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The Many Adventures of Kat

There is much to say. So much has happened during these past months. Earlier this year I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Public Health. I am grateful for all my professors and for all I have learned from them. Though I was scared to take Biochemistry, it was actually my favorite class I took… Continue reading The Many Adventures of Kat

My Life

Heart Attack Risk Calculator

Lately, in the nutrition class I work with on campus, we talked about how little lifestyle changes can have a large impact in the long-term, including in regards to our risk for developing health conditions such as cardiovascular disease (CVD). Many individuals aren't aware of their risk for CVD. Mayo Clinic has developed this tool… Continue reading Heart Attack Risk Calculator

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Honey Whole Wheat Bread

The smell of freshly baked bread fills the entire house.  It draws everyone from upstairs to come join in the feast. I don't buy bread from the store any more. With this recipe, I don't need to. This recipe is a combination of previous recipes, but through time and experience, I have perfected the process. My… Continue reading Honey Whole Wheat Bread