Coolest Shaved Ice Truck EVER! + Wisdom Teeth

This past week you could catch me:

Baking cupcakes, cookies, and bread.

I made these into the shape of a wedding dress.

And mini rainbow-colored cupcakes. They were so adorable!

I also made Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars, along with my sister’s request of “Pink Cookies.”

But my favorite one has been my Great-Harvest-Inspired Honey Whole Wheat Bread. And yes, it tastes just like it but costs a lot less. Perfect for this money-pinching time in society. Don’t worry, I’m working on the post right now. 😉

Seeing cool shaved ice trucks! Earlier this week my sister heard Jamaican music outside, ran to the window and spied this shaved ice truck driving around our neighborhood!

Excited, she hurriedly called me from upstairs to come and see the new truck in our neighborhood. When I got downstairs, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a paradise on wheels, playing Jamaican jamborees and serving colorful ices! It was legit! Simply the coolest shaved truck EVER! 😀

Painting notebooks.

Shopping at thrift stores. I got 14 new skirts and 1 blouse for only $70!!! Gosh I love thrift stores. ❤

And I found the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice at Target for only $5.

I HAD to get it. I ❤ Darcy. 

And getting stuff done that has to happen whether I want to or not… I went to the oral surgery center at the military AFB Monday morning for a wisdom teeth evaluation. They took me right in, got some x-rays, explained the process, and scheduled me to have all my wisdom teeth removed on the 28th, this coming Monday!

We went to the grocery store yesterday and picked up a couple of things for next week after my surgery. Right now I have organic soy-milk, almond milk, green smoothies, water, broth, soy yogurt, butternut squash soup, and applesauce. I’m guessing I’ll be living on a lot of liquids next week, with more creamy stuff later in the week or the week after. I’ll see how I feel after the procedure next week.

Any tips for when I have my wisdom teeth removed? Anything I should know before the procedure Monday morning?

I could use with all the help I could get… I don’t do well with needles or surgical stuff… And they’ll be giving me an I.V. and a pill to make me less aware of what is going on… Mine are all still underneath my gums and haven’t erupted at all, so I don’t know how long the surgeon will take doing it. I know I can’t use straws and have to use a lot of mouth wash since I can’t brush my teeth until the gums heal. I don’t know a lot other than that.

With lots of hugs,


What Kat Ate #20

Hey my Spectacular Morning Rays of Sunshine! ❤

I’m back for another What Kat Ate — #20!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting this awesome party! 🙂


Reese’s PB Cup Oatmeal: Oats, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Cinnamon (optional), and Vanilla extract, cooked with either milk of choice or water and topped with a big dollop of Peanut Butter to melt on top. (I have seriously had this every morning for a long time…. Heheh.)

SNACK: 10:00am

A batch of my Reese’s PB Cup treat and a baked spiced apple, alongside a glass of unpictured soymilk.

LUNCH: 2:00pm

A bowl of lentil soup with black beans and spinach, alongside a bowl of French style green beans (topped with smart balance lite buttery spread) and a sliced orange.

DINNER: 6:00pm

Whole wheat pasta with a mixture of beans (I cooked a bag of 15-bean soup beans in my crock pot and love to eat them just like that), a steamed broccoli and cauliflower, topped (or pretty much drenched) with lots of chunky vegetable spaghetti sauce.

SNACK: 8-9:00-ish

If I’m hungry (or had a really intense workout that day), I’ll have a snack in the evening, i.e., a frozen banana topped with cinnamon alongside a glass of soymilk. (Unpictured.)

My meals really vary depending on the day. My last one is an example of a 5-6 meals a day, while this one is a 4-5 meals a day. It really just depends on my schedule that day and where everything fits. It might also change this next semester since I’ll have different classes at different times and places.


Green Smoothie Challenge

Btw, Katherine is holding another 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge – 2013 Spring Cleaning Edition. 

What do you do? Just add one green smoothie to your daily eats each day for a week! 🙂

I think this will be fun and a great way to start off my next semester of classes — in a vibrant, energizing green way. Since my classes are starting back up this next week I won’t be able to post about my smoothie every day, but I hope you’ll join me in a little green party action. 🙂

With lots of hugs,


Workouts, Shopping, Game Night, Expos, Exams, Papers = Crazy Fun Life.

Hey My Frosty Snowflakes!

This past week has been SUPER busy and crazy, but fun. 🙂

In addition to a paper on Thursday, group activity that weekend, Game Night on Friday, working at an Expo all day Saturday, preparing my lesson throughout the week (which involved a lot of work on my part) and teaching my Sunbeams on Sunday (all the work paid off because they all had a BLAST! I’ve never seen my little ones so happy and having so much fun with the lesson!), and babysitting jobs and a big exam on Monday — I’m currently freezing (a cold front came in and it’s 69*F in my house. I am SO cold right now even though I shouldn’t be!). I opened my box of clothes I had packed for Idaho and have been wearing them because everything else I have in my closet is short sleeves. (I guess this cold is preparing me slightly for what I’ll experience in January… if it’s anything like this… I know I’ll need layers. Lots of them.)

Nonetheless, the cold isn’t stopping me while I get ready for my scripture study class tonight, another paper and gathering activity this weekend, a Thanksgiving activity with the girls in my church (I get to make cupcakes! :D), preparing for Thanksgiving Day this next week (which includes a new pumpkin pie recipe with homemade vegan evaporated milk), preparing for a YW in Excellence coming up in a few weeks (YW in Excellence is a night where the young women in my church come together and share some of the things they’ve done that year, including school, activities, projects, etc.) and participating in a research project for a student in my school. I’ve been quite busy, but life has been great! 🙂

In the midst all of this, I have been able to fit in my workouts. (They are the only thing that has kept me sane.) This past week was Week 6 of ThisFitChick’s workout program – the half-way mark. As a part of that, I did 3 split days of heavy lifting with HIT cardio. I upped a few of my weights, but others I’m keeping the same and just focusing on form. I also combined my weight workouts for Friday and Saturday into one workout because they both focus on the arms and my arms were KILLING me last week on Saturday because I didn’t get a day between to rebuild, and I also knew I would be busy on Saturday (doing the expo all day – I talk about it below). So I combined them into a longer workout. It worked. The workout was more arduous (as my arms were getting very tired y the last reps), but they also had the chance to rebuild Saturday and Sunday before I did my next session. I know I’ll be doing that again this weekend (I’ll probably separate the workouts and do both weight sessions on Friday and do the more cardio-session on Saturday to keep things balanced).

Before I did my workout Friday afternoon I went shopping to 4 different stores: Kohls, Bath and Body Works, Target, and Payless (as well as going to the bank to make a deposit). I live less than a quarter-mile from these, so I just walked. I would tell you everything I got, but because some of the things are presents I can’t spill the beans (mi familia reads my blog). One thing I did get was a shirt I’ve been eyeing at Kohl’s for a while:

The last time I went to Kohl’s I found a shirt like this (It’s this shirt, but the stripes go across on the top instead of up and down) and loved it, but decided on a different one. When I went Friday caught my eye again and I knew just HAD to have it. 🙂

Once I got home (and did my workout), I made my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars (this time used applesauce in place of the tofu and a French vanilla cake mix in place of the yellow cake mix). Once the party started they started to disappear very quickly. 😉 There were a lot of teens who came over and we played lots of games and had a lot of fun.

After it was over, I shared with two of my friends these three videos from Tim Hawkins, and because I love them so much I wanted to share them with you: The Government Can, Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife, and Tim Hawkins on Teenagers. My sister shared these with me and they always make me smile. (If you watch them, tell me your favorite parts! :D)

One of my dear friends also gave me a Dr. Seuss t-shirt!

Since I read Dr. Seuss’ book “Oh the Places You’ll Go” at my HS Graduation, this shirt brings back so many memories and it really means a lot to me that she would do that. I wore it to the Expo I worked at and everyone was asking me where I got it. I had the pleasure of telling them my friend gave it to me. 🙂

Talking about the Expo, Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to help at the Expo for the Rock n Roll Marathon and ½ occurring the next day. I worked up front from 9am-5pm (with a small break in-between to refuel with lunch), and then helped organize everything, clean up, and put stuff away into the truck afterwards. Even though I was SUPER tired after I got home (and the day after that), I had a blast. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to do this because I learned how to use a credit-card machine and practice my social-people skills (which is always a good thing). I must say, I handled many credit cards and started liking them (because they can be so pretty and have the cutest pictures on them), but that’s one of the reasons I don’t have one. I have a debit card (I need to find out how to change my pin for it though since it’s been over a year since I last used it….), but I won’t be getting a credit card any time soon. (Not that I would want one either; they can be financially dangerous for young college students.)

In addition to helping out, I also got to pick out one of the t-shirts they had there. I picked one of the long-sleeved shirts that said “Some girls chase boys. I pass ’em.” Heheh. I was also eyeing the shirt that said “Forget glass slippers, this princess wears tennis shoes.” Next time I go to one of these (or work at one) I’ll see if I can find it.

(I also got a little sticker that says “I ❤ Recycling.” I had gone around to the other booths before I started working, and one of the other exhibitors gave me a sticker when I told him I was taking an Environmental Science class and learning all about what he was talking about.)

Btw, I found this DIY for styling curly hair via Pinterest and I LOVE IT! Some days (when I have the time and want to do it) I will blow-dry my hair with a round brush, but usually I do it curly or simply natural (wavy). This DIY styling for a curly hairstyle is so convenient, easy to follow, and doesn’t take much time. It definitely works for those days where I have a busy schedule ahead of me.

In addition to a crazy (but fun) life, one thing that has been pretty consistent have been my breakfasts. I’ve seriously had this Vegan Pumpkin Spice Milkshake for breakfast every single day for over a week (with either pecans or sliced almonds).

And it’s official:

I reached the bottom of my 6 lb bag of frozen strawberries.

After I took this picture Sunday afternoon, they quickly disappeared. Heheh.


What is some busy, crazy, fun stuff going on in your life?

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! (*Hahah. I say like a 3-year-old. No wonder I fit in with my Sunbeams so well.)

Do you ever eat a cold breakfast when you are cold and it makes you even colder?

Yeah. That’s what happens to me when I eat the pumpkin milkshake and frozen strawberries.

Do you like Dr. Seuss? Running? Running Shirts? Shopping?

I’m not much into long-distance running, but I do enjoy running around just for fun if I’m playing with kids or “passing” a boy. 😉

With lots of hugs,