yourself the next few days, and I hope you have a beautiful Christmas with your family 🙂

  2. I have been in two car accidents (neither one super serious, but a car accident is still a car accident) and I can say it does take awhile for the pain and the shock of being in an accident to subside. For your aches and pains, warm showers and loving family help. For the shock. that is all God’s domain! Turn to Him and He will take care of all your worries and strife. Lean on Him! I hope this helps and have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Hey Katie! 🙂 Thanks for your help. 🙂 My family really has been a support to me through this. They’ve been keeping an eye on me and making sure I’m doing okay. And now that I am and I so grateful for their love and kindness — it really makes a difference! But I also know that the Lord is who I really need to thank. He gave me my family and watches over me day and night. He loves me and wants me to reach the potential He knows is in me.

  3. Oh my. That must have been so scary. Really, we must thank the lord that you are safe. He does care, like you said, and is obviously watching over you. it could have been so much worse, but whiplash is serious. I hope you start feeling better and pain medications will be the farthest from your mind! (I hate taking them too, so I completely understand).

    On a completely different note 🙂 ..Congratulation son finishing This Fit Chick’s workout! And an almost Happy 2 years to you!!.

    1. Thanks so much, Madison. 🙂 I am really grateful for my Father in Heaven for being there for me. I know the situation could have ended up a lot worse, so being protected throughout it was truly a blessing.

      Thanks again! I really am excited to start this next year with Kat’s Health Corner and continue it through college. I may not have as much time to spend on it as previously, but I’ll still have fun and share my adventures (with both college and goodies and such). 🙂

  4. I have never been in a car accident before, and I am SO glad that you are OK!! My older sister has been in one before, though, and I think she ended up going to a chiropractor to help her recover from the pain in her neck. I hope you recover soon, and have a wonderful Christmas!!

    1. Thanks Kendra! 🙂 Apparently I have been in a car accident before when I was a little baby — my family was in Germany at the time and someone rear-ended my mom when she was driving me home from a store. Not fun either time. :\ But I’m so glad for all of the support I’ve gotten throughout it. I haven’t had to go to a chiropractor yet, but the pain in my head and neck have almost gone away now. They’re a little sore now, but much better than they were Friday night and Saturday morning/evening. 🙂 I hope you have a amazing Christmas with your family too! 🙂

  5. I’m so glad that you’re ok!! Car accidents can be scary, even if you’re not seriously injured, they can definitly shake you up.

    1. Thanks, Liz. 🙂 Yeah, they are really scary — especially since you sometimes don’t know the extent of the injuries until later (like in whiplash for instance). But I’m grateful for my family and their love and support throughout this.

    1. Thanks, Miranda! 🙂 Yeah, I’m glad I got out of that situation without much damage. It was quite scary, but I was really more concerned with the little girl in the back than I was of myself. Once it happened I knew I would be okay, so I took on the job of making sure she was okay while her mom tried to get us out of harms way from getting smashed again by oncoming traffic from behind. Because of her car seat she was secure and unhurt, which was a huge relief to me and her mom.

    1. Thanks, Jess. 🙂 Yeah, the workout have really been fun — the format they come in is perfect: they come with everything you need and Carrie is always there ready to help you out if you ever have any questions or concerns. I’m looking into her Elite Slim and Sculpt version to continue on with it this next semester — I’m sure it will be just as great as the Slim and Sculpt one just completed.

  6. Thrilled to hear that you’re okay! Car accidents freak me out, I hate seeing them on the road! 😦 This time of year no one seems to be paying attention, all people can think about is getting to the MALL as fast as possible to buy their last minute gifts! LOL

    1. Hey GiGi! 🙂 I agree — it does seem to be a mad house this time of year. We just went to the grocery store today to pick up a couple things we realized we had forgotten for Christmas Dinner tomorrow night and the place was PACKED! I was so glad when we finally got out of all of the crowds and craziness. Home can definitely feel like heaven on earth. 😉

  7. I was involved in a car accident earlier this year – thanks to a speeding p-plate driver :-/ I was sooooo shaken up for AGES!
    The funny thing is that when I left for work that morning I felt that something was wrong & I just kept praying all day asking the Lord to keep me safe! Our accident could of been so much worse – he hit the side of my car & had it been just a second later if would of been my door & I wouldn’t be here – I honestly believe God answered me prayer & kept me ‘safe’ – even if the car wasn’t – I WAS!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you were okay after that! One of my friend’s mothers told me of an experience they had when she, her husband, and her daughter (a friend I’ve known since I was 2) were coming home from the grocery store where my friend could have been killed in a almost-collision. They had reached an intersection and her husband had stopped and was about to continue forward when out of the corner of her eye she saw something and had an awful feeling from the Spirit. She then shouted out “STOP!!” and her husband hit the brakes. A few seconds later, a car raced through the intersection at speeds topping 60-70 mph, paying no heed to the stop sign ahead of him. Had she not followed that prompting from the Spirit to tell her husband to stop the car, that car would have crushed the side of the van and my friend would not be here today. I’m so glad that you followed the feeling you had. Human life is always more important than what happens to material things. Cars can be replaced, but you — your family — your friends — cannot. I’m so glad the Lord was with you and protected you through that. 🙂

      1. Wow! That is soooo great that the lady was so in-tune with the spirit! What a miracle! I’m so pleased they weren’t hurt!
        I’m glad you’re ok too 🙂 Thanks for sharing that story!

  8. I’m so glad you are alright despite being in an accident! I’ve never been in one before. This summer, though, I rode on a roller coaster and got really bad whiplash. I saw a chiropractor and he helped a lot. Also, try icing the parts or your body that hurt.

    1. Thanks, Karina. 🙂 I’m sorry about your roller coaster incident though. :\ How did you get whiplash from a roller coaster? Did it stop with such a momentum that it hit your hit your head/neck onto the back of the seat? :\

    1. Thanks, Kailey. 🙂 I agree — any kind of car accident (even small fender benders) can be terrifying. Especially after going through Driver’s Ed and watching those petrifying videos of car accidents at the end of the class. I’m just grateful my whiplash wasn’t as severe as some individuals end up with after being in a car accident.



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