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Naturally Relieving Stress

Hey My Cinnamon Swirls!

How do you feel about stress? During the past weeks I’ve had the chance to relax a little bit (while still getting things done) and spend time at home with my family and friends. At school I pretty much lived in stress.  That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it kept me on my toes and helped me focus on my classes. But, I also know that not dealing with stress appropriately can have some negative effects on your health.

As a part of my journey towards balance I’ve been endeavoring to implement ways to lessen the stress in my life or at least deal with it appropriately. One thing that’s helped me is to have a good laugh every day. So, here is a video that I’ve been enjoying recently. Every time I watch it I can’t stop laughing since it’s so true! If you’re all into eating natural foods, I know you’ll enjoy this. 😉


with lots of hugs, 



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