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{Panera Inspired} Black Bean Soup

I love black bean soup.  Ever since I visited Panera for the first time with my dear friend, I fell in love with their black bean soup. However, my college-sized budget can't bend to eat out every weekend. Therefore, these past few weeks I decided to create my own recipe inspired by Panera's black bean soup. After… Continue reading {Panera Inspired} Black Bean Soup

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Easy-Peasy Split Pea Soup

While up in Idaho, I had the chance to play around with my crock-pot. (Adding amounts of ingredients by the smell of the dish, I felt just like Ratatouille! ;)) I like recipes that taste fantastic with simple ingredient lists. This is that kind of recipe. What is it? My Easy-Peasy Split Pea Soup! Chop… Continue reading Easy-Peasy Split Pea Soup

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I still can't believe that I'm an adult. Turning 18 is a huge age change – I've gone from childhood to an official adult. I felt like an adult before, but for some reason today I feel even more like one. I celebrated this weekend with some fun: I saw PianoGuys LIVE at their concert… Continue reading THE BIGGEST SURPRISE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE + Brown Rice Pudding