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Copy-cat Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat Bread

I love the sun. I love how it can shine and warm me up when I feel down. I love how steadfast it is, sparkling through the clouds, through the breeze, through the trees, continuously lighting up the day. I love how even a little sunshine can make a dreary day feel a little nicer.… Continue reading Copy-cat Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat Bread

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A Larabar That ISN’T A Larabar!

Hello chickadees! First off, I would like to say thank you to Gen for posting my guest post yesterday. And THANK YOU to everyone who read it! You guys are seriously amazing! (if you missed it, check it out here.) It was so much fun to write and I loved talking with you guys about that f-word. I'm… Continue reading A Larabar That ISN’T A Larabar!

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ALMOND JOY Dessert Bars!

Hey my Darlings! How are ya? Thank you for all of your sweet comments on the Fundraiser Auction I participated it!  It was such a great experience and it gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment afterwards! You guys are SWEETER THAN SUGAR (and so much healthier too)!! Oh, and the treats I should healthify -- how about the Chocolate Covered Pretzels, the Peanut… Continue reading ALMOND JOY Dessert Bars!