I love talking about the Chemistry of Food and How the Body WorksThese are some of my favorite posts!

Can We Believe What We See On TV?

Why Is Fat So Important?

Favorite Ways to Eat Vegetables

Food I ate the week I had my Wisdom Teeth Removed

Can We Believe What It Says On The Label?

Is Corn Bad For You?

Should I Eat Completely Organic?

Is Oatmeal Actually Good For You?

The Carb Consideration

Why Is Water SO Important?

What Is A Balanced Diet?

Should I Care If I Go Blind?

Why I Don’t Drink Milk

What would you say to a doctor who told you this?

My Secrets

Hungry For Change

7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Green Smoothie Challenge Update

Q&A Eating Disorder Answered: Round 1Round 2

More Q&A’s Answered

The Great Questionnaire: It’s Up To You!

Another Questionnaire

3 thoughts on “Nutrition

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  3. SO I love you because we love the same things! I could go on FOR DAYS AND DAYS (oh wait I do) about health and nutrition! HA HA HA! If only we could meet, we would have never ending CONVOS! But I guess following each other’s blogs is good enough! 🙂

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