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Favorite Way to Eat Vegetables

I love vegetables.

As a child I was like the character in Dr. Seuss’s book “Green Eggs and Ham” when it came to vegetables. I did not like vegetables because I never tried them.

But then I did.

And when I tried them, I fell in love.

YES, I would eat them in a house or with a mouse, or with a fox or in a box.

I would eat them here or there;I would eat them anywhere!

I love eating vegetables:

Sautéed in stir-fries.

Simmered in soup.

Scrambled in eggs.

Baked in fries.

Served with quinoa.

Blended in smoothiesAnd many more. 

But, right now, my FAVORITE way to eat them is:

Sliced in noodles as spaghetti! Zucchini + mushrooms + tomato = HEAVEN! ❤

What is your favorite way to eat vegetables?

With lots of hugs,


P.S. I’ll share the recipes for some of these veggies this week!


6 thoughts on “Favorite Way to Eat Vegetables

  1. Ooh I need to try that! I love spaghetti sauce so topping veggies with it would be great! 🙂


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