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Late Night “No-Bakes” + Suns, Flowers, and Seeds!

Hey my Absolutely AMAZING Buttercups! ❤

Thanks for all of your comments on my last post: my Buttermilk Oatmeal Pancakes. Those are seriously my favorite pancakes now: and I love how incredibly filling they are!

There are some “healthy” things I probably will never be able to get my sister to eat. But, when I got her to try one of my single lady banana cream pies, she fell in LOVE.

She fell in love with them so much with that she and I, at 9:30pm at night, were in the kitchen whipping up some yummies.

We took different roles: she prepared the banana filling while I handled the crust.

She had never made them before, so I just guided her through the steps – she caught on pretty quickly. 🙂

Lastly, she decorated them with chocolate chips and some almond slices, and then we stuck them in the freezer.

This is what they looked like in the morning!

Awwwwhhhhh, so good. I’m so glad that she loves these as much as I do! I always know something’s good if my sister really likes it. 🙂

And just like how my sister has been making a lot of my single lady banana cream pies…

…I’ve been making a lot of these! 😀 Practically every day I have one of these, in one form or another.

But there is something different about this one than all the others I’ve eaten!

Can you guess? It involves suns, and flowers, and seeds, and butter.

Yep, it’s SUN BUTTER! ❤

Don’t worry; I’ll be sharing the recipe next!


Here’s what’s been going on with my workouts and sleep goal!

Workouts: I’ve been having fun with my treadmill recently: trying out different inclines, various speeds, interval training, running, jogging, etc. On Monday I did an intense incline workout (my backside REALLY felt it); yesterday was a 5k on my treadmill while singing/listening to the Tarzan and Little Mermaid II soundtracks (I was running at 7 mph to some of the songs) varying between running, jogging, and speed walking; and today was an incline workout with some weight lifting beforehand (total body and abs). Since trying different speeds and pushing myself a little, I’ve found that I CAN run: I am capable of it; I never thought I could, but I’ve found that I CAN!

Sleep: I went to bed at 9:15pm last night! 😀 I never thought I would ever be able to go to bed with a 3 digit number on my clock (and to willing do it makes me even more amazed!). Even though I went to bed at 9:15, I realized I was still tired this morning. I guess I am starting to recognize those messages my body sends saying “TIME TO GO TO BED!” Before, collapsing on my bed and practically passing out (three hours past the time my body wanted to go to bed) used to be what told me I was tired. Now I know I CAN go to bed at a decent time. I CAN.


What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your family? I like anything that I get to just spend that one-on-one time with them, whether that be folding laundry, doing dishing, grocery shopping, writing cards, riding bikes, coloring in a coloring book (when I have the time – yes, I still love doing that!), or just playing a game!

Do you have a favorite snack you just can’t get enough of? Bananas (frozen) with nut/seed butter for me!

Have you ever thought you would never be able to do something to find out later that you CAN do it? Have you ever just had to push yourself a little to try something to find out you like it? Like with school or work; fitness/working out; or cooking or baking. Overcoming hardships? Conquering fears? Jumping off a pole? (You can read about my experience here.)


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My Alibi In Ashes Is Lollihopping

Hey My Beautiful 2011 (soon to be 2012) Snowflakes! 🙂

How was your Christmas? Mine was a very quiet but nice one. These past two weeks I’ve spent with my family and  have been weeks I’ll never forget. I truly love just hanging out with my loved ones!

A few of the things I received for Christmas:

The newest Nancy Drew Game!!! I LOVE NANCY DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you want to see what THIS game is about, go here.) I can’t wait to get the next game, which is all about Egypt! 😀

I also got two gift cards from my sister and my parents: one for Half Price Books and the other for Target.

And then one of my friends gave me a bag of puffed Amaranth for Christmas. I can’t wait to try this with some almond milk.

And that’s it! (Well, if you consider the stuff my parents bought me for college as part of my Christmas, then I would have a larger Christmas, but that’s COLLEGE stuff…. ;))

For Christmas I made some cake mix peanut butter chocolate chip bars (which have been officially eaten all up as of days ago – ha-ha, they did not last long); we placed a candle in one of them and sang happy birthday to Jesus. 🙂 It’s a tradition that we do every year that I look forward to. (I also really enjoy making the treat for it every year! Usually we use a cupcake, but I didn’t have any cupcakes at the time, so we used these.)

I can share the recipe for these bars if you want. They aren’t the healthiest treat, but they sure are good! I can try making them healthier for you guys. I want to make them healthier simply because my family loves them so much and I want them to get some goodness while eating them.

Oh, and remember that zucchini bread recipe that I said I didn’t know if I should share because it wasn’t vegan? Well, I made it vegan and it tastes FABULOUS!!! It will be the first recipe for 2012 from me.


In addition to my Christmas gifts and goodies, I received a trial version of Lollihop. And I got a lot of goodies! This month’s included things like Artisania Raw Cacao Bliss, good health natural foods original Apple Chips, a twin cakes bakery’s biscotti cookie, gluten free Granola, 18 Rabbits organic granola bar with bananas and hazelnuts, MixtBag Yellow and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, a vegan dark chocolate-pretzel protein bar and a chocolate-peanut butter protein bar, a bag of 479 organic black truffle popcorn, raw almonds, oskri dark chocolate coconut bar, etc! I’m so excited to try out all of these things! 😀


We still don’t have a Treadmill, but my sister just bought herself a laptop (I didn’t cause I don’t really want one – yet) and my dad got himself a new computer, too.

And I just discovered Cake Boss. Not that he hasn’t been around on TLC for forever, but after I saw one of them I was hooked (thank you Netflix who has all like 78 episodes – don’t worry, they are only 21 minutes each, so I can watch a few and still get stuff done). I adore watching it, but my favorite part is how he SHOWS HOW he makes the cakes: step-by-step. He uses different frosting techniques for the cakes, covers with fondant/molding chocolate, and decorates them with precision! Just by watching this show, I now really want to work at a bakery decorating cakes. Nothing fancy, but maybe a couple days a week I could just go (even if it’s just volunteer work) and work with a cake decorator and learn more about it. I absolutely ADORE making and decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies; but I wish they’d make these treats a little healthier. Eating pounds and pounds of cake isn’t the best idea. A slice here and there won’t kill you, but it would still be better if they were healthier and had the taste people love.


Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? I didn’t really ask for much except the Nancy Drew game. I have been making presents to give to other people. I love doing it. And I don’t expect anything in return. I’m not giving it to them because I want something back: I’m giving it to them because I care for them. I really didn’t care if I got any presents this year – that wasn’t my focus. My focus was on others.

Do you guys prefer if I share sugar-free recipes? Lower-sugar? Doesn’t-matter-the-sugar (like kind or amount)?

Are you looking forward to 2012?! I’m still in shock. It was just this past Christmas that my blog turned one year old. This year has gone by so quickly, but I’m really looking forward to 2012. It’s going to be filled with a lot of change – a good kind of change. 🙂


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My Life Is Full Of Butterflies!

Hey My BEEA-U-TI-FUL Butterflies! 😀

Both Savannah and Alex awarded me with this.

I am so touched. For this, I need to answer the following questions:

Name your favorite color:

Anything Fall — green, red, brown, orange, warm pinks, gold, maroon, emerald, etc! Maybe it’s because they go with my skin tone and I know they look good on me. Whenever I go shopping, I always gravitate towards those colors.

What whizzes you off:

When people are mean. Or drive crazy — ugggh, that drives me crazy.

Name your favorite dessert:

Hmmmm, probably these. They are definitely one of my favorites.

Best feature:

I love my smile. I love my eyes. I love my hair. I love how the sun naturally brings out the red in my hair.

Your favorite pet:

ChipHe is my best friend. He is there and will always listen — no matter what. He follows me everywhere (if I go downstairs without him, he’ll roam the house and cry and cry until he finds me). He takes over my pillow — I mean sleeps with me, kneads me (literally — like a kitten does to their mother when their suckling — that motion, Chip does on me), and he plays FETCH! He demands a lot of attention (aka, he will stand by our island in the kitchen and CRY until we get him a new bowl of ice with a little water drizzled on top; haha, I’m not kidding). I love him so much. You could say I’m a bit of a cat lover. 🙂

Your biggest fear: 

Falling back into my old restricting habits. I NEVER want that to happen again — it just led to unhappiness and sorrow. I know that as I keep focusing on listening on my body, I can stand strong against that fear.

Guilty pleasure:

Hehe, one of these. They don’t give me any guilt since they are so good for you, but they sure taste like they would! And to clarify, if I eat something that isn’t so good for me, I’m not going to feel GUILTY about it. I will just accept and move forward. Eating something not as good for me won’t kill me. It’s part of life. If I balance out the rest of my day, I’ll be fine.

When you’re upset you:

Run it off. Read my scriptures. Go bake something. Play Sudoku. Go read some blogs.

What is perfection:

Balance. Perfection is something I tried to achieve — perfect in how I ate, when I ate, how much I ate; but now I just listen to my body and move forward accordingly.

Well, they didn’t say HOW many I had to tag, so here I go!!

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YOU GUYS ARE THE BUTTERFLIES IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for always being there for me and helping me along throughout my journey! 🙂 And thank you to my friends and family — YOU ARE MY BUTTERFLIES TOO!

Do you gravitate towards certain colors? I have a TON of red, green, and brown in my wardrobe.

What would you say is your favorite features about yourself? One thing I love about all of you guys is how supporting you are. Thank you for everything! 😀

I am working on two recipes right now: Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes and A Chocolate Lover’s Nut Butter. Which one would you like first? I can’t get enough of either!


P.S. Happy Labor Day!