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Weight of a Nation

In my Health Promotion Program Planning Class, we watched the HBO’s series of “The Weight of a Nation.”

So many thoughts raced through my mind; here are a few of them:

  • Environmental influences have a great impact on how we feel about ourselves and about the world around us. Many people struggle with their weight. They are embarrassed and desire a greater quality of life. They get tired of feeling like failures.
  • It all starts in childhood: advertisers want to get them hooked fast.
  • Our children can be our motivation to make behavior changes now. “They are our future. They need us. They need us to care.”
  • “It’s not all about what you are eating, but what is eating you.”
  • There is no magic bullet. It’s a change of lifestyle, behavior, and habit. They need support and be realistic for themselves.
  • It isn’t all about food; many times it can be a reason under the surface, and it’s important to address those other aspects of life as well. (Hardship in emotional and social and family life, stress, hormonal, etc.)


What are your thoughts on the obesity epidemic? Where should interventions start?



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