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A New Chapter in Life: Kat Goes to College.

Thank you so much for all your tips on staying warm this winter. I’ve never had to face weather below 0 degrees F before, so all of your guidance really is appreciated. Thank you! 😀

I just finished my first days of classes and I absolutely LOVE THEM! The Math class is going to be really easy for me, the Nutrition class is going to be a fun one for me, and my Chemistry class is yes going to be harder than the others but I know I’ll appreciate having that background when I go towards Nutrition. (I always feel its best to have that scientific background so I can build upon it with principles and connect the dots of why’s and how’s.) I have two other classes in addition to my daily Chemistry class today, so I can’t say what I feel about those truly yet, but they are health and scriptures, so I am certain I will like them.

I checked out the gym here on campus yesterday afternoon, and let’s say I had a lot of fun lifting weights in front of guys. I’ve never done that before (as I’ve only ever done it in the privacy of my home), but it was a nice change. Heheh. 😉


As a part of my campus experience, I have the opportunity set some goals for the semester/year. But first, a recap on the previous year:

My 2012 goals:

  • Update a couple of recipes. (CHECK)
  • Share promised recipes, like my homemade sun butter, zucchini breads (my favorite version and my mom’s favorite version), and other goodies! (CHECK)
  • Pass the AP Physics Test. (CHECK)
  • Pass the AP English Literature Test. (CHECK)
  • Finish reading Around the World in 80 Days, Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, Mythology, and Frankenstein. (I read Around the World in 80 Days, but I haven’t started the other books yet. I might take a couple of them up to college with me just in case I get the urge to read.)
  • Finish reading both the Old Testament and New Testament by the end of summer. (I finished the New Testament and I am ALMOST done with the Old Testament. :D)
  • Complete my Church Youth Personal Progress Program again by the end of April. (CHECK)
  • Memorize the 25 scripture masteries for the Old Testament and the 25 for the New Testament. (CHECK)
  • Write more diligently in my journal. (½ check. I have been blogging, but I’m not as diligent on the journal writing as I used to be. Nowadays I write when I feel that urge to, and when I do I can spend hours on it writing all about what’s going on in my life at that moment, activities I’m doing, classes I’m taking, etc.)
  • Continue with my 2011 goal to get to bed earlier and to eat more of the rainbow. (½ check. I have been eating more of the rainbow, but I only went to bed early when I had to. Once my classes stopped during the break that early bedtime stopped too…)

And now that I have this new year right in front of my, I want to make the most of it. 

My Goals for this coming year, 2013, are to:

Enjoy College. This is a HUGE change for me. My family has done so much for me up to this point and I want to show them my gratitude by doing my best and embracing all of the opportunities I will have while at college. The transition hasn’t been too hard though – my roommates are really nice and are always willing to ask my questions. I starting to learn my way across campus and I love my professors.

Focus and find joy in my classes. I’m taking 5 classes this next semester: Chemistry (every morning at 7:45am), Financial Math, Introduction to Nutrition, Personal Health and Fitness, and Institute studying the scriptures. I am really excited to take them (especially since I have been dying to start them for ages!). I know there will be a lot of lessons I can learn and knowledge can gain through college, and I can’t wait to share these with you as I endeavor to find balance and peace in this new chapter of my life: Kat Goes to College.

Continue my blog, but making sure that my focus is on school. I really want to continue my blog to discuss my adventures (the ups and the downs) I face in college with finding balance with myself, staying fit, and eating healthfully (while on a budget). I will strive to update how I’m doing as much as I can, but I know that my classes and assignments have to come first. (The internet also doesn’t always work, so that will also take precedence over if I can or can’t that week.)

Keep up the Weight Lifting. It is a HUGE stress reliever for me and I know it helps me calm down and keep up the energy has I tackle my classes.

Practice the Piano more often. I love playing, but I haven’t been playing as much as I would like to. I’m bringing up my hymnal with me to play while in Idaho. (It’s been an enduring goal of mine to learn to play all the hymns in it – there’s over 300, so I know I’ll have to keep it up.) I may also be playing for church every Sunday, so if that becomes the case I will NEED to practice most days of the week to keep up my skills and get better.

Make Scripture Study and Prayer top priorities in my life. I have had countless witnesses in my life to how everything goes more smoothly when I put the Lord first in my life. I know college life can get pretty hectic, and I know I will need to stay close to the Spirit to be directed throughout this new chapter in my life.


What are some of your goals for this next year?

Have you started your classes?

With lots of hugs,


14 thoughts on “A New Chapter in Life: Kat Goes to College.

  1. I love your goals, both old and new! And I think I’ve said this before but I’m totally jealous of you going to college…I miss it! I definitly felt the same way about how my family really did a lot for me to help me go to college, so I wanted to make the most of it. Its a good goal to have!

  2. Good Luck in college! I just realized that it will be a
    very long time that Deme and I will see you again because we are
    planning on putting in our mission papers in February and hoping to
    leave at the end of the semester. You have been a great

    1. Awwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 🙂 Thanks, Sebastian! 🙂 That really means a lot to me for you to say that. 🙂 I hope you guys have a wonderful time on your missions — btw, you’d better tell me where you’re going! 😀

  3. So happy you’re liking school! I am sure you are going to do amazing and meet so many new friends!!!! I love your goals, I agree life just seems to go more smoothly and provides you more happiness when you have a close relationship with the Lord! I just started the nursing program 3 days ago and life has already seemed pretty chaotic, but I love that goal of yours and am going to try my best do do that as well!
    Good luck with college Kat, you’re going to love it! 🙂

    1. Hey Jentry! 🙂 First off, congrats into getting into your nursing program! I know that must have taken a lot of work and effort on your part, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. 🙂 Secondly, thanks so much for your sweet words ofencouragementand strength. I’m so glad that you’ll be working on the same goal I have. I know that as I stay close to the Spirit I’ll do better in all aspects of my life, not just in my schooling.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ❤


      1. Thank you so much Kat! Yes it was a struggle getting in, and still is getting through it, but I know it’s what I was meant to do and know it will be extremely rewarding in the end!
        I had to come back and tell you how much your words on this post have stuck with me all week! I keep continuing to pray to good for the sanity to not get overwhelmed with all I have to do and to be able to tackle it all one project at a time! This post has continued to help me all week and I just wanted to thank you for your reminder of letting God help you with these school struggles, sometimes I felt as if it was my own issue I’ll take care of this, you made me realize no issue needs to be dealt with on your own, He’s always there! Thanks so much Kat for sharing your belief and reminding me!

  4. Kat I am SO excited for you! I know you are absolutely going to thrive in the college environment…Those 2013 goals are great too!

    My 2013 goal would have to be focusing on strength training and toning. Since losing 135 pounds 4 years ago I am left with much saggy skin and I don’t love parts of my body as a result. I want to work towards toning what I can BUT also to grow to love my body and every inch that sags!


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