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What Kat Ate + ThisFitChick’s Workout Program

Hey My Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spice Swirls! 🙂

I’m so glad that you enjoyed my grain-free cookies. I know my family and I have been enjoying them, and I love how there are so many whole ingredients in them! (I’ve also come up with Chocolate Soy-Nut Butter, so I’ll be sharing that deliciousness soon, too!)

I thought it was time to do another What Kat Ate #18– “Fall”ing into Healthful Habits Style.

Thank you so much for holding this party every week, Jenn! It is always so much fun! 🙂


My Vegan Pumpkin Spice Milkshake, topped with Dark Chocolate Chips and chopped Pecans (both of which I added more after stirring them in – they are just so delicious that way).


I had been craving some spinach for lunch, so I made myself a 10oz package of it (I get it frozen and cook it for convenience), steamed a fillet of tilapia (topped with no-salt seasoning and a little season salt), and had both along with a side of chickpeas which I like eating rinsed straight from the can. (I really need to try roasted chickpeas though – I’ve heard they’re SO good!)


I had a Chocolate Raspberry Fiber Luna Bar for my snack. I always love snacks (and breakfasts!) that involve chocolate. This was a little sweet for my taste, but still good.


I tried Two Peas in a Pod’s Vegetarian Quinoa Chili for dinner. (Thank you Pinterest!) It is SO good! I loved it so much (my family enjoyed it too, which I was SUPER excited about!). I especially love how easy it was to throw together. The recipe originally calls for it to be made in the stove, but it worked beautifully in the crock-pot. (I started it around lunch and cooked it on high until dinner time.)


Carrie from This Fit Chick contacted me and asked me if I would like to try out one of her workout packages(I had seen her mention them on her blog a few days previously, and I thought it would be a lot of fun!)

Each of her workout packages are only $20 – $30 at most for each, which is much more affordable than many other workout programs I have seen — and you get so much information and support from it! She has 3 workout programs right now:

  • Strength and Hypertrophy Workout Program (If you are looking to increase muscle mass, gain strength and achieve a strong and muscular physique.)
  • Slim and Sculpt Workout Package (If you are looking to turn your body into a fat burning machine and achieve a lean and sculpted look.)
  • Customized Training Programs (If you are looking to achieve specific fitness goals and want a more individualized program.)

And each workout program consists of:

  • A Periodized 12 Week Training Program
  • A supplemental workout log to go along with your program
  • A nutrition tips and guidelines sheet
  • 12 Weeks of online consultation from me to answer any questions you have during your program.

She sent me the Slim and Sculpt Workout Package to try out. I’ll keep you updated with how this goes for me. (I just did my first workout this morning.) I love being able to have a workout plan set in front of me – not only does it help keep my workouts fun, but it also makes working out easier as I focus on my college classes. 🙂


What is one healthful habit you are working on this fall?

I’m striving to get enough sleep at night. When I don’t, I can’t focus and it just inflicts extra stress on my body it doesn’t need. I also get more done throughout the day.

Favorite food pictured?

I’m really liking the quinoa chili. I will HAVE to make some more of that soon. 😉

Do you prefer cardio or weights? Which do you enjoy more?

I really like weights. I just feel so powerful after doing them. 😉

With lots of hugs,

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What Kat Ate #16: Family Camp Edition!

Hey my Gorgeous Petunias! 😀

Thanks for all of your comments on my apple piggy post. I had so much fun making that with my Sunbeams as our activity to go along with the lesson. Each week I find how much I haven’t grown up and that I’m still a little girl in some regards. Like how you can’t take the kitten out of the cat, you can’t take the little girl out of me. I just enjoy it too much. 😉


I had a lot of fun this past week at the Family Camp. I got to hang out with a lot of my friends that I don’t get to see very often and we had a blast. 🙂 We had three dances (and yes, I danced with a lot of boys. They were all very sweet and very much like gentlemen, which really impressed me.), went canoeing (I went out twice: once with a friend and once with my dad, which was really cool since my dad and I both love canoeing, so it was a great chance to bond), went on a hike (it involved an arduous uphill climb at the beginning, but it was pretty smooth sailing after that), played Ultimate Frisbee (the other teens really made me feel special when playing it – they actually called me their secret weapon, as there was rarely anyone guarding me, and I happened to be a really great catcher; they were all very supportive and encouraging and it really made my day. :)) and Capture the Flag, wrote letters to my friends (I set aside the time to write personalized letters to each of my friends. I know it means a lot to me when I get one, so I wanted to do the same for them. And I wanted to thank them for everything they’ve done for me over the years. They’ve always been there for me and have supported me through the ups and downs of life. I am just so grateful for what they’ve done and wanted to share that with them.),wrote in my journal, read my scriptures, went to an early morning scripture study class, and just hung out with my friends talking and laughing and giggling and sharing good times. I have a little extra time this week before my classes start the 8th and 10th, so I will be writing about my experiences in there soon. 🙂

And not only were the activities fun, but the food was delicious too! I’m always impressed by all the delicious options they have there. And gosh, the “salad” bar was AMAZING! They also had an “oatmeal” bar (“a bar full of different toppings to top your oatmeal with” kind of bar) was a dream come true. So talking about the food, I thought I’d join Jenn’s party this week and show you what I had.

Here’s another What Kat Ate: Family Camp Edition!

(Note: I did not photograph everything I ate. This past week I focused more on enjoying the food than picturing it, but it was a delicious week nonetheless.)


Bowl of BetterOats Pure and Simple MultiGrain Oatmeal (with barley, oats, wheat, quinoa, and rye) topped with dried blueberries, almonds, pecans, and dried blueberries, and dusted with cinnamon and covered with almond milk. I also had a few apple quarters with it.


This meal we had Hawaiian Haystacks. I had myself a lovely green salad with a plate of mixed greens, cucumbers, sliced carrots, chopped bell pepper, chopped celery, sliced almonds, diced avocado, and pineapple tidbits alongside a bowl of brown rice with ground black pepper, shredded coconut, sliced almonds, sliced baby carrots, and celery pieces. Yum yum yum. 🙂


[Reused picture, as I never got a picture of it up at camp.] I brought a container of hummus with me to camp, and whenever snack time came around the hummus always sound good. So that’s what I enjoyed along with baby carrots every afternoon. It’s one of my favorites pairs.


Another salad. I had a salad with both lunch and dinner while I was up there (yep – I took advantage of the wonderful selection). This salad creation involved mixed greens, sliced baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, sunflower seeds, sliced hard boiled eggs, pineapple tidbits, sliced celery, and diced avocado. Alongside a bowl of broccoli.


[Another reused picture, as I didn’t ever have my camera around when I drank this at camp.] This usually involved almond milk and/or watermelon. Once I even had some chocolate chip zucchini bread my friend brought with her (which was quite good – one of Angela from Oh She Glow’s recipes in fact). Both were very cold and very delicious.

Overall, my week was delicious (and a WHOLE lot of fun).


Favorite Food Pictured? I’m a sucker for breakfast foods (always have been and always will), so I’ll go with the oatmeal. The salads were really good too though, so it’s a close one. 😉

What are some of your favorite foods to bring on a campout? I love bringing things like hummus, almond butter, precut veggies, fruits, sandwiches, etc.

Excited about the new school year starting? I’m excited to start my first college classes in a couple weeks. Summer has been a lot of fun, but I’m really looking forward to the structure that comes with the school year.


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What Kat Ate (#15)! + Music I’ve Been Enjoying!

Hey My Gorgeous Readers!

Thanks for your comments on my post on some of my favorite protein-rich breakfasts. I’ve had fun in the kitchen these past years and I am always excited to share a recipe with you. I haven’t had much time or energy to do much experimenting recently, but in a few weeks I should have some more time on my hands for some fun. 😉

Time for another What Kat Ate (#15)!

Thanks Jenn for hosting this party! I always enjoy joining the fun! 🙂


1/3 cup oat bran with 2 tbsp ground flaxseed, 1 tsp cinnamon, and a chopped apple stirred in. Alongside this delight I had 1 full egg + 2 egg whites cooked with no-salt seasoning (the organic kind from Costco) and a little seasoned salt. (I’m not to the point where I can eat 2 full eggs making it myself, as I used to view them as danger foods, but I’m taking it one step at a time.)


I have to take my own food to my job, so this time I took an apple (or nectarine – I really like those too), ¼ cup almonds, and 1/3 cup soynuts. (I don’t always bring such a boring lunch – the one I brought today involved chickpeas and almond butter and such. But they always have to be something that can last out of a fridge until lunch, since I leave early in the morning to get over there.)


When I get home from my job, I usually am starving and grab a snack. This time I had myself a big delicious bowl of my Cacao Pecan Pumpkin Ice Cream. I absolutely ADORED the crunch the cacao nibs added to the bowl – and they are also high in fiber and include healthy fats for my skin, hair, and nails. Win-win situation. 😉


A Morningstar Chik’n Breast Patty (x2) cut into strips (they are just more fun to eat that way for some reason ;)) alongside a juicy pear and 3-4 large stalks of celery sliced and frosted with peanut buttah. ❤ (This was one of the nights that we fended for ourselves for dinner, if you get what I mean.)


I have been obsessing over YouTube music videos/songs this summer. I’ve found a few that I thought you might enjoy. 🙂

  • This is an “Piano Solo for the Pirates of the Caribbean – I wish I can play like that some day. One day. 🙂
  • I love One Direction’s song “What Makes You Beautiful” (click here for the original version by One Direction) , so when my friend told me about this version by PianoGuys– it involves 5 Piano Guys and 1 Piano, and I just HAD to check it out. I was stunned. What a beautiful rendition of it. 🙂
  • Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch
  • God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton (This is how I feel for my family and my friends – and for you guys! Thank you ALL SO much for always being there for me!)
  • Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful by Kelly Pickler
  • Little Moments by Brad Paisley (I think this song is just very cute. :))
  • Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Levato (I’m so glad that Demi is turning her life around after having gone through struggles with body image and an eating disorder. It’s so good to see her back in the scene as strong as ever. :))
  • Footloose by Blake Shelton (This one just makes me want to jump up and dance!!, especially since I know a line dance to it!) 😀
  • The Trouble With Girls by Scotty McCreery
  • One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks (I love how this song talks about how life is something we have to take one step at a time. Just like how I mentioned above about how I can’t have 2 full eggs yet — sometimes you just have to take it one step at a time.)

Go check them out when you have some free time – they are some of my FAVORITES! ❤

I’m going to go do some weights now and finish up a reading assignment for my scripture study class tomorrow night, so I’ll talk with you soon! Thanks for always being there for me! 🙂


Favorite food pictured? I’m really loving my cacao pecan pumpkin soft serve right now – it is SO good and good for you!

What are some of your favorite portable foods to take with you for jobs? I’d love some variety for things to take, but it seems like I’ve run dry of ideas. What are your thoughts??

What are some of the songs you are loving right now? Please feel free to link up some of your favorites in the comments below! 🙂