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Meal Planning + Avocado Sandwich

Meal planning. That is a skill I want to develop. As a single student, I could buy whatever I would like and make meals I wanted at that moment with what I had. Now that I am married, we are tighter on money. I’ve had fun cooking for the two of us these past few weeks, and I am learning through trial and error. 

Last night as we drove home from our shopping trip to Winco (where we stocked up on some essentials, such as quinoa, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other ingredients I need for some recipes we want to try), we wrote out what we had spent on food for the past few weeks and what meals we wanted. My goal today is to plan out our meals so we can make sure to have the necessary ingredients on hand.

One meal we planned for today was an avocado sandwich. We wanted something with an Hispanic cuisine flavor, so we sliced some of my homemade bread (which I baked in bread pans instead of the large tin cans, since we don’t have any tin cans I can use), and we topped it with lite mayo, homemade style refried beans, avocado, and salt and pepper. It was delicious. I like to eat mine open-face style.

What are some of your favorite sandwich toppings? We would love ideas!

Have you ever meal planned before? What strategies have helped you?

One thought on “Meal Planning + Avocado Sandwich

  1. For sandwiches I use sweet potatoes, avocados, spinach with eggs, smoked salmon with hot sauce, sliced dates with almond butter for a pre-run booster (Oh those were the days!), banana & PB, peaches & honey, and oh my gosh the combos are endless it seems for many favorites!


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