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Exciting News + Healthy Strawberry Jam

Hi My Dancing Raindrops! It's so nice to see the rain outside. We don't get a lot of rain where I live in Texas, so I always get excited when I hear the raindrops dashing across my window is music to my ears. ❤ I have some exciting news this week! * GIRL TALK ALERT!… Continue reading Exciting News + Healthy Strawberry Jam

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There are Tears of Joy Falling as I Type This.

*The following talks about girly-type issues, so if you are a guy or simply are uncomfortable about reading those kind of things, skip this post and look forward to my next post in a few days on some of the things I've gotten for college!* Earlier this year my endocrinologist put me on the BC… Continue reading There are Tears of Joy Falling as I Type This.

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A Bar Of Dark Chocolate.

Hey My Very Cherry Berries! 😀 The results are in, and as of right now the polls are as follows: Would you rather….. Making a Mess in the Kitchen and Reading a Book were the most popular! I agree with both! Though, I have my days that I just want to snuggle up on the… Continue reading A Bar Of Dark Chocolate.