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Epigenetics: Begin Before Birth

In my Nutritional Biochemistry class, we are studying the effects of Epigenetics on health; epigenetics is the process of our diet and environment placing little chemical “flags” and “markers” on our the DNA that then impacts the gene’s expression and therefore our risk for developing certain diseases.

Preparing for class on Monday, I just watched this video this morning, and it motivated me to continue making healthful choices now and in the future. My greatest desire is to be a mother, and I want the best for my future children. My mother has changed me for the better, and I want to take care of myself so as to help them be healthy throughout their lives.

How amazing our bodies are! 🙂


One thought on “Epigenetics: Begin Before Birth

  1. I learned something this afternoon about the new science of epigenetics. I knew that when women take care of themselves while pregnant, their babies can be born healthier. What I didn’t know was that the mother’s health can turn on or turn off genetic markers that will impact the child throughout life. I thought of the little ones born to mothers who used drugs or alcohol–how sad not only at their birth but later on. The scientist is right. We need to take greater care with not only our pregnant women, but before they conceive. Health is crucial for all our future mothers.


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