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Adventures Driving a Smart Car = I Got My License!

Hey My Sunny Blue Skies!

Life likes to get busy even when you try to take a break. But, then again, I’m grateful for that, since I go insane when I have absolutely NOTHING to do. (One reason I cross-stitch, pin on Pinterest, play games with friends/family, etc. while watching a movie — I’ll get bored quickly otherwise.) In the midst of this busyness I went to the DPS and took my Driving Test!

After filling out the paperwork and taking new pictures/fingerprints/eye exam on Monday, I was off on my adventure.

Can you guess what I took my test in??

Yep! A Smart Car! 😀

It is absolutely ADORABLE!!! For years I’ve been joking with my parents that I should just take the test in a Smart Car since they’d be so easy to parallel park, so when my cousin offered to let me take my test in her car I quickly accepted!

(My cousin described to me that unlike other cars, Smart Cars are actually a combination between an automatic and a stick shift. So other than being smaller, they are actually built a little differently too — the car can either handle the clutch or you can control it. I never knew that about them. Getting used to the system was still fun though!)

When my appointment arrived, I headed out to the car, turned the keys, and drove the car to the back to meet with my testing instructor. My tester was super sweet and made me feel comfortable instead of scared. As with all driving tests, I started with parallel parking.

Like I would with a regular car, I lined up the back of the car with the pole, signaled right, put car in reverse, and turned the wheel one and a half times to the right.

I slowly backed up into the spot, and as soon as I passed the pole, I turned the wheel sharply to the left and aligned myself in the spot, adjusting as necessary.

Let’s just say I didn’t have to worry about hitting the poles while driving this car. (And it’s the easiest thing to park in regular parking spots too!)

Then I headed off around town, following the instructions of my driving test instructor. After backing up 50 feet; stopping at stop signs; turning right/left at traffic lights; and driving carefully through neighborhoods, around cars, and over speed bumps; we arrived back to DPS 15 minutes later.

At the end I got two thumbs up!

So now that I have my license, my parents get to add me to their insurance and I get to do drive around town doing errands for my mom and taking my sister to activities.

With freedoms come responsibilities too.

Any tips/advice for a new driver? 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ❤

With lots of strawberries and grapes,



8 thoughts on “Adventures Driving a Smart Car = I Got My License!

  1. Be safe!

    Congratulations on getting your license. I remember how excited (and scared) I was when I got mine back in high school 😀 That smart car is so cute and I bet it was fun to take your test in it!

    We have to do a parking portion for our driving test too, but it’s not parallel. How strange.

    Have fun driving Kathleen 🙂

    1. Thanks, Madison. 🙂 I’m really excited about getting my license. I could have gotten it when I was 16, but I decided to wait till 18 to go get it. I didn’t go around much during my high school years, so my permit was enough for me. If I did go anywhere, usually a friend could take me or mt parents were going there as well. But now that I’ve been in college for over a year and becoming more independent, I thought it would be a good time to get my license. The Smart Car was fun to take my test in! I’ve always wanted to drive a Smart Car since they’re so cute! (Now I really want one.) Do you just have a regular parking section in your state? I’ve always felt it was strange that my state demanded having parallel parking as a part of the test (since you rarely parallel park in the real world every day), but I guess it shows the control you have of your car…


  2. Congratulations on getting your driver’s license!! I didn’t get mine until I was 17 because I was absolutely terrified of driving. I failed the first time only because I cut across a parking space while I was pulling into the DMV, which made me quite upset. Luckily, I passed the second time, though I wasn’t required to do parallel parking. In my approximately two and a half years of driving, I have never had to parallel park–which is good, because I am not sure I could do it very well! It looks as though you did a fantastic job though:) I think it’s awesome that you got to do the test in a Smart Car, since they are small and easy to drive. One of my main tips is not to let other drivers bully you into going way over the speed limit, or making left turns at a green light (not a green arrow) when you aren’t sure you have enough time. Some drivers can be very impatient, at least where I live, and may get irritated if you aren’t going at LEAST five miles over the speed limit. I usually never go more than 3 miles over the limit, but maybe that is just me…I hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks, Kendra. 🙂 I don’t ever parallel park on a day to day basis either — I do “parking between the lines at the supermarket” WAY more than any other kind. I guess my state is a little strange in that regards, but I understand why they want it as a part of their test. We have some crazy drivers here. Defensive driving truly is the way to protect yourself while on the road.


  3. Congrats on the license! How exciting! I think it’s SO cool that you got to drive a smart car! I’ve always wanted to drive one, but don’t know anyone who has one! Also, would you believe that I’ve never parallel parked before? It wasn’t required for my driving test and I’ve always found parking spots besides parallel ones (or where I could just pull into the last spot on a street). Yuuup… I’m 26 and I’ve never parallel parked. 😉


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