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The Many Adventures of Kat

There is much to say. So much has happened during these past months.

Earlier this year I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Public Health. I am grateful for all my professors and for all I have learned from them. Though I was scared to take Biochemistry, it was actually my favorite class I took throughout my college degree. I have learned that I love learning. I love understanding how the body works (physiology and biochemistry), and I love sharing what I have learned with others. In upcoming posts, I plan to share some tips that have helped me throughout my college years (and continue to help my husband as he is finishing up his degree) to live a healthy lifestyle while studying full-time, as well as tips with time management.

We are now entering another chapter of life. My husband and I are now expecting our first baby. We are so excited. I am currently about 18 weeks along. I survived the first trimester of nausea, and now my nausea is pretty much gone (with the exception of still not liking the smells of certain foods). Currently, I just have to be careful to not stand up too quickly, because I tend to faint/get light-headed. I am trying to stay active, and I have discovered pregnancy-friendly workouts. I just tried a couple of them last night and this morning from BabyFit by Amy: Prenatal Workouts.

With this new addition to our family (and entering a whole new chapter of life), I feel like my focus in life (and this blog) is going to change. While I did want to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and took the classes I would need to apply for Master’s programs to become one, I now feel that my time might not be now to go on and become an RDN. I had the impression to not wait too long to start our family. While I am nervous, it is an act of faith, and now we have a little one coming at the end of the year. Therefore, now I will focus on my family and help them grow strong and healthy.

While I will wait to become an RDN, I feel I can at least become certified in Public Health. I am currently preparing to take the CHES exam, which is an exam I can take to become a Certified Health Education Specialist and be certified to work in Public Health. This is a step I feel I can take in my life and complete before our little baby comes.

With all these new adventures, I plan to refocus my blog on how to promote healthy living in a family. I hope to share some of my adventures along the way as I start this new chapter of life. (Still expect recipes along the way!)


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