My Life

Life plans change, but that’s okay!

I can barely believe how fast time has gone by these past few months. I am humbled by the blessings of the Lord. I can see His hand helping me understand the concepts in my classes. Before I study, I pray that the Lord will help me understand the concepts I am learning in such a way that I can go out and help others understand it as well. In a couple of weeks, I will finish up another semester of classes.


And then, right after Final Exams, I am getting married to my best friend! He’s a biochemistry major, and I am grateful for how he always puts the Lord first in all that he does. I love him, and I am excited to start a new life with him. I am grateful for the power of the Lord to seal families together in His House.


I have decided not to go to Peru for my internship. It was a painful decision, but hopefully I can go later on. When I have prayed about it, I feel that I am needed here and that I can continue to serve the Hispanic population here where I am. Starting in August, I will be an intern for a Outpatient Dietitian with her Certified Diabetic Educator certification. I am excited to apply the principles I have learned in Public Health to serve others.

This week in my Community Health Methods class, we are talking about Social Media, and I realized how much I have missed blogging! I look forward to having fun posting and sharing with you!


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